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Listing on this page is intended for doctors with MBBS and subsequent qualifications. Please inform any unbonafide entries. 
Dr Raman Kapur Tel : 26474352, 26474353
Dr Ravinder K Tuli Tel : 26914787, 26314787
Dr Vinod Aggarwal 27565032, 2593013
Dr Ved Prakash Banga 119A, Pocket E GTB Enclave, Delhi-110093 Tel :- 22590796, 9818160663 Email :
Doctor : Ab tabiyat kaise hai? 
Mareez : Pahle se zyaada kharaab hai. 
Doctor : Dawaayee khaali thi kya? 
Mareez : Nahin dawaayee ki sheeshi to bhari huyee thi. 
Doctor : Matlab, dawaayee le li thi? 
Mareez : Haan, aap ne dawaayee de di thi. Maine dawaayee le li thi. 
Doctor : Bewaqoof, dawaayee pee li thi? 
Mareez : Naheen dawaayee to laal thi. 
Doctor : Abe gadhe, dwaayee ko pee liya tha? 
Mareez : Nahin peeliya to mujhe hi tha. 
Dr Vijay Kansal, Pitampura, New Delhi Tel : 9810055655
Dr Abha Aggarwal 27131936, 9811091792
Dr Anil Agarwal 25122716, 55955898
Dr Anil Johar 64, Canara Apts, Sector 13, Rohini, New Delhi-110085 Tel:7569964, 7042347
Dr Anup Agarwal 22011011, 29841837
Dr B.P.Panigrahi Tel:
Dr B.S.Katyal A-156, Vikaspuri, New Delhi-110018 Tel: 5507200
Dr Charanjeet Singh 15-A, Navsena Apts, West Enclave, Pitampura, New Delhi-110034 Tel: 7013001-03
Dr Jagdish Kumar Mehta BG-5/48A, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi-110062 Tel: 5572672
Dr Jasbir Singh Tel:
Dr K.J.Choudhury Tel:
Dr K.Lalitha Tel:
Dr Kanwaljit Singh Bhatia C-1/100, Ashok Vihar-II, New Delhi-110052 Tel: 7225498, 7453688
Dr Manju Mani Tel:
Dr Meenakshi Anand 27295416, 9811225292
Dr Meera Kharbanda Tel:
Dr Neeraj Jain 18-B, Citizen Enclave, Sector 14, Rohini, New Delhi-110085 Tel: 98100-33800
Dr P.V.Subba Reddy Tel:
Dr Pradeep Mittal Daya Hospital, A-4/16, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi-110063 Tel: 5680364, 5570257
Dr Prashant Saikia BA-317 GF, Tagore Garden, New Delhi-110027 Tel : 64720922, 9868533789
Dr Purnima Dhar Tel:
Dr Rajeev Aggarwal 22376976, 9811155286
Dr Rajesh Tope Tel:
Rakesh Anand 25150007, 9811193634
Dr Rakesh Kumar Kantoor 11/396, Sunder Vihar, New Delhi-110087 Tel: 25261601, 25258055, 98111-66331
Dr Subhash Madan J-192, Reserve Bank Enclave, New Delhi-110063 Tel: 5268487
Dr Suman D. Chowdhry Tel:
Dr H.P.Verma A-603, Tower Apts, Swasthya Vihar, Delhi-110092 Ph: 4616369.
Dr S.K.Dutt N-17, NDSE-I, New Delhi-110049Ph: 2241228.
Dr K Chaudhry B-1/104 Paschim Vihar, New Delhi-110063 Tel : 42316457, 9810571993 Please click to email Website :

Dr H.R. Satija A-5/7, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi-110063 Tel: 5263726, 5683623

Dr AS Ahluwalia 26944102, 26973736
Dr B.L.Jain 176, Jagriti Enclave, Vikas Marg Extension, Delhi-110092 Tel: 2149292, 2157272
Dr Bimat Kumar Jain E-1/30, Sector 7, Rohini, New Delhi-110085 Tel: 7047924, 98110-47383
Dr Deepak Garg Tel:
Dr J.P.S. Sawhney 4/10, West-i Bagh, New Delhi-110026 Tel: 25159082, 25154349
Dr KK Aggarwal D-50 Defence Colony New Delhi-110024 Tel : 2462, 9811090206 Email :
Dr K.K.Kapur Tel:
Dr K.K.Saxena F-152, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi-110044 Tel: 6942363, 6925801
Dr Mahesh Chandra Garg Tel:
Dr M.Khalilullah Tel:
Dr MPS Anand 25527427, 25556738
Dr Pradeep K. Rustagi 11, Ambika Vihar, New Delhi-110087 Tel: 5266381, 5261166
Dr Pramod Jain 9/316 Sunder Vihar, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi-110087 Tel : 25253795, 25259225 Email :
Dr Pramod Kumar 12/72, West-i Bagh, New Delhi-110026 Tel : 25915423, 98101-23571
Dr R.R.Mantri Tel: 5762731, 98100-63107
Dr S.K.Gupta Tel:
Dr Subhash Chandra Tel: 6864851 Extn  3218
Dr Sunil Modi Tel:
Dr Umesh Gupta W-33, Greater Kailash-I, New Delhi-110048 Tel: 6415065, 6413436
Dr V.Hariharan Tel:
Dr Vivek Prakash Aggarwal 
DM Cardiology 
Delhi Heart & Lung Institute 
3-MM II, Panchquin Road, New Delhi-110055 
Tel : 42999999, 23538351, 9868370131 Fax : 23514489  
Email :

Cardiothoracic Surgery
Dr B.N.Das Tel:
Dr Inder Prakash Goel Tel:
Dr Ganesh K.Mani Tel:
Dr I.S.Virdi Tel:
Dr Sanjay Sinha Tel: 91-572666
Dr Satinder K.Jain C-20A, Krishna Park, Vikaspuri, New Delhi-110058 Tel: 5549103
Chest & TB Specialists
Dr Manoj K Goel 
Director, Dept of Pulmonology, Critical Care & Sleep Medicine 
Delhi Heart & Lung Institute 
3 MM- II, Panchkuian Road, 
NEW DELHI - 110055 
Mobile : 9811118129
Dr Akash Jain A-3/267 Paschim Vihar, New Delhi-110063 Tel: 5251104
Dr Animesh Arya B-3/89, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi-110063 Tel: 5269552
Dr Ashok Grover B-17, Madhuban, Delhi-110092 Tel: 2241854, 2411236
Dr Avdhesh Bansal B-219, Sector 21, Noida-201301 Tel: 6833909, 6837871
Dr P.C.Kathuria 1/3, East Patel Nagar, New Delhi-110008 Tel: 25781626, 25815145
Dr P.C.Kaushik 11, DDA MIG Flats, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi-110027 Tel: 7181480
Dr Praveen Gupta K-3/12, Model Town, Delhi-110009 Tel: 7112345
Dr Rajesh Chawla 270, Dayanand Vihar, Delhi-110092 Tel: 22379414, 22379191
Dr Sarvesh Kumar 393, Bazar Gulian, Dariba, Delhi-110006 Tel: 3260055

Dr Asha Ahooja 26689242, 26058714
Dr. Atul Mohan Kochhar Maulana Azad Medical College Delhi-02 Phone : +91-11-27853150, 9811386390
Dr D.K. Sharma B-20, Shashi Garden, Mayur Vihar-I, Delhi-110091 Tel: 2259976
Dr Devender Verma 5, Jawalaheri Market, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi-110063 Tel: 25261098, 25700268
Dr K.G. Sachdeva AB-9, Mianwali Nagar, New Delhi-110087 Tel: 25260080, 27923236
Dr Lal C Anand 26515031, 26836203
Dr Manjul Aggarwal 27553737, 27312777
Dr Manoj Jain G-105, Community Centre, Sonia Cinema, Vikaspuri, New Delhi-110018 Tel: 5517192, 5572144
Dr Munish Paul  235 Avtar Enclave, Paschim Vihar, New Dehi-110063 Tel : 25264754, 25252314
Dr O.P. Gangwani A-2B/68A, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi-110063 Tel: 25262574
Dr Praveen Aggarwal 22134679, 22823694
Dr Rati Makkar A-5B/122, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi-110063 Tel: 5267671, 5680150
Dr RS Misra 25710363, 98910201874
Dr S.K. Bose Tel:
Dr V.N. Sehgal Tel: 27675363, 27674342, 9810182241
Dr Y.B. Sharma B-52/A, E-Block, New Slum Wing Flats, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi-110063 Tel: 5152285, 5575033

Dr AK Singh 2 Inder Enclave, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi-110087 Tel : 25257540, 98111-83413
Dr Anil K.Monga H-251, Ashok Vihar-I, New Delhi-110052 Tel: 7244527, 7214157
Dr AR Marwaha 26436666
Dr Arun Theraja J-9, RBI Colony, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi-110063 Tel: 5268727
Dr Ashok Vaid B-1/11-12, Malkaganj, Delhi-110007 Tel: 3954545, 3919261
Dr Ashok Wasan C-7 Model Town-3 Delhi-9 Ph. 27456060 27438080 27213108 27410580  9811081318  Email:
Dr Atul Ahuja 26467720, 26430389
Dr Babul Aggarwal 25513955, 25619777
Dr Chanchal Pal B-139, Sukhdev Vihar, New Delhi Tel: 6848447, 6823620
Dr CP Ahuja 25102884, 9810208981
Dr D.P.Malhotra 4-B/3, Tilak Nagar, New Delhi-110018 Tel: 5137477
Dr J.D.A.Rana 127, Hargobind Enclave, Delhi-110092 Tel: 2158284, 2143727, 2244816
Dr (Brig) J.M.Bakshi 5, Ashoka Apts, A-2, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi-110063 Tel: 5267139
Dr Jagjit Bhatia C-1/100, Ashok Vihar-II, New Delhi-110052 Tel: 7225498, 7453688
Dr N.M.Sinha Tel:
Dr Narveshwar Sinha Tel: 4641544
Dr P.C. Rustagi Tel: 7193665
Dr P.S. Gudwani C-8/211, Sector 8, Rohini, New Delhi-110085 Tel: 7277358, 5263844
Dr Rajive Bhatia A-4/443, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi-110063 Tel: 25261052, 25285649
Dr Rajiv Puri Tel:
Dr Samir Aeron 22158181, 22093119, 9810004047
Dr Sandeep Samant Tel:
Dr Sanjay K.Verma Tel: 7227070
Dr Sanjay Sachdeva Tel:
Dr Sanjeev Sood A-3/316, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi-110063 Tel: 25259615, 25253615, 98100-26027
Dr Sudhir Bahadur Tel:6194730
Dr Sashi Gulati Tel:
Dr Subhash Kakkar 1C/27, New Rohtak Road, New Delhi-110005 Tel: 5769354
Dr Tarun Prakash Tel:
Dr Viresh Midha A-3 DS, Ramesh Nagar, New Delhi-110015 Tel: 5107181
Limit of Hostility
YATI MEDIQUIP 269, Aggarwal City Mall, Opp. M2K Cinema, Rani Bagh, New Delhi-110034 
have been sending unsolicited emails to my email address, promoting ECP equipment - a malafide equipment used for duping MEDICLAIM companies ( On 15 June 2009, I rang up Manoj Sharma objecting to spam. I expected him to regret spam and unsubscribe my email address. In stead, he advised me to delete the mails or continue reporting whereever I wish. 
- Dr K Chaudhry
In case you receive disturbing email from YATI MEDIQUIP or any other spammer, please report it as follows :- 
1. Create free account at (One time).  
2. In Outlook Express, right click message title/properties/details/message source. If you do not use Outlook Express, just work out some way to extract message source. 
3. With cursor in source widow, select all and copy. 
4. Paste the content in Spamcop reporting form and submit.
Dr AK Ajmani 25407744, 23365525
Dr Anjana Bhan G-16, N.D.S.E.-II, New Delhi-110049 Tel:
Dr (Wg Cdr) Arun Kumar 27126799, 20546344
Dr BK Roy 10, Lalita Park, Laxmi Nagar, Vikas Marg, New Delhi-110092 Tel : 22441114, 22532363 Email :
Dr Dinesh Kumar Dhanwal D.M. Endocrinology (AIIMS) Prof. of Medicine and Chief of Endocrinology, Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi 110002 09868165820, 011 25086502(R), 011 23232400  Ext. 4451(O)

Family Medicine
Dr GS Grewal 26346213, 26842700

 Dr Anil Arora C2B/162A, Janakpuri, New Delhi-110058 Tel: 5532743
Dr Mandhir Kumar  
Gastroenerologist & Endoscopist 
27, Sunder Apts, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi-110087  Tel: 5281326, 5281374 
Sir Ganga Ram Hospital Rajinder Nagar Tel: 5721800, 5747862 

Endoscopy arrangement at both the clinics

 Dr Monika Jain A-2/194, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi-110063 Tel: 25267274, 25282135
Dr Rajneesh Gulati 25507710, 25612118
Dr RC Misra Tel: 3961310
 Dr Surinder K. Sama 8, Siri Fort Road, New Delhi-110049 Tel: 6441293, 6445473, 6442062
 Dr V.K.Jain 21, Todarmal Lane, Bengali Mkt, New Delhi-110001 Tel: 3317803
Semen Fructose Estimation Kit
(Indole-3-Acetic Acid Stabilised at Room Temperature with MVD R&D)
20 test kit
Supplied postage free in India against full advance!
Payment options

Sole distributors for India :-
Suri Surgicals
1574/3 Bhagirath Place, Chandni Chowk
Tel : +91-11-23861437
 Dr S.K.Tiwari 5, Kallol Apts, 35, IPI Extn, Delhi-110092 Tel: 2225307

IMA DelhiOuterwest Branch
Andher Nagri Chaupat Raaja
IMA Central Council-2001 
Dr BB Chaddha   
Dr RP Sharma   
Dr HR Satija
DMA State Executive-2001   
Dr BB Chaddha   
Dr RP Sharma   
Dr HR Satija
IMA Central Council-2002   
Dr BB Chaddha   
Dr RP Sharma   
Dr HR Satija
DMA State Executive-2002   
Dr BB Chaddha   
Dr RP Sharma   
Dr HR Satija
IMA Central Council-2003   
Dr BB Chaddha   
Dr RP Sharma   
Dr HR Satija
DMA State Executive-2003   
Dr BB Chaddha   
Dr RP Sharma   
Dr HR Satija
IMA Central Council-2004   
Dr BB Chaddha   
Dr RP Sharma   
Dr HR Satija
DMA State Executive-2004   
Dr BB Chaddha   
Dr RP Sharma   
Dr HR Satija
IMA Central Council-2005 
Dr BB Chaddha   
Dr RP Sharma   
Dr HR Satija
DMA State Executive-2005  
Dr BB Chaddha   
Dr RP Sharma   
Dr HR Satija
IMA Central Council-2006  
Dr BB Chaddha   
Dr RP Sharma   
Dr HR Satija
DMA State Executive-2006  
Dr BB Chaddha   
Dr RP Sharma   
Dr HR Satija
IMA Central Council-2007   
Dr BB Chaddha   
Dr RP Sharma   
Dr HR Satija
DMA State Executive-2007   
Dr BB Chaddha   
Dr RP Sharma   
Dr HR Satija
IMA Central Council-2008  
Dr BB Chaddha   
Dr RP Sharma   
Dr HR Satija
DMA State Executive-2008  
Dr BB Chaddha   
Dr RP Sharma   
Dr HR Satija
Does that not bestow FAKE status on branch itself !
If your are a lawyer, please consider legal avenues for debarring the three from holding any IMA post in future.
The branch has 40 office bearers and 330 INACTIVE members who only paid for life membership. 
General Medicine
Dr A.K.Gaur Tel: 6213280
Dr A.K.Gupta 1/18, Sunder Vihar, New Delhi-110087 Tel: 5103051, 5267593, 5572485
Dr Abhilash Bajaj Tel:
Dr Anil Mehra 1/19, Tilak Nagar, New Delhi-110018 Tel: 5420420, 5431120
Dr Arun Aggarwal 22914122, 22699927
Dr Arvind K.Agarwal A-2/160, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi-110063 Tel: 25267916, 25263505
Dr Ashok Sharma 5/15, -i Bagh Extension, New Delhi-110026 Tel: 5411332, 5159016
Dr Atul Luthra GH-2/55A, DDA Flats, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi-110063 Tel : 25252147, 25260683
Dr Bipin Agrawal 26251209, 26258813
Dr BM Makkar A-5B/122 Paschim Vihar, New Delhi-110063 Tel : 25267671, 25280150 Email :
Dr C.P. Ahuja Tel: 5411210
Dr Davendra Mohan Abbey 26012097, 26016824
Dr Devender Sehra Tel: 5191937
Dr GC Jawa A-3/313 Paschim Vihar, New Delhi-110063 Tel : 25264252, 25264299
Dr GC Singhal A-4/24 Paschim Vihar, New Delhi-110063 Tel : 25264551, 25264389
Dr H.S. Alag Tel: 5614347
Dr Kapil Sud  Tel: 5572420
Dr Mahesh Agrawal 25729456, 981008395
Dr Maneesh Agarwal Tel:
Dr MP Aggarwal 22541954, 22586262
Dr Mukesh Ajmera 22374502, 9811008306
Dr Neeramballi Acharya 31041972, 23237123
Dr N.Kalra Tel:
Dr Pankaj Soni Tel: 6226696
Dr PC Aggarwal 25448950, 25114190
Dr PK Aggarwal 25436528, 25433659
Dr P.K.Goyal Tel:
Dr Prem Agarwal 72 Ansari Road, Daryaganj, New Delhi-110002 Tel : 23283482, 23275831
Dr Rajiv Gupta Tel: 7071761
Dr Sanjeev Aggarwal 27567780, 27567781
Dr Satya Pal Arora Tel: 3275023
Dr Sharad Johri Tel: 3299563
Dr Shri Ram Agarwal 25615518, 25073028
Dr SK Aggarwal 22098462, 23236437
Dr SS Rastogi 22321686, 23712700
Dr Subhash K Aggarwal 23653385, 23645692
Dr Sudhir Oswal 23912122
Dr Sudhish Sehra Tel: 5191937
Dr Suneel K Aggarwal 26125127, 26892893
Dr Sunil Aggarwal 22549489, 9810061464
Dr Sunil Mangla Tel: 7220512
Dr Suninder Singh Arora Tel: 6315775
Dr Surender Aggarwal 27473609, 27470122
Dr Suresh K Agarwal 27020102, 27860982
Dr Surinder Kr Aggarwal 26560600, 26569459
Dr TM Aggarwal 22586043, 22371928
Dr V.K.Bindal Tel: 7215683
Dr Virendra Jain Tel:
Dr Vishal Aggarwal 26194959, 26105271
I have been in England for many years and know all english names. There is no name Hutchison. The book is Hutchinson's Clinical Methods and not Hutchison's Clinical Methods. 
Dr Mrs Z Ansari
Now that the name Hutchison is prevalent in India, should I still obey you and call Hutchinson-ESAR and not Hutchison-ESAR ? 
Dr K Chaudhry
General Surgery
Dr Mohammad Azfar MS,FRCSEd,FACS 18-S Sector 7, Jasola Vihar, New Delhi 110025 Tel.26949816 Email :
Dr Ajay Aggarwal 22461691, 22461692
Dr A.K. Dhingra 1/77, Sunder Vihar, New Delhi-110087 Tel: 5575163, 5688412
Dr AK Agarwal 22520006, 22529709
Dr A.K. Kriplani E-35, Ansari Nagar West, New Delhi-110029 Tel: 6193875, 6166071 Email:
Dr Alok Agarwal 27445180, 23232400
Dr Anil K. Mittal Tel: 3263524
Dr Anil Lamba 4-C, GASTA, B-3, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi-110063 Tel: 25251411, 25431916 Email :
Dr Anuradha Aggarwal 22134679 22823694
Dr Arun Kapoor Tel: 4615491
Dr Arun Prasad 
MBBS (AFMC Pune), MS (New Delhi), FRCS (Edin) FRCS (Glas) 
Senior Consultant Surgeon - Indraprastha Apollo Hospital 
Former Laparoscopic Surgeon at Chariing Cross Hospital, London 
Former Teacher of Laparoscopic Surgery at Royal College of Surgeons, London 

Apollo Hospital, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi-110044 Tel : 26925801 Extn 1280 Mobile 9811082425 
Email : Website :

 E-348, G.K.-I, New Delhi-110048 Tel: 26925801-Extn 1280
Dr Anil Khetarpal F-95, Bali Nagar, New Delhi-110015 Tel: 5423444, 5193444
Dr Ashish K.Gupta 9811114879
Dr Aziz Ahmed 6, Gagan Vihar, Delhi-110051 Tel: 2247710, 2418549
Dr Adarsh Sachdeva 2/12, East Patel Nagar, New Delhi-110008 Tel 5720984, 5743568
Dr B Aggarwal 27131936, 25106645
Dr BB Aggarwal 25531545, 9810124256
Dr Beena Aggarwal 25253231, 25101552
Dr B.R.Shahunja
Dr C.S.Ramachandran  
Laparoscopic Surgeon 
State Bank Nagar, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi-110087  Tel: 5268671 
Sir Ganga Ram Hospital Rajinder Nagar Tel: 5721800, 5747862 
Dr (Major) Chinta Mani Tel: 7217650
Dr DC Aggarwal 27947171, 9811094111
Dr D.P.S.Toor B-1/10, Hauz Khas, New Delhi-110016 Tel: 6856028
Dr Deepak Malhotra 209-D, Pkt B Mayur Vihar-I, Delhi-110091 Tel: 2475520
Dr Desh Bhushan Jain 1, Ansari Road, Daryaganj, New Delhi-110002
Dr Himanshu Agarwal 25939833, 9811505052
Dr K.B. Goyle 1001, Padma Tower-1 (10th Floor), Rajendra Place, Pusa Road, New Delhi-110008 Tel : 25782490, 25711037, 25266454(R) Fax : +91-11-25817334 Email :
Dr K.K.Trehan A-3/182, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi-110063 Tel: 5261290, 5263391
Dr K.L.Attam Tel: 5261328
Dr Kanti Shamsukha 27188931, 27193246
Dr Mahesh Agrawal 22476394, 9810869765
Dr MC Aggarwal 125-A GH-10, Sunder Apts, Paschim Vihar-87 Tel : 25259238
Dr N.K.Banerjee
Dr Narin Sehgal A-293, Meera Bagh, New Delhi-110087 Tel: 25267090, 25259237, 98110-75629
Dr Navneet Kaur Tel: 2240523
Dr NL Aggarwal 23924548
Dr Parveen Bhatia 307-308 Ambika Vihar, New Delhi-110087 Tel : 25270701, 25270702, 9810008507 Email:
Dr Pawan Bhasin
Dr PC Aggarwal
Dr PN Agarwal 27054285, 23221921
Dr Prabhat Rastogi
Dr Prabodh Bansal
Dr Praveen Bhatia 307-B Ambika Vihar, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi-110087 Tel : 25270701, 25270500
Dr Pramod Prasad A-34, Meera Bagh, New Delhi-110087 Tel: 25266426, 25268631
Dr Rajeev Agarwal 22717110, 22716468
Ramesh Anand 27295416
Dr R.P.Sharma J-1 RBI Colony, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi-110063 Tel: 25261489, 25286115
Dr R.N.Katariya
Dr Sandeep Agarwal25742099, 25863302
Dr S.K.Tiwari
Dr S.Chatterjee
Dr S Prasad  10, Lalita Park, Laxmi Nagar, Vikas Marg, New Delhi-110092 Tel : 22441114, 22532363 Email :
Dr P.S.Sachdeva Tel: 5713684
Dr Rajesh Agarwal 26863044, 24969043
Dr Rajeshwar Shah 11/69 Sunder Vihar, New Delhi-110087
Dr Shiv Bhagwan Aggarwal 22042820, 22042762
Dr Shyam Aggarwal 25193622, 25100656
Dr Sneh Agarwal 25531545, 23363728
Dr Subhash Aggarwal 23811091, 23817011
Dr U.K.Gaba 79, Bhera Enclave, New Delhi-110087 Tel: 25575343, 25260672
Dr Ushakiran Ahuja 26425861
Dr VC Aggarwal 26170904, 26070098
Dr Vinod Kumar Tel: 7278969
Dr V.P.Singh
Dr Yogesh Aggarwal Tel: 22414049, 22420145
Dr Yogesh Jhamb 
A-12 Pushpanjali, Vikas Marg Extension, Delhi-110092 
Pushpanjali Medical Centre 
A-14 Pushpanjali, Vikas Marg Extension, Delhi-110092
Dr YP Jindal 22311010, 9811220761

Dr Anil P. Karapurakar
Dr Anil Gupta
Dr Manju Agarwal
Dr O.P.Kalra G.T.B. Hospital, Dilshad, Delhi-110095 Tel: 2286262 Extn 309

Dr Ashok Sareen 9810134530

(Paediatric) Nephrology
Dr O.P.Jaiswal Tel: 7250076
Dr. M.M.Mehndiratta M.B.B.S, M.D, D.M (Neurology), FRCP (London), FRCP (Edinburgh), FRCP (Glasgow), MAMS, MNAMS, FICP, FIACM. FIAN. Secretary-Indian Academy of Neurology, Chairman Asian Oceanian Epilepsy Association, Professor of Neurology, Department of Neurology, G.B.Pant Hospital, New Delhi-110002. India Tel : 23234242 Ext. 5502 / Telefax. +91 11 23234350 Email :
Dr M.Gourie Devi Flat 9, Doctors' Apartments, Vasundhara Enclave, Delhi - 110096 Tel: 011-22618573 / 22617977
Dr Anil K Jain 22146442, 22144946
Dr Anshu Rohatgi C-1/56, S.D.A., New Delhi-110016 Tel: 6855243, 6517269
Dr Bipin K Gupta A-253 Surajmal Vihar, Vikas Marg Extn, Delhi-110092 Tel : 22371033, 22141675, 9811084263
Dr GK Ahuja 26925858
Dr HN Agarwal 26418998, 26473087
Dr Kuljeet S Anand 22511275, 23404517
Dr L.K. Malhotra Tel: 6101452, 6193956
Dr Munish K Aggarwal 25288738, 25278489
Dr R.M. Dhamija B-9/6466, Tel: 6896020, 6896466
Dr Rajiv Anand A-203 Meera Bagh, New Delhi-110087 Tel: 25267232, 9810046082
Dr Rakesh Agarwal  Tel:
Dr Shamsher Dwivedi VIMHANS Hospital No. 1, Institutional  Area, Nehru Nagar, New Delhi-110065 Ph.: 29849010-20  Fax :91-11-29849028 Mobile : 9810098300
Dr Sita Ram Agarwal 27429856, 27446711
Dr Vinit Suri Tel: 4624473

Dr Ajay Bhutani  
M.S., M.Ch. (Neurosurgery) 
Sir Ganga Ram Hospital Rajinder Nagar Tel: 5721800, 5747862 
Noble Medicare C2/B-62A, Janakpuri  Tel: 25532743, 25614743         Tue, Thur, Fri 7-9 PM 
Mobile no.9810184660(24 hrs helpline)      Email : 

Specialist in Backache and Spine

Dr Ajay N Jha 24335890, 24337493
 Dr Dar Jawahar 20, Babal Lane, Bengali Mkt, New Delhi-110001 Tel: 3321686, 3712700
 Dr Ishwar Prasad Goel H-7, Model Town-III, Delhi-110009 Tel: 7248283
 Dr Jagdish K.Sharma D-7/7423, Vasantkunj, New Delhi-110067 Tel: 6893391
 Dr Prem Chandra Tel: 4616205
 Dr S.N.Kundra B-6, Shanker Garden, Vikaspuri-110018 Tel: 5550003
 Dr Vishwadarshi Jaiswal B-9/6376, Vasantkunj, New Delhi-110067 Tel: 6897212

Dr Adarsh Purang Tel: 5446622
Dr Alka Jain A-293 Meera Bagh, New Delhi-110087 Tel : 25267090, 25259237
Dr Ameeta Aggarwal 27949190
Dr Anita Agarwal 209, Ambika Vihar, New Delhi-110087 Tel: 5260334
Dr Anita Aggarwal 22164900, 22164600
Dr Anita Jain Tel:
Dr Anjala Gaur Tel:   26213280
Dr Anjana Alwadhi 12/406 Sunder Vihar, New Delhi-110087 25267193
Dr Birbala Rai Tel: 6964264
Dr Bhajan Kaur Tel: 2253951
Dr C.K.Sharma Tel:
Dr Chandra Mansukhani Tel: 5762670
Dr Chitra Agarwal Tel:: 22471145, 22476394
Dr Chitra Anand 25418346, 25145173
Dr Deepa Singh Tel: 22548463, 22429244
Dr Devyani Chatterjee Tel:
Dr Indu Aggarwal 27024344, 27029326
Dr Indu Bhatia 307-B Ambika Vihar, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi-110087 Tel : 25270701, 25270500
Dr J Aggarwal 26142371, 26140677
Dr J.K.Khatri Tel: 7130984, 7276452
Dr Jagruti A. Mehta 129, SSF-i Bagh Apts, New Delhi-110063 Tel: 5415888, 5439599
Dr Jyoti Agarwal 22429145, 22414049
Dr Kanwaljeet Kaur Tel: 7014027
Dr Kavita Sama Tel: 6441293, 6445473, 6442062, 6446198
Dr Krishna Atam Attam Nursing Home, 10 Pragati Market, Ashok Vihar-2, Delhi 110052
Phone: 7233262, 7223075 Email:
Dr Krishna Batra A-6/13, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi-110063 Tel: 25267318, 25261836
Dr Kum Kum Vatsa B-1/4, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi-110063 Tel: 5575521, 5688801, 5688802
Dr Kumud Sharma Tel: 25261489
Dr Kusum Aggarwal 26461422
Dr Lalita Attam 19, Bhera Enclave, New Delhi-110087 Tel: 5266646, 5260348
Dr Lovleena Nadir Tel: 6445796
Dr Madhu Ahuja 22516733, 22541842
Dr Mamta Mittal Tel: 7222667
Dr Manasi Anand 26233112, 23275022
Dr Manjot Kalra Tel:
Dr Manju Aggarwal 22586043, 22377470
Dr Manju Mittal Tel: 2150469, 2161788
Dr Meenakshi Agarwal Tel:
Dr Meenakshi Ahuja 26467720, 26235659
Dr Meenakshi Shamsukha Tel: 27188931, 27193246
Dr Meera Gupta B-5/7, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi-110063 Tel: 5572487, 5268969
Dr Meeru Prasad A-34, Meera Bagh, New Delhi-110087 Tel: 25266426, 25268631
Dr Mohan Aggarwal 29213242, 9810101373
Dr Mrimalini Chintamani Tel: 7217650
Dr N Aggarwal 23917984, 23974899
Dr N Aggarwal 26251635, 26255749
Dr Naresh Sehgal Tel:
Dr Nalini Mahajan Tel: 6863110
Dr Narinder Anand 25440431
Dr Neelam Ahluwalia 30911464, 26941749
Dr Neera Aggarwal Head, Obs-Gyn UCMS Tel : 22586262, 22581730
Dr Neeru Arora Tel: 5532743
Dr Nirupma Singhal A-4/24, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi-110063 Tel: 25264551, 25264389
Dr Nutan Agarwal 26864284, 26510320
Dr P Aggarwal 26170904, 26187076
Dr Poonam Khanna 9810128458
Dr Pravina Shahunja Tel: 6413786, 6445125
Dr Priyanka Aggarwal 22379141, 22095751
Dr Promil Anand 25507698, 9811773933
Dr Puniti Aggarwal  25571585, 9811506834
Dr Queen Aditya 22727915, 22048062
Dr Rashmi Agarwal 23911695, 23982537
Dr Renu Roy 10, Lalita Park, Laxmi Nagar, Vikas Marg, New Delhi-110092 Tel : 22441114, 22532363 Email :
Dr Renu Singh 2 Inder Enclave, New Delhi-110087
Dr Reshma Agarwal 23221234, 20048500
Dr Rohni Kantoor 11/396, Sunder Vihar, New Delhi-110087 Tel: 25261601, 25258055
Dr Rupam Kumari 65 Inder Enclave, New Delhi-110087 Tel : 25288098
Dr S Aggarwal 25122716, 55955898
Dr S Aggarwal 26464500, 26437885
Dr Sangeeta Ajmani 25407744, 23275022
Dr Sangeeta Jain 22146442, 22144946
Dr SK Jawa A-3/313, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi-110063 Tel: 25264252, 25264299
Dr Sangeeta Bhat  
Obstetrician & Gynaecologist 
12-B, Supriya Apts, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi-110063  Tel: 25283648, 98100-82966 

Specialist in infertility, delivery, abortions 

Dr Sankaran Kalyani  
MBBS (Cal), DGO (Cal), MD (Delhi) 
Obstetrician & Gynaecologist 
GH-13/1125, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi-110087  Tel: 25684400, 98110-74585 
Jaipur Golden Hospital Sector - 3, Rohini  7162403,   7260935-38 

Senior Consultant in Obstetrics, Gynaecology, Infertility

Dr Seema Agarwal 22153971, 22140965
Dr Seema Theraja J-9, RBI Colony, New Delhi-110063 Tel: 25268727
Dr Shalini Agrawal 25555203, 9810247878
Dr Shalu Aggarwal 22487800
Dr Shama Batra  10, Lalita Park, Laxmi Nagar, Vikas Marg, New Delhi-110092 Tel : 22441114, 22532363 Email :
Dr Sharda Jain Pushpanjali Medical Centre Tel : 9312644808, 22372852-58
Dr Shashi Agarwal 27492404, 27492405
Dr Shashi Satija A-5/7, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi-110063 Tel: 25263726, 5683623
Dr Shruti Aggarwal 25442060, 25505503
Dr Suneeta Aggarwal 25260744, 25286436
Dr Sunita Agarwal 25434625, 25419828
Dr Sushma Jindal Tel: 22311010, 9811220761
Dr Sushma Malhotra Tel: 6430470, 6420780
Dr Sushma Singhal Tel: 2149722
Dr Sweety Agrawal 25130315, 9868110439
Dr Uma Agrawal 25729457, 9810627123
Dr Urula Aggarwal 22075559, 22072849
Dr Urvashi Prasad Jha 26925801, 26925858
Dr Usha Ahluwalia 22160414
Dr Vandana Agarwal Tel: 7278969
Dr Vandana Gupta Tel: 7071761
Dr Veena Aggarwal 27947171, 27941063
Dr Veenita Aggarwal 26477748, 26486914
Dr Vidhu Ahuja 21/17-i Bagh, New Delhi-110026 Tel: 25102884, 9810208981

Oncology (Medical)
Dr Rakesh Chopra Tel: 25152069, 26154085
Dr Shyam Aggarwal 22164900, 22164600
Oncology (Surgical)
Dr Ramesh Sarin Tel:
Dr A.K.Dewan Tel:
Dr H.K.Chaturvedi Tel:
Dr Sanjeev Agarwal All India Institute of Med. Sciences, Ansari Nagar, New Delhi-110029 Tel : 6593309 Ext. 3309
Dr Shefali Agarwal A-11, Green Park Delhi 110016 Tel :011-6863000 Fax : 011-6855252
Dr V. Agarwal 310 SFS, DDA Flats, Hauz Khas, Delhi -110016 011-6513522, 6561182
Dr (Mrs) Ambika Anand Deptt. of Surgery, Lady Harding Medical College, New Delhi 110002
Dr V. J. Anand Deptt. of Surgery, Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi 110002 Tel :011-3311344 ext 4226
Dr Rajan Arora F. No. 3 Pocket 6, Block E, MIG Flat, DDA Colony, Rohini Sector 15, New Delhi 110085
Dr P. N. Agarwal Government ID Number A0023 Pocket B-6/35, Sector 7 Rohini New Delhi-110085 Tel :011-323-1344Home-011-705-4285
Dr Sandeep AgarwalaS-97, Greater Kailesh-IINew Delhi 110048Tel : 011-26864851 Extn. 3309011-26478923, 26211346 Email :
Dr Rajeev Agarwal (3) Shanti Avedna Ashram1, Factory Road, Ring RoadNear Safdarjang HospitalNew Delhi 110029 Tel :011-26177711-2713554Mobile: 9811107368Email :
Dr Sandeep Aggarwal, E-19, Ayurvigyan Nagar, Khel Gaon Road, New delhi-110049 011-26265811Mobile : 8910662786
Dr Manoj Andley 63, Defence EnclaveVikas MargDelhi 110092
Dr M. P. Arora 61, Ganga Apartments, AlakanandaNew Delhi 110019
Dr Chandra Mohan Bhan  Senior Surgeon, Dr RML HospitalNew Delhi, Delhi- 110001
Dr Veereshwar Bhatnagar (6) Additional Professor, Department of Paediatric Surgery, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi 110029Tel :011-6593309, 011-6190529Email :
Dr M. Bajpai  Additional ProfessorDept. of Paediatric SurgeryAIIMS, Ansari Nagar New Delhi 110029011-6593309, 6193775, Fax: 011-6862663Email :,
Dr Vimal Bhandari D-11/24, East Kidwai Nagar New Delhi Mobile: 9868106020Email :
Dr Prem kumar Bisnoi B-101, Rishi ApartmentsAlaknanda Kalkaji, New Delhi 110019Tel :011-3365525 Ext 445011-6469586, Mobile: 9810179590Email :
Dr Dinesh Bhatnagar D-11-125, West Kidwai Nagar, New Delhi 110 023Email :
Dr S. Bal E-92, Ansari Nagar EastAIIMS CampusNew Delhi 110 018Email :
Dr Shyam Bansal  F-118/A-1, Dilshad ColonyNew Delhi 110 095
Dr Harit Chaturvedi  L-362, Sarita ViharNew Delhi 110044Tel :(011)6983747, 6983576Fax: (011)6987661(011)6947894, 6940945Mobile: 9810-008 781Email :
Dr Adarsh Chaudhary D-11-97, East Kidwai Nagar, New Delhi 110023Tel :011-3235702, 3234242 Ext. 5223 011-4691726, Fax: 011-4629593Email :
Dr Ranendra Chaudhury (9) D-11/199 Kidwai Nagar West, Delhi 110023 Tel :011-6875358, 011-6168336 Mobile: 9810501851Email :
Dr Chintamani D II/131 Kidwai Nagar(West)New Delhi-110 23
Dr S. V. Suryanarayana Deo Asstt. Prof. of Surgery, Surgical Oncology, IRCH, AIIMSNew Delhi 110029 Tel :011-2661-123 Ext 4676 011-2616-960
Dr A. K. Dewan  115, C-13, Sector III, RohiniDelhi 110085 Tel :011-7276324Fax: 011-7051037Email :
Dr A. K. Dhingra  132-C, GH-10, Sunder ApartmentPaschim ViharNew Delhi 110087
Dr Rakesh Dixit F1-TypeV, VET-Hospital Complex, Motibagh, , Delhi 110021 Tel :011-4673444Mobile: 9810024442Email :
Dr I. P. Elhence  Sarkarís Nursing Home, Delhi GateAgra, U.P. 282002 (0562) 350-376
Dr Bernard Fanthome HOD Surgical OncologyArmy Hospital R&R, Delhi Cantt.Delhi 110010Tel :011-5668103, 011-5668104Email :,
Dr Jignesh V. Goswami  A-1004, Anmol towers, Camp Road, Shahi Baug, Ahmedabad 380004079-2862662Tel : 079-2868445, Mobile: 9426008376Email : jigneshgoswani@hotmail.comDr Arun Gupta (15) Professor of Surgery, UCMS & GTB Hospital, ShahadraDelhi(0135) 682043
Dr Pawan Gupta  Cancer SurgeonDharamshila Cancer Hospital & Research Centre, Dharamshila Marg, Vasundhara Enclave, Delhi- 110 096Tel. 22617771-75, 22618633, Fax- 22617770(Resi.) L-218, Sector-25, Noida-201 301, Tel. 0120-2532032Tel :Tel. 22617771-75, 22618633, Fax- 22617770Tel. 0120-2532032, Mobile: 9811290152Email :
Dr Arun Kumar Goel  BD-84, Vishakha Enclave, Pitam Pura, Delhi, Delhi 110034Tel :011-2617771-75011-7242814Mobile: 9811115426Email :
Dr Sandeep Guleria C-291, Sarita ViharNew Delhi 110044Email :
Dr Vivek Gupta Dept. of SurgeryMAMCNew Delhi 110002
Dr Manu Gupta C-490, Vikas PuriNew Delhi 110 018E-mail :
Dr K. Geeta 82 B, Pocket IMayur Vihar, Phase 1Delhi 110091
Dr Ambika Anand Iyer 1A 4, civil LinesRajnarayan Marg, Delhi 110062Email :
Dr S. C. Jha G-2, Gaurav ApartmentsSaketNew Delhi 110017Tel :011-3734341, 345525011-6874798Mobile: 98110-59117
Dr Parveen Jain  D-29, Vivek Vihar, Delhi 110095Tel :011-2142079, 2149256 011-2146173Mobile: 9810139314 Fax: 011-2159256Email :
Dr Sudhir Kumar Jain  171, Bank EnclaveDelhi 110092Email :
Dr Akhilesh Kumar Jain (19) MP-15, Maurya Enclave New Delhi 110 088
Dr Ravi Kant D II, 68 Kaka Nagar, Delhi -110003Tel :011-23221921-30 Ext 203, 23233400 Ext 4449, 23230316, 23231344Fax: (011) 23230316, 24353655(011) 24353320, 24353655Mobile : 9810209426
Dr B. M. L. Kapur  C-394, Defence Colony New Delhi 110024
Dr R. N. Kataria 71, Freinds Colony (West)New Delhi 110065Tel :011-6318086Fax: 011-6314041, 011-6318068Mobile: 9811080356
Dr A. K. Kriplani  Apollo Hospitals, Sarita ViharDelhi 110044Tel :011-6925858, 6925801, 011-6863875, 6516070, Fax: 6823629
Dr Arvind Kumar E-79, Ansari Nagar, New Delhi 110029Tel :011-6864851, 6864864 Ext 3206 or 3460011-6851570, Hm Fax: 011-5151130, Fax: 011-6862663
Dr Jakkula Kishore 50-24-3, Mia C/2, TPT ColonyVisakhapatnamA.P. 13
Dr (VSM Lt. Col.) Sanjay Kapoor Surgical Oncologist, Department of Oncology, Army Hospital (R &R)New Delhi-110010Email :
Dr Madhabananda Kar  Departement of Surgical Oncology, DrBRA IRCH, AIIMS, New
Dr Kapil Kumar  consultant SurgeonRajiv Gandhi Cancer CentreRohini, Delhi 110085
Dr Sanjay Kumar (24) E 3/5, Model TownDelhi- 110 009
Dr R.M. Khattar, 114, Vigyan ViharDelhi-92Tel :011-2445566, 2444444Res : 011-22142997Mobil : 9811073612E.Mail :
Dr Navneet Kaur 407, Gagan ViharDelhi-110051Tel : 011-22518435011-2258621Mobile : 9811727200E.Mail :
Dr Pawanindra Lal B-90, Swasthya ViharDelhi 110092Tel :011-2241957, 011-2241555, Fax: 011-2220102Email :,
Dr Pawan Lal C-63, preet ViharDelhi- 110 092 Tel.: 011-22014727(R)Email :
Dr M. C. Misra Department of Surgery, AIIMS, Ansari Nagar, Delhi 110029Tel :011-661-123, 6864851 Ext.2776011- 6855655, 6864851Ext.2463
Dr Ram Niwas Mittal F-25/97, Sector 7, Rohini, Near Ayodhya ChowkNew Delhi 110085 Tel :011-7045304/ 7052367
Dr Nayan Kumar Mohanty (28) UROLOGISTSafdarjung HospitalNew Delhi- 110 029011-4697712Email :
Dr Ravindra Nath Mohil DII-114, West Kidwai Nagar, New Delhi 110023Tel : 011-6882272Email : rsmohil@yahoo.comDr Vinod K Malik D-II-213, West Kidwai Nagar, New Delhi 110 023
Dr Sanjay Singh Negi 3092, C-III, Basant Kunj, Delhi- 110 070Tel.: 011- 26122004(R) 23234242(W)Mobile: 9811063390Email :
Dr K. K. Pandey Chief of Surgical Oncology, RGCI & Res. Centre, Sector V, RohiniDelhi 110085Tel :011-7051033, 011-2474777, 2484577
Dr Rajinder Prasad (33) E-98, Ansari Nagar EastAIIMS CampusNew Delhi 110029 Tel :011-6199822, 011-6593206Fax: 011-6862663Email :
Dr Bina Ravi D-II-68, Kaka NagarNew Delhi 110003
Dr V. K. Ramteke HOD SurgeryMAMC, D II-89, KakaNagarNew Delhi 110003
Dr Ramesh Sarin Dept. of Surgical Oncology, Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Sarita Vihar, Mathura RoadDelhi 110044 Email :
Dr S. K. Sarkar SectorB/9, Flat No. 6372, Vasant Kunj, Delhi 110030Tel :011-6898030
Dr Sumit Shah C-1/1308, Vasant KunjNew Delhi 110070
Dr V. P. Sharma Flat No. 3009, Pocket-3, Sector-DVasant Kunj, New DelhiDelhi 110070011-6122794
Dr N. K. Shukla Dept. of Surgical Oncology, IRCH, AIIMSNew Delhi, Delhi 110029Tel :011-661123-278, 011-654171
Dr Anurag Srivastava Dept. of Surgery, AIIMS, Ansari Nagar New Delhi 110029Tel :011-6594560, 011-6190180, Fax: 011-6862663
Dr Alok Nath Sinha DI/128, ChankyapuriNew Delhi 110021Email :
Dr Neeraj Saxena  D11/85, Kaka NagarNew Delhi 110003Email :
Dr Anil Kumar Sarda Professor of surgery at MAMC-27, RPSDDA Flats, Triveni-1, Delhi- 110 017Tel.: 011-26011655, 26014615(R)011- 23231344(W)Email :
DrV. Seenu C-6/21/1 SDA, Delhi- 110 016Tel. 011 - 26568126 (R), 011- 26593206 (W)Mobile: 9811062577Email :
Dr Shaji Thomas C44, Shivalik ColonyMalviya NagarNew Delhi 110017Tel :011-3363728 Ext.328011-6680480Email :
Dr Mallika Tewari F-15 Ansari Nagar , AIIMS CampusAIIMS, New Delhi-110029Tel.: 01126163476(R), Mobile: 09811913018Email :
According to section 27 of IMC Act 1956  
Subject to the conditions and restrictions laid down in this Act regarding medical practice by persons possessing certain recognized medical qualifications, every person whose name is for the time being borne on the Indian Medical Register shall be entitled according to his qualifications to practice as a medical practitioner in any part of India and to recover in due course of law in respect of such practice any expenses, charges in respect of medicament or other appliances, or any fees to which he may be entitled  
The Delhi Medical Council was established under the Delhi Medical Council Act, 1997. If Delhi Medical Council registers medical practitioners for Indian Medical Register, registration of doctors already registered elsewhere would be void as duplicate, under IMC Act. If  DMC registration of doctors is not for Indian Medical Register, the legislation itself is void as superceding the provisions of IMC Act. All doctors registered with Delhi Medical Council have to be registered elsewhere too for eligibility to practice even in Delhi. 
Dr Sanjay Dhawan G-28, Jangpura Ext, New Delhi 110014 Tel : 41001766, 24321766 98100-09144 Email :
Dr (Mrs) Ritu Sabharwal B-1/4 Yamuna Vihar, Delhi 110053 Tel : 22915798 Email :
Dr Abhinandan Jain, D-98, Surajmal Vihar Vikas Marg Extension, Delhi 110 092
Dr A. C. Chadha, B/2, Bhagwandas Nagar, Delhi
Dr A. Chopra, E/4, B- Block Rajpur Road Civil Lines, Delhi
Dr Ajay Aurora, C-II/2059, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi 110 070
Dr (Lt.Col) Ajay Banarji, Eye Dept. Army Hospital(r&r), Delhi Cantt, Delhi- 110010
Dr Ajay K Aggarwal 27-c, Pocket-a Sukhdev Vihar, New Delhi 110 025  26927904, 26826237
Dr Ajay Munjal, B-2/203 Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi
Dr Ajay Shanker Dave, A-38/2, Sfs Flats Saket, New Delhi 110 017
Dr A.K.Jain 39-A, Jawalaheri, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi-11--63 Tel: 5268283, 7139272
Dr A.K.Grover 12/27, West Patel Nagar, New Delhi-110008 Tel: 5782129, 5767228
Dr Alkesh Chaudhary, E-41, greater Kailash Enclave-2, New Delhi 110 048
Dr Amar Dev, Flat No.7, Doctor's Flats N.d.m.c. Hospital Complex Moti Bagh-i, New Delhi 110 021
Dr Amit Bhatia, C-140/IV, Ground Floor, Dayanand Colony, , Lajpat Nagar IV, New Delhi-110024. Email:
Dr Amit Chopra, House No.3, Block - C Pocket - 8, Sector - 7 Rohini, Delhi 110 085
Dr Amrit Bachan Singh, D-397, Defence Colony, New Delhi 110024
Dr Anamika Tandon, A-110, Saraswati Vihar, Delhi 110 034
Dr Anand Aggarwal, 13, Usha Niketan, Block C-ii Safdarjung Development Area, New Delhi
Dr Ananda Som, 19, Sunrise Apts. D-block, Vikaspuri, New Delhi 110018
Dr Anup Chand Diwan, B5/164 Safderjung Enclave, New Delhi 110029
Dr Atul Bansal, G-258, Preet Vihar, New Delhi Email:
Dr Anil Johri Tel:
Dr Anil Mehra Tel: 2204373
Dr Anil Tara, H-23, South Extn. - I, New Delhi
Dr Ankur Agarwal, FA-34, Shivaji Enclave Near Shivaji College, Delhi 110 027
Dr Anuj Chaudhry, 22/11 Rly.colony Kishanganj, Delhi 110007
Dr Anup Bhasin, K - 65 , Kirti Nagar, New Delhi 110015
Dr Anurag Anand, A-2/220, Janakpuri, New Delhi 110 058
Dr Aparna Agnihotri, D-180, Saket, , New Delhi - 110017 Email:
Dr Aparna Ahuja, 32 , West Mukherjee Nagar, Delhi 110009  27427761, 27658817
Dr Arpana Bansal, Flat No.72, Bhagirathi Apts. Plot No. 13/1, Sector-9 Rohini, Delhi 110 085
Dr Chafle Archana Girish, IBM-IRL, Block-I IIT, Hauz Khas, New Delhi 110 016
Dr Archana Raisinghani, II O-51 , Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi
Dr (Mrs) Aruna Singhal, Deshbandhu Apartments Kalkaji, New Delhi 110 019
Dr Arun Baveja, E-78, Ashok Vihar - I, Delhi 110052
Dr Arun K. Gupta, 373, AGCR Enclave Opp. Karkar Dooma Inder Prastha Extension II, New Delhi 110092
Dr Arun Sethi Tel: 6844969
Dr Asha Ahmed, Civil Hospital 5, Rajpur Road, Delhi 110054
Dr Ashim Aggarwal, B-3/126 , Janakpuri, New Delhi 110058
Dr Ashima Aggarwal J/9-5, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi 110 027 25923498, 25440850
Dr Ashish Agrawal, 11, Tyagaraja Marg, New Delhi 110 011
Dr Ashok Kumar Chaudhry, 16/3 Kalkaji, New Delhi 110019
Dr Chaudhry Ashok Kumar, C-32, Swati Apartments IP Extension, Delhi 110 092
Dr Hansaria Ashok Kumar, Shivam Netralaya 53 A, Pandav Nagar Mother Dairy, Patparganj, Delhi 110 092
Dr Ashok Kumar Jain, Jain Eye Clinic R-15, Ritu Complex Shakarpur, vikas Marg, New Delhi
Dr (Lt.Col) Ashok Singh, Base Hospital, Delhi Cantt Delhi 110 010
Dr Ashu Agarwal, 32-b, Sanchar Lok Apartments Plot No.108, IPextension, Delhi 110 092
Dr Atul Kumar, D-66, Malcha Marg, Chanakya Puri, New Delhi 110021
Dr Avtar Singh, Surya Eye & Ent Hospital B-1/203, Janak Puri, New Delhi 110058
Dr Jain Ajay Kumar,   D-291 Defence Colony, New Delhi 110029
Dr Gaba Anu, C-2/A, 254, b Janakpuri, New Delhi 110058
Dr Ashwani Kumar Ghai, B-10/14, Sector - 18 Rohini, Delhi 110 085
Dr Aloke Gupta, C-I/1226, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi 110070
Dr Amit Gupta, B-49, Friends Colony (west), New Delhi 110065
Dr Goswami Anshuman, House No.86, Plot No.4 Doctors Housing Society Vasundhara Enclave, New Delhi 110 096
Dr Gupta Arun Kumar, B-22, Ahinsa Vihar Plot No. 27/1, Sector - 9 Rohini, Delhi 110 085
Dr Gujral Arvinder Singh, 22/24, Tilak Nagar, New Delhi 110 018
Dr Ashok Grover, K-1, NDSE Part-2, New Delhi-110049
Dr A. K. Gupta, 60, Saddar Apartments Mayur Vihar Phase - I, Delhi 110 091
Dr Ashok Kumar Grover, 11/1, East Patel Nagar, New Delhi 110 008
Dr Ashwini Jain, Jain Eye Hospital 204-a, Sri Ram Nagar GT Road, Shahdara, Delhi 110 032
Dr Amit Goel, 6-E, Bahubali Extension Karkardooma, Delhi 110 092
Dr Anshu Goyal, D-9, Budh Vihar Near Hanumaan Mandir, Delhi 110 041
Dr Bithi Chowdhury, D-668, Chitaranjan Park, New Delhi 110 019
Dr Bal Krishan Ahluwalia, B-4/234, Safdarjang Enclave, New Delhi 110 029
Dr Basudeb Ghosh, A-46, Ashok Vihar Phase I, Delhi 110052
Dr Guliani Brahm Prakash, A-140, Yojana Vihar, Delhi 110 092
Dr Chandna Chandesh, D-26 Ajay Enclave, New Delhi 110018
Dr Chandra Mohan Chopra, Flat No.e-203, Sagar Sadan 113, IPextension Patparganj, Delhi 110 091
Dr Chandra Prabha, 155, Pocket 'c' Sarita Vihar, New Delhi 110 044
Dr Aggarwal Dinesh Chander, 3/a-1, Sector - 8 Opp. D.d.a. Office Rohini, Delhi 110085
Dr Deepali Agarwal, B/j-84 (east) Shalimar Bagh, Delhi 110 052
Dr Deepankar Bose, J-1862, Chittaranjan Park, New Delhi 110 018
Dr Devendra Sood P 13 South Extension Part I, Delhi - 110049 Phone: 26257803
Dr Dinesh Nanda, M-17(mkt.) Greater Kailash-i, New Delhi 110048
Dr Deepak Prakash, C-3/44 Ashok Vihar Phase II, Delhi 110 052
Dr DP Agarwal 27215891, 23919613
Dr Gurbax Singh Bhinder, 31, Defence Enclave Vikas Marg, Delhi 110092
Dr Das Gopal Krushna, 122 A/12, Gautam Nagar, New Delhi 110 049
Dr Garg Deepali, 4, Sadhna Enclave Panchsheel Park, New Delhi 110 017
Dr Jain Devendra Kumar, Jain Eye Centre 23/4, Chadha-bhawan Shakti Nagar, New Delhi 110007
Dr Deepa Karmakar Ekbote, Flat No.9-c, Pocket-c Gangotri Enclave Alaknanda, New Delhi 100 019
Dr Gangwar D.N., A-3, Hauz Khas, New Delhi 110016
Dr (Mrs) Dharitri Samantray, MO Primary Health Centre Palam Village, New Delhi 110 045
Dr Gautam Kumar, A-1/59, Safdarjunge Enclave, New Delhi 110029
Dr Govekar Kishor, A-48, Pocket B Mayur Vihar Phase - II, Delhi 110 091
Dr Gyan Goyal, BQ/35, West Shalimar Bagh, Delhi 110 052
Dr Gurudutt Mulky Kamath, G2793 Dr T.m.a. Oai Rotary Hospital Bejai, Mangalore Karnataka 575 004
Dr Gurpreet Singh, B-157, Fateh Nagar Jail Road, New Delhi 110 018
Dr Gunjan Prakash, 12, Hostel No.8 Aiims, Ansari Nagar, New Delhi 110 029
Dr Hardeep Singh, Vision Care Centre, E-311, Greater Kailash, Part - II, New Delhi, 110048. Email:
Dr Harinder Singh Sethi 
MD Ophthalmology ( AIIMS ), DNB, FRCS  
Chief Eye Surgeon, NSPB Eye Hospital,  
E - 33 , Moti Nagar, New Delhi - 110015  
Mobile : 9818002074 Email :
Dr H.R.goel, EC-387, G-8 Area Rajouri Garden, New Delhi 110064
Dr Harprit Singh, D-31, Plot No. 2 Rajauri Garden, New Delhi 110 027
Dr Harish Chandar Gandhi, T-3, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi 110027 Email:
Dr Harsh Goel, C-4c, 14/38 Janakpuri, New Delhi 110 058
Dr H.L.Gupta, B-I Jyoti Nagar(west) Loni Road, Delhi 110094
Dr Harsh Kumar, D-2/2601, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi 110 071
Dr Harish Chandra Agarwal, Professor Of Ophthalmology Flat No.3442, Sector - C Pocket - III, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi
Dr Harpreet Singh Ahluwalia, 3a - 33, Prithviraj Road Rajhans, New Delhi
Dr Inder Mohan Bhatia, A/106 Swasth Vihar Trans-jamuna Area, Delhi 110092
Dr Indira Biswas, 192, Tagore Park Near Model Town, Delhi 110 009
Dr Indira Mohan, MM Eyetech Clinic 29, Lajpat Rai Marg Lajpat Nagar - III, New Delhi 110 024
Dr Indrani Dasgupta, F-26/10, Sector - 7 Rohini, Delhi 110 085
Dr Kumar Indrajit, Kumar Eye Clinic Spring Meadows Hospital F-44, East Of Kailash, New Delhi 110065
Dr Kumar Indrajit, Kumar Eye Clinic Spring Meadows Hospital F-44, East Of Kailash, New Delhi 110065
Dr Jayanto Shekhar Guha, G - 1219 A Chittaranjan Park, New Delhi 110019
Dr Jayanto Shekhar Guha, G - 1219 A Chittaranjan Park, New Delhi 110019
Dr (Mrs) Ghoria Jean Sthala, Deptt. Of Ophthalmology St. Stephen Hospital Tis Hazari, Delhi
Dr Jagmohan Sardana 25436366, 254368790
Dr Batra Jaidev, 5/2, Prem Nagar Janak Puri, New Delhi 110 058
Dr Jasleen Dhillon 181 A, Pocket A, Mayur Vihar-II, New Delhi 110091 Tel: 9811810789
Dr Arneja Jaswant, Nayantara Eye Centre B-106, Subhadra Colony Sarai Rohilla, opp.shastri Nagr, Delhi 110 035
Dr Jatinder Singh Bhalla, B-130, Hari Nagar, New Delhi 110064
Dr Jayant Ahuja, D-10/30, Sector - 15 Rohini, Delhi 110 085
Dr J. C. Das, 30-old Doctor's Mess M.A.M. College Campus, New Delhi 110002
Dr JS Ahluwalia B-10/7431, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi 100 070 26997934, 26897934
Dr J.S. Chilana A-3/316, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi-110063 Tel: 25267475, 25279615, 25282326
Dr KA Ahmed 9811086693
Dr Kailash Behari 16-B, Pkt I, Mayur Vihar-I, Delhi-110091 Tel: 2254564, 2258946
Dr Kanchan Kumar Choudhury,, O.P. Line 5, Rajpur Road, Delhi 110 054
Dr (wq Cdr) Khurshed M. Bharucha, Eye Department Afcme Subroto Park, New Delhi 110 010
Dr Kinshuk Biswas, M-164, Greater Kailash Part - II, New Delhi 110 048
Dr Govekar Kishor, A-48, Pocket B Mayur Vihar Phase - II, Delhi 110 091
Dr Ghai K.R., 38, south Park Apartment Kalkaji, New Delhi 110019
Dr (Mrs) Kiran Bhanot Farooqui, D-I/5, D.d.u Hospital Resedential Complex Hari Nagar, New Delhi 110064
Dr L. L. Sandeep, B-7, Rana Pratap Bagh, Delhi 110007
Dr Lokesh Jain, Jain Eye Hospital 204-a, Shri Ram Nagar GT Road, Shahdara, Delhi 110 032 Email:
Dr Bagla Madanlal, 456, Pocket - A Sarita Vihar, New Delhi
Dr Mahabir Singh Bajaj, B5/130, safdarjang Enclave, New Delhi 110029
Dr Monica Gandhi, C-2/14, Safdarjung Development Area, New Delhi 110 016
Dr Manoj Kumar Joon, A-7, Yadav Park Kamruddin Nagar (rohtak Road) Nangloi, Delhi 110 041
Dr Gupta Man Mohan, 1/115, Sadar Bazar, Delhi Cantt
Dr Manmath Nath Gupta, C-15, Vivek Vihar, New Delhi 110095
Dr Agarwal Mahesh Chandra, 125 A/GH 10 Paschim Vihar, New Delhi 110041
Dr Manisha Chhabra Acharya, J-303, Siddh Apartment 107, IPextension Patparganj, Delhi
Dr Mandeep Singh Bajaj, A-40, Qutab Enclave Phase - I, New Delhi 110016
Dr Manpreet Singh Chhabra, Room No.17, Hostel No.7 Gents Hostel Aiims, New Delhi 110 029
Dr M.C. Agarwal Tel:
Dr M.K. Surana X-22, Haus Khas, New Delhi-110016 Tel: 6858706, 6868729
Dr Bharati M.L., B-2 Doctors Flat R.b.t.b. Hospital Kingsway Camp, Delhi
Dr Chawla Mohinder Kumar, C-1/91 Janak Puri, New Delhi 110058
Dr Mukesh Burmi, 74, Vidhi Apartments Plot No. 116 Mear Patparganj Bus Depot, Delhi 110 092
Dr (Mrs) Munmun Arora, H-1/238, Sector - 11 Rohini, Delhi 110 085
Dr Manish Gupta, 6096, C-6 Vasant Kunj, New Delhi 110 070 Email:
Dr Neeti Jain, J8876 F-106, New Saraswati Society Sector - IX Rohini, Delhi 110 085
Dr Neeraj Jain, Room No.515, RD Hostel Masjid Moth, Aiims Campus Ndse - II, New Delhi 110 049
Dr Naresh Kumar Gupta, Enkay Clinic Maternity And Eye Care 1/319, Sadar Bazar, Delhi Cantt Delhi 110 010
Dr Neena Gathwal, 208 A/20, Savitri Nagar, New Delhi 110 017
Dr Naveen Gupta, C-10/5 Vasant Vihar, New Delhi 110057
Dr Garg Nipin, West Delhi Eye Centre J-5/177, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi 110 027
Dr Narender Kumar Agarwal, 51-d, an-block D.d.a. Flats Shalimar Bagh, Delhi 110052
Dr. Neera Agrawal  82/7, Gautam Nagar, New Delhi 110 049 Tel : 23270775 Mobile: 9810134653
Dr Nidhi Angra, A-58, Swasthya Vihar Vikas Marg, Delhi 110 092
Within suggested dosage, upto 15 mg a day, primaquine is a safe drug. The dose of chloroquine is 1000 mg single dose. Since many doctors are unaware of such difference in dosage of two drugs, primaquine given in dose of 1000 mg produces severe side effects. Steps have been taken to make all doctors aware of correct dosage of primaquine. 
Raj Narain Health Minister making a statement in Lok Sabha
The house had many medicos - No one pointed out that 1000 mg primaquine was then present in 400 tablets and could not be prescribed by mistake.
Dr Nitish Birdi, 1395/13, Govind Puri Kalkaji, New Delhi 110 019
Dr O. N. Krishna, 18, Park Street, New Delhi 110001
Dr Garg Priti, A-15, Aditi Apartments IP Extension Patparganj, Delhi 110 092
Dr P. K. Jain, E-4/7a Model Town, Delhi 110009
Dr Pankaj Jain,   2073, Delhi Admn. Flats Gulabi Bagh, Delhi 110007
Dr Khosla Prem Kumar, 89, Charak Sadan Vikaspuri, New Delhi 110 018
Dr Puneet Gupta, 29, Friends Colony West, New Delhi 110065
Dr Pankaj Gupta, 1284, Laj Building 1 Doriwalan, Karol Bagh New Rohtak Road, New Delhi 110 005
Dr Pawan Goyal, Goyal Eye Institute 1/10, East Patel Nagar, New Delhi 110 008
Dr P. Viswanathan Gopal, H-31 C, Saket, New Delhi 110 017
Dr Praveen Chawla SU-127, Pitampura, Delhi 110 034
Dr Pawan Kumar Gupta, Kiran Memorial Eye Hospital Main 100 Ft. Road Durga Puri, Delhi 110 093
Dr Puran Chand Gupta, K-15, Hauz Khas, New Delhi 110 016
Dr Parul Goyal, 27, Anand Lok Khelgaon Marg, New Delhi 110 049
Dr P.A. Lamba 14-A/26, WEA, Karol Bagh, New Delhi-110005 Tel: 5765590
Dr D'souza Pamela, C-ii/26, A.i.i.m.s. Ansari Nagar, New Delhi 110 029
Dr Pankaj Lamba 14A/26; WEA Karol Bagh, New Delhi - 110005 Tel: 5765590, 5817083 Email:
Dr Poonam S. Bhasin, 282, Gagan Vihar, New Delhi 110051
Dr Prabin Basumatary, 52-c, Pocket-d Sector-g, Kondli Gharoli Mayur Vihar Phase - III, Delhi 110 096
Dr Prashant Bhartiya, 7/89, Aiims Gents Hostel Aiims, New Delhi 110 029
Dr Praveen C.Bhatia C-180, Sarvodaya Enclave, New Delhi-110017 Tel: 6863998, 6866308
Dr Praveen Kumar E-1/6, Krishan Nagar, Delhi-110051 Tel: 2205611, 2240891
Dr Premanand Kishore Agrawal, 9, New Corporation Flats Near I.t. College Crossing Nirala Nagar, Lucknow -226020
Dr Prem V. Chadha, 202 , Rajdhani Enclave Pitam Pura, Delhi
Dr Puneet Gupta 29, Friends Colony (West), New Delhi-110065 Tel: 6833295, 6836749
Dr Rahul Bhola, C-8/8541, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi 110 070
Dr Rahul Kant Jain Tel: 6435350
Dr Raj Anand, B-2/42-b Lawrence Road, New Delhi 110 035
Dr Rajat Anand Tel: 3911879
Dr Agrawal Rajendra Prakash, B-61, Cozy Apartments Plot No.20, Sector-9 Rohini, Delhi 110085
Dr (Mrs.) Rajeshwari Diwan, B5/164 Safderjung Enclave, New Delhi 110029
Dr Rajeshwary Kulkarni A-4/25, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi-110063 Tel: 25264093, 25267257  Email :
Dr Rajneesh Chadha, D1-a/141-a, Janak Puri, New Delhi 110 058
Dr Rakesh Bhardwaj, A2/25, Shri Agarsen Apartment Sector - 7, Plot No.10 Dwarka, New Delhi 110 045
Dr Rakesh Kapur WZ-210-D, Virender Nagar, New Delhi-110058 Tel: 5506385
Dr Rakesh Aggarwal MBBS, MD (Ophth.) 
Dr Aggarwal's Eye Clinic 
F-16, Moti Nagar, New Delhi110015 
Tel : 25462686, 9811069069 Email : 
Website : 
Res. B-75 Defence Colony, New Delhi-110024 Tel : 24334502, 24334229
Dr Rajesh Kumar Aggarwal, S/212-greater Kailash Part I, New Delhi 110048
Dr Agarwal R.c., 26-d, Connaught Place, New Delhi 110001
Dr Rini Choudhury, Flat No.1214, Type IV S Sector-12, R.k. Puram, New Delhi 110 022
Dr Rita Dhingra Banga, 26, DDA Flats, Pocket-k Sheikh Sarai, Phase-ii, New Delhi 110017
Dr Raj Vardhan Azad, M-18, Saket Road No.50, New Delhi 110 017
Dr Bajaj Ravinder, Ib/3b Phase I Ashok Vihar, Delhi 110052
Dr Reena Agarwal, House 134, Vasundhara Apts. Sector - 9, Rohini, Delhi 110 085
Dr RK Aggarwal 26416677, 26219393
Dr R.K.Bhandari S-571, G.K.-II, New Delhi-110048 Tel: 6473536, 6473636
Dr R.K. Bhutani, B-8 Rajouri Garden, New Delhi 110027
Dr Rohan Chawla, D-ii/2531, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi 110 070
Dr R.V.Singh Tel: 7430202
Dr Ramesh Kishore Gupta, Gupta Hospital, 460-b Corporation Wali Gali Near Delhi Gate, Najafgarh, New Delhi 110043
Dr R.D Giridhar, D-166 Lajpat Nagar-1st, New Delhi 110024
Dr R.K. Duvesh, 68, Grih Mantralaya Cghs Ltd. Kamakshi Appartments Sector-6, Dwarka, New Delhi 110 045
Dr Rupinder Singh Dhaliwal, B-15-c Mig Flats Maya Puri, New Delhi 110064
Dr Rajesh Hans, B-37/102, Madhu Vihar Opp. Narvana Apartments IP Extn., Patpar Ganj, Delhi 110 092
Dr R.S. Garkal, Doctor's Clinic 40 Hanuman Road, New Delhi 110001
Dr Ravi Kant Gupta, 27 B/5, New Rohtak Road, New Delhi 110005
Dr Rajiv Garg, 93-A , Packet-b Mayur Vihar Phase II, Delhi 110091
Dr Kaul Ratan Lal, Post Box 2820 Rajinder Nagar Post Office, New Delhi 110060
Dr R. B. Jain, C-2/1, Prashant Vihar, Delhi 110085
Dr Rajinder Kalsi, C-5, G.k.-ii Enclave, New Delhi 110 048
Dr (Mrs) Rachel Jose, D-6/2, Multi Storeyed Sector - 13 R.k. Puram, New Delhi
Dr Kaul Ratan Lal,   Post Box 2820 Rajinder Nagar Post Office, New Delhi 110060
Dr Rajeev Jain, B-297, Street No.3 Majlis Park, Delhi 110 033
Dr R. Khatri Pushkar Enclave Paschim Vihar, New Delhi 110 063
Dr Ruchi Goel, 513/514, First Floor Double Storey New Rajindra Nagar, New Delhi 110 060
Dr Ruchi Gulati, D-306, Narwana Apartments Plot No.89, IP Extension Patparganj, Delhi 110 092
Dr Ritu Gadia, 9/73, Ladies Hostel Aiims, New Delhi 110 029
Dr Rajan Gupta, 2/17, H Block Krishna Nagar, Delhi 110 051
Dr Ritesh Gupta, Hostel No.8 Room No.4 Aiims, New Delhi
Dr Sanjiv Gupta, A-47 A/ii Naraina Vihar, New Delhi
Dr Simi Gulati, B-3/185, Janak Puri, New Delhi 110 058
Dr Sunita Gur, B-7/48, Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi 110 049
Dr Seema Gupta, 40/180, Chittaranjan Park Extn, New Delhi 110 019
Dr Shashi Gupta, D-15, Vivek Vihar, Delhi 110 095
Dr Gupta Sanjeev Kumar, E-101, Ansari Nagar East, New Delhi 110 029
Dr Shelly Gupta, C-5/120, Sector - 11 Rohini, Delhi 110 085
Dr Suresh Garg, A-28, Meera Bagh Paschim Vihar, New Delhi 110 087
Dr (Mrs) Shobha Kumar, Kumar Eye Clinic Spring Meadows Hospital F-44, East Of Kailash, New Delhi 110065
Dr Shashi Nath Jha, Q-53, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi 110 027
Dr SP Kumar, A-1/59, Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi 110029
Dr Dubey Suneeta, 814, Technology Apartment, Patparganj, Delhi - 110 092
Dr Jain S.K., 541, R.c.dehlvi Marg Esplanade Road, Delhi 110006
Dr Sanjeev Gupta, 34, Jangpura Road Bhogal, New Delhi 110014
Dr Gupta Sanjiv, C-9 B, Dda Flats Munirka, New Delhi 110 067
Dr Ghose Supriyo, Dr RP Centre For Oph.scien. Ansari Nagar, New Delhi 110029
Dr Satish Chandra Gupta, 16, Bungalow Road, Delhi 110007
Dr Subhash Dadeya, Assistant Professor Guru Nanak Eye Centre, New Delhi 110 002
Dr S.L. Gupta, E14 Ndse-i, New Delhi 110049
Dr Sunita Gupta, 50-A, Pocket - B Sidhartha Extension, New Delhi 110 014
Dr Sat Paul Garg, X-44, Ground Floor, Green Park Main, New Delhi- 110016
Dr Satish Kumar Gupta, B-64, Puru Apartments Plot No.22 Sector 13, Rohini, Delhi 110085
Dr Shantanu Gupta, C-3/29, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi 110 027
Dr Shyam Sunder Gupta, A-1/216-a, Lawrence Road, Delhi 110 035
Dr Sudhir Garg, 3822 B/7, Kanhaiya Nagar Tri Nagar, Delhi 110 035
Dr Sanjay Dhir, Arpan Eye Care Centre 16, Inder Enclave Near Paschim Vihar, Main Rohtak Road, New Delhi 110041
Dr Sandeep Arora, B-1/9, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi 110 063
Dr Ahuja Sanjay, 32, West Mukherjee Nagar, Delhi 110009
Dr Sanjay Chaudhary, 4802, Bharat Ram Road 24, Darya Ganj, New Delhi 110 002
Dr Santosh Chaudhry, 120-d, GH-0 Sunder Apartments Paschim Vihar, New Delhi 110 087
Dr Sarita Beri, 236, Surya Niketan Vikas Marg Extention, Delhi 110 092
Dr S.c. Acharjee, B-177, Chitta Ranjan Park, New Delhi 110019
Dr Seema Aggarwal, K-69, Hauz Khas, New Delhi 110 016
Dr Seema Bajaj (nee Tyagi), A-59, Subhavana Niketan Pitam Pura, Delhi 110 034
Dr Shantanu Bhattacharjee, Si/g-211, Anmol Apartment, Dilshad Colony, Delhi 110095
Dr Simple Babra, C-3a/122-b, Janak Puri, New Delhi 110 058
Dr SK Amba 27023610, 27024654
Dr Angra S.k., A-58, Swasthya Vihar, Delhi 110092
Dr SK Khanna 9811087151
Dr S.M. Betharia, Dr R.P. Cent.for Oph.sciences Aiims Ansari Nagar, New Delhi 110029
Dr Sudhank Bharti, Bharti Eye Foundation, 1/3 East Patel Nagar, New Delhi 110008 Ph: 25889900, 25885533, 51698222, 9810129855 Email:,
Dr Sudhir Bhatia, A-41, East Of Kailash, New Delhi 110 065
Dr Suni Abraham, 385-d, Pocket - 2 Mayur Vihar - I, Delhi 110 091
Dr Sunil Bhashin, C - 58, Naraina Vihar, New Delhi 110028
Dr Chakravarty Sunilkumar, N-4/b, Sfs Flats Saket, New Delhi 110 017
Dr Surendra Nath 15A/134, East Patel Nagar, New Delhi-110008 Tel: 5766660
Dr Adhar Sushil P., B-3/18 Rajouri Garden, New Delhi 110 027
Dr Bose Swaraj, E-13/h, Dda Flats Munirka, New Delhi 110067
Dr Taru Gupta, B-4/69, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi 110 063
 Dr Dada Tanuj, C-I/3, AIIMS Ansari Nagar, New Delhi 110029
Dr Gupta U.C., 594/ Sector A Vasant Kunj, New Delhi 110030
Dr Jain U.C., Jain Eye Hospital 704, GT Road Shahdara, Delhi 110032
Dr Vandana Bhandari, 46, Navjiwan Vihar, New Delhi 110017
Dr (Sqn.Ldr) V.C.bhatnagar, H/457-DDA Flats Narain Vihar, New Delhi 110028
Dr Vijay Kumar Dada, Chief - Dr RP Centre For Ophthalmic Sciences, Aiims Ansari Nagar, New Delhi 110 029
Dr Vikas Anand,, Street No.10 Viswas Nagar Shahdara, Delhi 110 032
Dr Vimal Arora, M-2749, Netaji Nagar, New Delhi
Dr Vinita Negi Arora, G-605, Som Vihar R.k. Puram, New Delhi 110 022
Dr Vinod Biala, 135-b, Pocket IV Mayur Vihar Phase - I, New Delhi 110 091
Dr Vivek Angra, A-58, Swasthya Vihar Vikas Marg, Delhi 110 092
Dr V.K.Gopal 66-G, DDA Flats, Masjid Moth-III, New Delhi-110048 Tel: 6436717
Dr Gopal V.K., 66-c, Dda Flats(phase II Masjid Moth, New Delhi
Dr Vijayender Kumar Dhull, 83, New Layal Pur, Delhi 110 051
Dr Vijay Bhushan Gautam, 302 , Houz Khas, New Delhi 110016
Dr VP Gupta, E-15, GTB Hospital Campus Shahdara, Delhi 110095
Dr Gupta Vaid Prakash, A-2/7-a, Model Town, Delhi 110 009
Dr Vishal Grover, S/371, Greater Kailash Phase - II, New Delhi 110048
Dr Vivek Gupta, Shyam Lal Eye Hospital Malkaganj, Delhi 110 007
Dr Vinod Kumar Gupta, E-972, Saraswati Vihar, New Delhi 110 034
Dr Vinay Gupta, BP-77, Maurya Enclave Pitampura, Delhi 110 085
Dr Vishnu Swarup Gupta, C-002, Pragati Vihar Near Nehru Stadium, New Delhi 110 003
Dr Vinita Gupta, C-2/18- B, Lawrence Road, New Delhi 110 035
Dr Garodia Vinay Kumar, A-49, South Extn Part - 2, New Delhi 110 049
Dr Yogesh Chandra Gupta, 108-a, U & V, Shalimar Bagh, Delhi 110 052
Dr Y. Dayal, Eye Specialist Flat No.196, Sector A Pocket C, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi 110030
Dr Zia Chaudhuri, E-310, Purvasha Anandlok Mayur Vihar Phase - I, Delhi 110 091

Dr Sumit Sural Professor, Dept.of Orthopaedics, Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi. Phone : 23976141 (Res), 9968604323
Dr Santosh Kumar Jena Vaisnavi Bone & Joint Clinic, F-34/35 Sector-3 Rohini, New Delhi-110085 Tel : 27945626 Mobile : 9818689816
Email :
Dr A. C Malik 9810082686 28 Godawari Appartment Alaknanda New Delhi-110019 26213637 Godawari Ortho & Frac. Centre Consultant Ortho G-19 Godawari Alaknanda, N.Delhi-110019 Phone: 26218411 18
Dr A.K. Mukherjee 9810007079 K-11/19 DLF-II Gurgaon 95124-6389032 Indian Spinal Injuries Centre Director General Sector-C,Vasant Kunj New Delhi-110070 Phone: 26896642/4884/8448 63
Dr A.K. Singh : D-II-150, West Kidwai Nagar New Delhi-110023 26886477 Safdarjung Hospital CIO New Delhi-110029 Phone: 26192467,26165060 65
Dr A.K. Venkatachal : B-97 East Kidwai Nagar New Delhi-110023 Phone: Phone: 10
Dr A. K Dawar 9891144255 M-39 C Rajouri Garden New Delhi-110027 25449244 E.S.I. Hospital HOD Orthopaed9ic Sector 15, Rohini Delhi-110085 Phone: 27860982 9
Dr A. L Bajaj : C/o.Shri. B.R.Malik 533/23 Arjun Nagar Opp. Sangeet Cinema, Rohtak
Dr A.M. Sumar : 1056/XI Mufti Kifayatullah Marg Chitli Quabar Delhi-110006 Phone: Phone: 113
Dr A.M. Zulfiqar 9810208151 1056/XI Mufti Kifayatullah Marg Chitli Qabar Delhi-110006 23244835 City Clinic Asaf Ali Road New Delhi Phone: 23231923Dr A. N. Bhattacharya : S-514 Greater Kailash-1 New Delhi-110048 26418851 Holy Family Hospital Okhla New Delhi Phone: 39
Dr A.P. Sharma 9811061557 289-B Onkar Nagar-B Tri Nagar New Delhi-110035 27100709 Res-cum-Clinic Onkar Nagar-B Tri Nagar New Delhi-110035 Phone: 27108637 30
Dr A.P. Singh 9811211396 B-G-7/58 Paschim Vihar New Delhi-110063 25289977 Khetrapal Hospital F-95 Bali Nagar New Delhi-110027 Phone: 25923136 (5 lines) 66
Dr A. S Chahal : Pine Wood Residency Indian Spinal Injury Centre Sec-C Vasant Kunj New Delhi-110070 26122502 Indian Spinal Injury Centre Sec-C Vasant Kunj New Delhi-110070 Phone: 26896642 Ext.206 4
Dr A.V Sharma 981105277 323 Sector-28 Faridabad-121002 (Haryana) 95129-25275514 R.K Orthopaedic Hospital 8 Pandav Nagar Patparganj New Delhi-110092 Phone: 22509293 31
Dr A Bansal : L-73/F-23 Sector 23, Rohini Delhi-110085 Phone: Phone: 15
Dr Abdul Ghani : 111/190 A.V. Nagar New Delhi-110049 26251048 AIIMS Sr. Orthopaedics Ansari Nagar New Delhi-110029 Phone: 26864851 Ext 3220 21
Dr Abhijit Dey 98680 41557 G-41 Lajpat Nagar III New Delhi-110024 26836146 M.A.M.C Dept of Orthopaedics New Delhi-110002 Phone: 23235386 12
Dr Abhijit Dey 9811161663 93, Nehru Appartment Outer Ring Road Kalkaji New Delhi-110019 26434562 Ashlok Hospital 25A, Block AB Comm Centre Safdarjung Enclave New Delhi-110029  Orthonova Hospital Safdarjung Dev. Area Opp IIT Main Gate New Delhi-110029 26602428 13
Dr Abhyant Gupta 98100 86223 545 Sect 15 Faridabad-121007 Haryana 95129-2283712 Hindu Rao Hospital Malka Ganj Delhi Phone: 23919476 Ext.353 48
Dr Abrar Ahmed 9811416814 E-11/80 New Colony Hauzrani Malviya Nagar Delhi-110017 26681496 AIIMS Deptt. of Orthopaedics Ansari Nagar New Delhi-10027 Phone: 26561123 Ext.4647 31
Dr Acha; Swami 9810053009 B-2 DDA Flats Lohia Nagar Ghaziabad-201001 95120-2721709 B-2 DDA Flats Lohia Nagar Ghaziabad-201001 Phone:  1
Dr Aditya Agarwal 98105 54201 D-15/GTB Hospital Campus Shahdara Delhi-110095 22134595 Guru Teg Bahadur Hospital Dept. of Orthopaedics Shahdara Delhi-110095 Phone: 22586262 4
Dr Ajay Agarwal 98102 04564 B-1/89 Ashok Vihar Phase II Delhi-1100052 27120687 Working abroad Phone: Phone: 5
Dr Ajay Bahl 98681 08650 C-6 B-161 Janakpuri New Delhi-110058 25552919 Lok Nayak Hospital CMO, Dept of Orthopaedics New Delhi-110002 Phone: 23230733 (4474) 8
Dr Ajay Gandotra 98103 78398 27-A MIG Flats Rajouri Garden Main Nazafgarh Road New Delhi-110027 25463133 Resi.-Cum-Clinic 27-A MIG Flats Rajouri Garden, New Delhi-110027 Phone: 25172639 2
Dr Ajay Guglani F-77 Lajpat Nagar-I New Delhi-110024 26846027 N T P C Singroli U.P Phone: 05463-4516 44
Dr Ajay Sharma 9811051804 H-9A Street No.1 Shakarpur Extension Delhi-110092 22434074 Safdarjung Hospital CIO Dept of Orthopaedics New Delhi-110029 Phone: 26166890 32
Dr Ajay Wardhwan 9810172765 A-73 Sector 35 Noida-201307 95120-2508879 Res-Cum-Clinic Wadhawan Orth & Med Cen A-73 Sector 35 Nodia-201307 Phone: 95120-2506789 1
Dr Akhil Bhargava 9810033044 A-6, UNESCO Apartment 55 IP Extension Delhi-110092 22503545 Bhargava Medical & Frac Clinic 5 Sukh Vihar Near Parwana Road Delhi-110051 Phone: 22441900 32
Dr Akhil Kapoor 98105 96330 N-24 Kalkaji New Delhi-110019 26436529 Safdarjang Hospital CIO Deptt of Orthopaedic New Delhi-110029 Phone: 26165060 13
Dr Alok Garg : B-2/605 Paradise Apartments 40 IP Extn, Patparganj Delhi-110092 G-22722546 ESI Hospital Okhla - I New Delhi Phone: 26818906 Ext 136 3
Dr Alok Sud 9810218382 U-V/116 C-Block B Shalimar Bagh Delhi-110088 27473903 LHMC & SSK Hospital Dept of Orthopaedic New Delhi-110001 Phone: 2363728 Ext 262 110
Dr Amar Sarin 9810001907 46-002 Heritage City M G Road Gurgaon Haryana 95124-8912216 Apollo Millenium Hospital Pusa Road New Delhi  Jaipur Golden Hospital Kolmet Pusa Road New Delhi 25755923 18
Dr Amarjeet Singh : S/o.Cap Girwar Singh 21/3 Sainik Nagar Meerut Cantt U.P.-250001  Hindu Rao Hospital Sr. Resi. Hostel Delhi-110052 Phone: 23992603 67
Dr Amit Goel 98120 42500 J. P. Hospital Yamuna Nagar-135 001 01732-221500 J P Hospital Yamuna Nagar - 135001  01732-221500, 226500 Phone: 25
Dr Amitabh Sural 98105 08436 II-A 8 Nehru Nagar Ghaziabad-201 001 95120-2793500 Jeevan Mala Hospital 67/1 New Rohtak Road Delhi-110005 Phone: 23511474 114
Dr Anand Tyagi : 172 New Gandhi Nagar Ghaziabad-201001 95120-2713022 Safdarjung Hospital New Delhi Phone: 26165060 16
Dr Anand Vinod Kumar : 518 1st Floor Mukherjee Nagar New Delhi-110009  Hindu Rao Hospital Dept of Orthopaedic-II Malkaganj/SubziMandi Delhi-110007 Phone: 23919613/242/219 52
Dr Ananta Kumar Naik 9810282352 Asstt. Prof. Dept of Microbiology S-32 Ansari Nagar New Delhi-110029 2618443 pp26640523 Ambedkar Hospital Med Officer& Dept of Orth Rohini Sector 6 Delhi-110085 Phone: 5
Dr Anil Arora 9810116676 F-4/9 1st Floor Mandir Marg, Krishna Ngr Delhi-110051 22044777 UCMS & GTB Hospital Dept. of Orthopaedic Shahdara Delhi-110095 Phone: 22586262 Ext.520,432 39
Dr Anil Joshi 98110 79156 H-429 Palam Vihar Gurgaon Haryana - 122017 95124-2460259 Res.cum-Clinic H-429 Palam Vihar Gurgaon Haryana - 122017  Prviate Hospital DLF Phase-II, Qutub Enclv Gurgaon Haryana-122001 95124-2461235(clinic 23
Dr Anil K Suchdev 9810159861 13/2 Punjabi Bagh Extension New Delhi-110026 25102698,2543307 Sunder Lal Jain Hospital Ashok Vihar Delhi Phone: 27119964/69 109
Dr Anil Kaul 9810045257 401 Pocket E Mayur Vihar II Delhi-110091 22789229 Batra Hospital 1 Tuglakabad Inst. Area New Delhi-110062 Phone: 26083747 24
Dr Anil Kumar Agarwal 9811213758 219 Bharat Apartment Sector 13, Rohini Delhi-110085 27562532 D-3/32 Sector 11 Rohini Delhi-110085 Phone: 27247087 6
Dr Anil Kumar Jain 9810118275 C-34/35B, Janakpuri New Delhi-110058 25554547 Mata Chanan Devi Hospital Janakpuri New Delhi Phone: 25610009/0008 4
Dr Anil Kumar Jain : 227 Old Arya Nagar Ghaziabad-201001 95120-2861543 UCMS & GTB Hospital Deptt of Orthopaedics Delhi-110095 Phone: 22586262 Ext.519 3
Dr Anil Kumar Tayal 9810511168 75 Ras Vihar Society IP Extn. 99 Patparganj Delhi-110092 22781292 Ortho Clinic 9/2190, Street No.8 Kailash Nagar Delhi  Surgi Centre D-15 Vivek Vihar Delhi-110095 22084246 8
Dr Anil Mehtani : 19 Delhi Govt. Officers Flats Greater Kailash Part-1 New Delhi-110048 26237864 M.A.M.C. Lok Nayak & GB Pant Hospital Prof Orthopaedic New Delhi-110002 Phone: 23234242 40
Dr Anil Mishra 9810477959 C/o.Dr Meenal Mishra Room No.19 Mahanadi Hostel J N U Delhi 26176520 Sant Parmanand Hospital 18 Shamnath Marg Delhi-110054 Phone: 23981260 43
Dr Anil Nadir : B-13 Pamposh Enclave New Delhi-110048  Pamposh Medicare Centre B-13 Pamposh Enclave New Delhi-110048 Phone: 8631690 2
Dr Anil Raheja 9811263925 15 OR Block, Lady Harding Medical College New Delhi-110001 23348330 Sunderlal Jain Charitable Hosp Ashok Vihar New Delhi-110052 Phone: 27119964/68 3
Dr Anil SIngh Chhachhiya : C-11 X-4 Dilshad Garden Delhi-110095 22592041 Hindu Rao Hospital Dept. of Orthopaedics New Delhi-110007 Phone: 23919625/613 22
Dr Anil Sethi 9811051853 118, Sector 15A Noida-201301 95120-2512074 Kailash Hospital E-324 A, Sector 27 Noida-201301 (UP)  VIMHANS Phone: 95120-2444444 27
Dr Anil Sharma : Ortho Surgeon Civil Hospital Sohna Gurgaon, Haryana Phone: Phone: 33
Dr Anjan Biswas : F-3 NDMC Flats Shantipath, Moti Bagh Delhi Phone: Phone: 43
Dr Ankush Garg 98105 01670 4/12 West Patel Nagar New Delhi-110008 25882451 DDU Hospital Dept of Orthpaedics Hari Nagar New Delhi-110064 Phone: 25145601 4
Dr Anmol Maria 9810027677 B-532 New Friends Colony New Delhi-110056 26830543 Res.-cum-Clinic B-532 New Friends Colony New Delhi-110065  Sanjeevan Hospital Sahi hospital Phone: 23263319,23257143(SH 30
Dr Anuj Dhingra 98810232415 1383 Sector 16 Faridabad Haryana-121002 95129-2522585 D D U Hospital Hari Nagar New Delhi-110064 Phone: 25145601 19
Dr Anurag Jain : B-1/615 Janakpuri New Delhi-110058 25596428 DDU Hospital Deptt. of Orthopaedics Hari Nagar New Delhi-110058 Phone: 5
Dr Apoorva Agarwal 9810135017 D-12, Dayanand Nagar Ghaziabad-201002 95120-2713891 Ganesh Hospital Nehru Nagar Ghaziabad-201001 Phone: 95120-2792811 7
Dr Arpit Jariwala : A-142 1st Floor, Dayanand Colony, Lajpat Nagar New Delhi Phone: Phone: 20
Dr Arun Goel 9810022039 B-114 Swasthiya Vihar Vikas Marg Delhi-110092 22503917 Moolchand Hospital Phone: Deepak Memorial Hospital Phone: 26920217/18/19 Mool 26
Dr Arun Kumar Agarwal : 20-SR Flats G.T.B. Hospital Shahdara Delhi-110095  Guru Teg Bahadur Hospital Dept of Orthopaedics Shahdara Delhi-110095 Phone: 8
Dr Arun Yadav : B-5 Pocket, Plot No.13 Sec-15, Rohini New Delhi-11085 27854307 Hindu Rao Hospital Dept of Orthopaedics Delhi-110007 Phone: 23919613 Ext.218/353 2
Dr Arvind Agarwal : 815 CA Apartment Paschim Vihar New Delhi-110063 25253231 Maharaja Agarsain Hospital Punjabi Bagh Delhi-110026  Swastik Fracture Clinic 121A, 122A Ekta Enclave Peeraghari Chowk New Delhi-110087 25263482 9
Dr Arvind Deshmukh : Doctors Hostel St. Stephens Hospital Tis Hazari Delhi-110054  St. Stephens Hospital Dept of Orthopaedic Tis Hazari Delhi-110054 Phone: 23966021 11
Dr Arvind Jayaswal : AIIMS Ansari Nagar New Delhi-110029 26196448 AIIMS Additional Professor Dept.of Orthopaedics Ansari Nagar, New Delhi-29 Phone: 26594647 21
Dr Arvinder Singh : C-2/90 Janakpuri New Delhi-110058 Phone: Phone: 68
Dr Asheesh Sood 9811032111 49B Road No.41 Punjabi Bagh (West) New Delhi-11026 25433138,25457229 Mahavir Nursing Home West Punjabhi Bagh New Delhi-110026 Phone: 25194239 103
Dr Ashish Anand 9810207836 G-1 NDMC Quarter Near Vet. Hospital Moti Bagh-1 New Delhi 24670786 Lady Hardinge Medical College New Delhi-110001 Phone: 34
Dr Ashish Deewan 98101 40531 29/503, Eastend Appartment Mayur Vihar Phase-I Extn New Delhi-110096 22713700, 22713838 Safdarjung Hospital Deptt of Orthopaedics Ansari Nagar New Delhi-110029 Phone: 26165032 10
Dr Ashish Goyal 9810564564 BM-42 (Poorvi) Shalimar Bagh Delhi-110088 27492542 UCMS & GTB Hospital Shahdara Delhi-110095 Phone: 22586262 38
Dr Ashish Jain 9811173577 178 Vaishali Pitampura Delhi-110088 27314883 Dr Jains Clinic 25/142 Shakti Nagar Delhi-110007  Tirath Ram Hospital Phone 2395636 Max Med Centre Pitampura, Delhi-110088 27158844 6
Dr Ashok Anand : 333-B Chander Lok DLF Qutub Enclave Ph-IV Gurgaon - Haryana Phone: Phone: 35
Dr Ashok Arora 9812066611 Res.-cum-clinic Barwala Road Hissar Haryana-125001 01662-276888,275800 Arora Orthopaedic Hospital Barwala Road Hissar Haryana - 125001 Phone: 01662-276888 40
Dr Ashok K Gupta 9810000103 Shuham Hospital 102 H-17 Sector-7 Rohini Delhi-110085 27041002 Shubham Hospital 102 H17, Sec 7 Rohini Delhi-110085 Phone: 27041002 49
Dr Ashok Khurana 9810061510 G-3/27 Model Town III Delhi-110009 27425822 K-1 Model Town-III Delhi-110009  Sant Parmanand Hospital Sr.Consultant & Ortho Surgeon, Civil Line Delhi-110052 23981260/65 40
Dr Ashok Kumar : Deptt. of Orthopaedics Base Hospital Delhi Catt Delhi Phone: Phone: 53
Dr Ashok Kumar Goyal 96280 37579 E-2/8 Vasant Vihar New Delh-110057 26143855 E-2/8 Vasant Vihar New Delhi-110057 Phone: 26143855 39
Dr Ashok Kumar Gupta 9811012775 Bhagwati Upchar Kendra Pvt. Ltd J83 Patel Ngr-1 Ghaziabad, U.P-201002 95120-2724137, Bhagwati Upchar Kendra P Ltd. Patel Nagar Ghaziabad U.P-201002  Bhagwati Nursing Home P Ltd Rly Road, Dadri Gautam Budh Nagar Ghaziabad 95120-2665255 50
Dr Ashok Makhija : 866 Mukherji Nagar Delhi-110009 27652193 Durga Hospital 711 Mukherji Nagar Delhi-110009  Sunder Lal Jain Hospital Phase-III Ashok Vihar Delhi-110052 27119964-69 15
Dr Ashok Rajgopal 9811079211 B-181 Shivalik Malviya Nagar New Delhi-110017 26691579 Sitaram Bhartia Institute B-6 Kutub Insttl.Area New Delhi  Sehgal Nursing Home Phone: 26866659 6
Dr Ashok Sarwal 9812032046 Sarwal Hospital Near Arya Chowk Ambala City-134003 22553540 Sarwal Hospital Near Arya Chowk Ambala City-134003 Phone: 22553540 20
Dr Ashok Tyagi 20546960 J & K, 48/A Laxmi Nagar Delhi-110092 22516666 Hindu Rao Hospital Orthopaedic Deptt Delhi-110054 Phone: 23919613 17
Dr Ashoo Agarwal 9810487472 C-1/90 Janakpuri New Delhi-110058 25616914 Manas Ortho Clinic RZ-4B Raj Nagar Part 1 Palam Colony Delhi-110045 Phone: 25082400 10
Dr Ashuthosh Agarwal : 306 Resident Doctors Hostel DDU Hospital Hari Nagar New Delhi-110064 25495653 D D U Hospital Hari Nagar New Delhi-110064 Phone: 25145601/2 11
Dr Ashwani Sahi 9810073487 B-86 Shakti Appt. Sector 39 Rohini Delhi-110085 27862739 Sunder Lal Jain Hospital Ashok Vihar Phase III Delhi-110052 Phone: 27119964/69 9
Dr Ashwani Sahi 98111177581 D/3-3285 Vasant Kunj New Delhi-110070 26899219 1033-A/B-1 Vasant Kunj New Delhi-110070 Phone: 26134466 8
Dr Asis Mukherjee 9810273300 D-817 New Friends Colony New Delhi-110065 26847046 Ganga Ram Hospital Rajendra Nagar New Delhi-110060 Phone: 25762672-74 64
Dr Atam R Yadav 9810480187 V & PO Majra Sheoraj Distt Rewari Rewari-123401 01274-253220 72A Pkt F, GTB Enclave Delhi-110093  Hindu Rao Hospital Dept. of Orthopaedic Delhi-110007 22127462 3
Dr Atul Kumar Garg : 312 Doctors Hostel RML Hospital New Delhi-110001 23365525 Phone: Phone: 5
Dr Atul Prakash 9810120725 D-7, 7204 Vasant Kunj Delhi-110070 26893319 Phone: Phone: 11
Dr Atul Vaish 9811221719 C-1/82 Janakpuri New Delhi-110058 25554407 Northern Railway Central Hosp Basant Lane Connaught Place New Delhi-110001 Phone: 23968712 2
Dr Avinash Chander Khosla : A-1/39 Janakpuri New Delhi-110058 25551533 Resi.cum. Clinic A-1/39 Janakpuri New Delhi-110058 Phone: 39
Dr Avtar Ram : 200A Pocket J & K Dilshad Garden Delhi-110095 22587228 ESI Hospital Okhla Phase I New Delhi-110020 Phone: 26810067 7
Dr Awani Kumar Khare 9811511765 D-11/346 Vinay Marg Chanakyapuri New Delhi-110021 26873500 DR R M L Hospital HOD Dept of Ortho New Delhi-110001 Phone: 23744223 33
Dr Ayush Aggarwal : 1/124 Professor Colony Hari Parvat Raja Ki Mandi Agra 0562-2521706 Phone: Phone: 30
Dr B.K. Singh 20045544 9 Station Road Delhi Cantt Delhi-110010 25691914,25666612 Army Hospital (R&R) Joint Replacement Centre Delhi Cantt Delhi-110010 Phone: 25693115 69
Dr B.K Dhaon : Type VI H.No.-11 M.A.M.C Campus Kotla Road New Delhi-110002 23234519 M.A.M.C., Dean & HOD Deptt of Orthopaedic New Delhi Phone: 23235386 15
Dr B.P. Sharma 9810390601 D-16 MCD Medical Complex Kali Das Marg Gulabi Bagh Delhi-110007 23651498 Deptt of Orthopaedics Hindu Rao Hospital Delhi-110007 Phone: 34
Dr B.P Singh 9818045328 669 Sector 29 Noida-200301 UP 95120-2453240 Prayag Hospital & R.C Pvt.Ltd J-206 A/I Sector-41 Dist. G.B. Nagar Noida Phone: 95120-2570208/10 70
Dr B. R Mohanty : Last Available Addres A/17-T Dilshad Garden Delhi-110095 Phone: Phone: 58
Dr B.S. Murthy 9811136775 RML Hospital A-707 MS Apprs K.G. Marg New Delhi-110001 23381272 Dr RML Hospital Sr. Ortho Surgeon Deptt of Orthpaedics New Delhi-110001 Phone: 23404225  1
Dr B.S. Sahota : E-306 Greater Kailash-II New Delhi-110048 26438373 Phone: Phone: 11
Dr Bala Subramaniam Sakthivel : Last address available 160B, Ashok Talkies Road Rajapalayam Virdhunagar Dist-626117 04563-230886 Safdarjung Hospital CIO Sr. Resident New Delhi-110029 Phone: 13
Dr Balgopal Nair 9810061201 B-40 Ground Floor Opp Mother Internat. School Sarvodaya Enclave New Delhi-110017 26966297 Holy Family Hospital Okhla New Delhi Phone: 26312417 6
Dr Balu Sankaran, FRCS (C), FAMS : Phone: 23945169 Professor Emeritus, Orthopedics St. Stephens Hospital Delhi-110052 Phone: 23966021/26 Ext.565 14
Dr Barjinder Singh 9811516383 A-1 Ground Floor New Rajinder Nagar New Delhi-110060 011-28742506 Consultant Orthopaedics Surgeon City Hospital, B-1/1, Pusa Road and Sir Ganga Ram Hospital Delhi-110060 Phone: 71
Dr Barun Datta : Military Hospital Dehradun  Military Hospital Dehradun Phone: 25666279 6
Dr Basant Kumar Bhuyan : Himalaya Institute of Health Sci. Asstt. Prof, Deptt.of Ortho. Jolly Grant Dehradun  0135-2412081-85 Phone: Phone: 41
Dr Basavaraj Patil : 23 Doctors Hostel 119/2, Shivabasav Nagar Belgaum, Karnataka-590010 23983580 Last working Place St.Stephens Hospital Tis Hazari Delhi-110054 Phone: 23983580/73/74 9
Dr Bharat Bhushan Kachroo : C-5 Narinder Mohan Hospital Mohan Nagar Ghaziabad (U.P) 95120-2738176 Narinder Mohan Hospital Dept.of Orthopaedics Mohan Nagar Ghaziabad (U.P)  16-B/56/1 Vasundhara Ghaziabad (UP) 95120-2732523 2
Dr Bhaskar Borgohain 9891260105 Room No.306, Doctors Hostel RML Hospital New Delhi-110001 23404545 Ext.306 Dr RML Hospital Dept. of Orthopaedics New Delhi-110001 1
Dr Bhaskar Varma 9810969208 SRA-23C Shipra Reviera Indrapuram Ghaziabad-UP 95120-2606806 Lal Bahadur Shastri Hospital Khichripur Delhi-110091 Phone: 22774145 6
Dr Bijoy Singh 9811105854 M-156 Vasundhra Appartment Sector - 9, Rohini Delhi-110085 27551525 Specialist Clinic M-38 Vikaspuri New Delhi-110018 Phone: 25597376 72
Dr Biraj Gogoi 9818068156 C/o.Mr.Sashi Gogoi Rajabheta Udaipur Dibrugarh PO Beheating-786007 0373-2370098 RTRM Hospital Jaffarpur New Delhi  c/o.Dr Ribah Mausam III/253 AV Nagar New Delhi-110049 35
Dr Biren Nadkarni 98101 93579 276 Ambica Nagar New Delhi-110087 2251340 GTB Hospital Shahdara Delhi-110095 Phone: 2258626 Ext.520 3
Dr Biswanath Pati : 303 Sect III, R. K Puram New Delhi-110022 26194103 Safdarjung Hospital CIO New Delhi Phone: 23983580/73/74 8
Dr Brijendra Singh 9810083098 78/4D, Sector II Kalibari Marg New Delhi 23348420 Vasantlok Hospital New Delhi-110070 Phone: 26149422 73
Dr C. S Jagannath 98110 97170 10 EIL Apartment Pocket 6, Phase-1 Dwarka Delhi-110045 26479720 Phone: Phone: 2
Dr C M Jain 98107 60059 262 MIG Pocket B Suvidha Apartments Ashok Vihar, Phase IV Delhi-110052 27212188 ESI Hospital Dept. of Orthopaedics Basai Darapur, Ring Road, Delhi-110015 Phone: 25100949 7
Dr Chand Prem : 110 Dr Hostel 2 West Kidwai Nagar Safdarjung Hospital New Delhi-110029 Phone: Phone: 15
Dr Chandeep Singh : E-148 Plot No.11 AIMO Sector 22, Dwarka Delhi Phone: Phone: 74
Dr Chandra Shekhar Yadav : F-11 Ansari Nagar (West) New Delhi-110029 26160900 AIIMS Asstt.Professor Deptt of Orthopaedic New Delhi-110029 Phone: 26861698 4
Dr Chetan Chaudhry 98100 68946 F-76B Gangotri Enclave Alaknanda New Delhi-110019 26483218 Orthonova Hospital C-5/29 SDA Opp. IIT Gate New Delhi-110016 Phone: 26602426/35 13
Dr Chhattar Pal Singh : 1-A Rly Colony Tilak Bridge New Delhi-110001 23371336 Northern Railway Central Hosp Dept of Ortho,Basant Lane Connaught Place New Delhi-110001 Phone: 23744150 75
Dr D-II/87, Yadu Lal : West Kidwai Nagar New Delhi-110029 24106060 Consultant in Ortho CIO VMMC & SJ Hospital New Delhi Phone: 2616060 1
Dr D.C. Sachdeva : A-19 Panchsheel Enclave New Delhi Phone: Phone: 4
Dr D.K. Singhal 9811034034 Singhal Plaza C-19 & 20 Chowk Madhu Vihar I.P. Ext. Patparganj Delhi-110092 22452121 Singhal Physio Clinic C-24 Community Centre Ashok Vihar - II Delhi-110052 Phone: 27235555 96
Dr DK Gupta 98110 11196 Batra Hospital C-1 Housing Complex, 1 Mehruli Badarpur Rd, Tughlakabad New Delhi-110062 26085146 Batra Hospital HOD Dept of Orthopaedics 1 Tughlakabad Ins Ar New Delhi-110062  P-94 NDSE-II New Delhi 20683747 51
Dr Daulat Singh 9810244149 72-C, Pocket -1 Dilshad Garden Delhi-110095 22570442 Rhiya Fracture & Physio Clinic 81A Pkt-1 Dilshad Garden Delhi-110095  Pushpanjali Hospital A-26 Pushpanjali Enclave Delhi-110095 22111872(Rhiya) 76
Dr Davinder Singh 9810396491 G-17/36 1st Floor Sector 15 Rohini Delhi-110085 27882595 Sunder Lal Jain Charitable Hos Ashok Vihar Delhi-110054  Bhagwati Hospital Sector 13 Rohini Delhi-110085 27119967/69 77
Dr Debadatta Sahu 9811448854 F-118 Western Campus AIIMS Ansari Nagar New Delhi-110029 265229721 Dr R.M.L. Hospital Department of Orthopedics New Delhi Phone: 12
Dr Deepak Batra 98104 03399 212 Ram Vihar Delhi-110092 22377363 Patel Clinic Mat. & Frac. Cent U-158, Vats Complex Shakarpur, Vikas Mrg Delhi-110092 Phone: 22449151 24
Dr Deepak Chaudhry 9811191650 241 Laxmibai Nagar New Delhi-110023 26884433 Safdarjung Hospital CI New Delhi-110029 Phone: 26192467 14
Dr Deepak Joshi 98104 30634 L-34C Saket New Delhi-110017 26516871 Safdarjung Hospital New Delhi-110029 Phone: 26165060 24
Dr Deepak Maheshwari 9811116156 D-84 Prashant Vihar Delhi-110085 27866435 Resi-cum-Clinic D-84 Prashant Vihar Delhi-110085 Phone: 27866435 7
Dr Deepak Mittal : E-115 Pragati Vihar New Delhi Phone: Phone: 51
Dr Deepak Singhal 9811133558 G-4 Preet Vihar Delhi-110092 22537907 Dharamshila Cancer Hospital Vasundhra Enclave Delhi-110096  Noida Ortho Hospital B-2 Sec 26 Noida 201301 22617771/5 97
Dr Deorishi Tripathi : E-12 S.J. Hospital, Staff Qtrs West Kidwai Nagar New Delhi-110023 24107356 SJ Hospital Deptt of Rehabilitation New Delhi-110029 Phone: 26164887 12
Dr Devapriya Majumdar 9811324469 E-129 East of Kailash New Delhi-110065 26235524 Spring Meadows Hospital F-44 East of Kailash New Delhi-110065 Phone: 26432948 14
Dr Devender Singh Chauhan 98105 04620 310 Doctor Hostel D.D.U. Hospital Hari Nagar New Delhi-110064  Deen Dayal Upadhyay Hospital Hari Nagar New Delhi-110064 Phone: 15
Dr Dhananjay Gupta 98102 89777 B-9 Press Enclave Saket New Delhi-110017 26964813 Orthonova Hospital C-5/29 S.D.A. New Delhi-110016  G.M. Modi Hospital Mandir Marg Saket New Delhi-110017 26852112/2116 52
Dr Dharmendra Kumar Kumar : 4/23/4 New Hyderabad Lucknow-780 118 Phone: Phone: 54
Dr Dhirendra Singh 9810043714,9810510532 A-10 Sector 23 Sanjay Nagar Ghaziabad-201002 95120-2784718 Singh Orthopaedic & Maternity Centre, A-19 Sec 23, Sanjay Nagar Ghaziabad-201002 Phone: 95120-2787033/1793 78
Dr Dinesh Bansal 98101 15911 77 Bhagirathi Appartment Sector 9 Rohini Delhi-110085 27862999 Phone: Mrityunjay Ortho Bone & Jt Cnt Keshav Tower, Rajpur Vill Sector - 9, Rohini Delhi-110085 27861755 16
Dr Diri Dhiren : 382/16-A Faridabad-121002 Haryana Phone: Phone: 20
Dr G. C. Dass 981102 92492 38 S F S Aptts Hauz Khas New Delhi-110016 26866579, 26512627 Ashlok Hospital Safdarjung Enclave New Delhi-110029 Phone: 26292818 5
Dr G.C Verma : 29/10 2nd floor Old Rajinder Nagar New Delhi-110060 25819221 Moolchand K.R. Hosp Lajpat Nagar-III New Delhi-110024 Phone: 26920217 11
Dr G.K Agarwal 9810273150 18/29 Shakti Nagar Delhi-110007 27359695 BA-21A Ashok Vihar Phase 1 Delhi-110052 Phone: 27227923 12
Dr G.P Pathak 9810163528 D-156 Sector 27 Noida-201301 U.P 95120-2558262 Life Care Hospital D-156 Sector 27 Noida-201301 (UP)  Life Care Hospital Mayur Vihar Phase-III Delhi-110096 95120-2558262, 6
Dr G.S Shukla 9810060827 112A Pocket B Mayur Vihar Phase-2 Delhi-110091 22771780 Kailash Hospital and Heart Research Centre H-33 Sector 27 Noida Phone: 95120-244444,2440444 61
Dr Gagan Arora 9810869200 H.No.316 Sector 28 Faridabad Haryana 95129-2256609 Apollo Hospital New Delhi Phone: Phone: 26925858 ext.1121 41
Dr Garg Gulshan : E-24 Sushile Road Adarsh Nagar, Azadpur Delhi-110033 Phone: Phone: 47
Dr Gaurav Govil : Resi-cum-Clinic C/o. Mr. A.K. Saran 828 Sec - 29 Faridabad, Haryana Phone: Phone: 37
Dr Ghanshyam Mittal 9416064985 191 Krishna Nagar Rewari REWARI 01274-225985,253559 Lalita Memorial Hospital Red Cross Building Ambedkar Chowk Rewari Phone: 01274-255985 52
Dr Girish Chhabra 98100 25926 45 HIG Duplex Chander Nagar Ghaziabad -201011 95120-2628200 Ortho Care Clinic 106 Rajdhani Plaza Vikas Marg Delhi-110092 Phone: 20
Dr Girish Sharma 9837032739 DM Colony Road Bulandshahar-203001 05732-231110 Res-cum-clinic Dinesh Fracture Clinic & Mat.Centre DM Cly.Rd Bulandshahr-203001 Phone: 05732-231110 35
Dr Gopal Goel 9810063271 C-3A/120A Janakpuri New Delhi-110058 25500275 C-4/E/247 Janakpuri New Delhi-110058 Phone: 25525339 27
Dr Gulshan Kapoor 98111 15485 F-290 New Rajinder Nagar New Delhi-110060 25851359 Jessa Ram Hospital Karol Bagh New Delhi-110005  Aashirward Health Care Centre 5/12 West Patel Nagar New Delhi-110 008 25886315 14
Dr Gupta Shailendra Chandra 9810932648 14 M.G Road Old R.T.O. Compound Pratap Pura Agra 282001  Lok Nayak Hospital Dept of Orthopaedics New Delhi-110002 Phone: 9
Dr Gurdeep Singh 9811033702 GD-17 G-Block Hari Nagar New Delhi-110058 22507894,25612730 W.U.S. Health Centre University of Delhi Delhi-110007 Phone: 27667908 79
Dr Gyan Sagar Tucker 9810065201 1/10 Kalkaji Extension Opp. Nehru Place New Delhi-110019 26224646 Batra Hospital M.B. Road New Delhi-110062  Sita Ram Bhartiya Instt Mehrauli Road New Delhi 26867279 13
Dr H.C Talan : Base Hospital Delhi Cantt 2566360 Base Hospital Delhi Cantt Phone: 2566360 2
Dr H. K. T Raza 9826161527 105 North Civil Lines Jabalpur - 482001 0761-2626126,2625088 H.S.C.B. Medical College Prof. & Head of Ortho Jabalpur-482001 Phone: 2371250,2371251 16
Dr H. Khan : 221 Gulab Appartment Parwana Road Pitampura Delhi-110034 Phone: Phone: 27
Dr Harbhajan Singh 9810323274 C-45 East of Kailash New Delhi-110065 26838978,41621498 Resi-cum-clinic C-45 East of Kailash New Delhi-110065  Guru HarKishan Hospital, Gurudwara Bala Sahib, Saraikalekan, Ring Road New Delhi 26317328 80
Dr Hardesh Kumar : 164 Arya Puri Muzaffarnagar-251001 0131-2401406 City Orthopaedic Clinic Sadar Bazar Muzaffarnagar-251001 Phone: 0131-2406198 55
Dr Harinder Nath Bajaj 9810088972 A-412 G. F Palam Vihar Gurgaon Haryana-122017 95124-2365824 Indian Spinal Injuries Centre Opp. Sector-C Vasant Kunj New Delhi-110070 Phone: 26896642 10
Dr Harish Goyal : 21-B Sri Ram Road Civil Lines Delhi-110054 239116050 Safdarjung Hospital Deptt of Rehabilitation New Delhi-110029 Phone: 26164887 40
Dr Harmesh Kapoor 9810301850 A1/238 Paschim vihar New Delhi-110063 25264085 Aruna Asaf Ali Hospital Raypur Road Delhi-110082 Phone: 23831524 15
Dr Harmit Singh 9811590115 E-2 DDU Hospital Colony Hari Nagar New Delhi-110064 25140808 DDU Hospital Department of Orthopaedic Hari Nagar New Delhi-110064 Phone: 24594402/08 81
Dr Harsh Bhargava 9810069153 32 Todarmal Lane Bengali Market New Delhi-110002 23739886 Apollo Hospital Dept of Orthopaedics Sarita Vihar New Delhi-110044 Phone: 33
Dr Harsh Priyadarshi 9810225994 B-196 Sarita Vihar New Delhi-110044 26948523 Dr RML Hospital Orthopaedic Surgeon New Delhi-110001 Phone:  1
Dr Harvinder Singh 9811284808 B-70 1st Floor Tagore Garden Extension New Delhi-110027 25165663, 25911683 Moolchand Hospital Dept of Orthopaedic Lajpat Nagar New Delhi Phone: 26920217 82
Dr Harvinder Singh Chhabra 9810054854 Presidential Complex Indian Spinal Injuries Centre Sector C, Vasant Kunj New Delhi-110070 26124787 Indian Spinal Injuries Centre Additional Director Sector C,Vasant Kunj New Delhi-110070 Phone: 26898145, 26898115 21
Dr Havind Tandon 9811105173 Residence cum Clinic C-55 Anand Niketan New Delhi-110021 24103940 Tandons Clinic C-55 Anand Niketan New Delhi-110021  26875354 24101174 Phone: 6
Dr Hemant Gupta 98110 18004 C-402 Gitanjali Apartment I.P. Extension Delhi-110092 22374216 Walia Nursing Home G-60 Laxmi Nagar Delhi-110091  Surya Hospital Opp Swarn Cinema Krishna Nagar Delhi-110051 22548585 53
Dr Hemant Manchanda 9811116561 561 Rishi Nagar Rani Bagh Delhi-11034 27030430 MGS Hospital Punjabi Bagh Delhi-110026  Krishna Hospital Chandralok Enclave Pitampura Delhi-110034 25166100/04 22
Dr Hemant Sharma 9811221106 6/289 Geeta Colony Delhi-110031 22510290 Lok Nayak Hospital New Delhi-110002 Phone: 36
Dr Himanshu Kataria 9811592810 S-295 Greater Kailash _ II New Delhi-110048 26212427 L H M C & Associated SK & Dr RML Hospital Associate Prof. Orth New Delhi Phone: 23404560 22
Dr Hira Lal Nag 9818055034 E-42 Ansari Nagar West AIIMS Campus New Delhi-110029 26161872 AIIMS Asosciat Dept of Ortho New Delhi-110029 Phone: 26863220 4
Dr Hitesh Lal 9810245906 A1/207 Janakpuri New Delhi-110058 25620426 Rao Tula Ram Hospital Nazafgarh New Delhi Phone: 25018286 3
Dr IPS Oberoi 981-511701 House No.2311 Sector 28 Faridabad 121 002 95129-5276436 Northern Railways Central Hospital New Delhi-110001 Phone: 23744150 2
Dr Inder Ahuja 9811116222 D-46 Anand Vihar Delhi-11092 22152538 Life Line Hospital Delhi-110092  Sigh Hospital Vivek Vihar Delhi-110092 22522261 32
Dr Inder Sain Gupta 98120 31449 Sewak Sabha Hospital Sirsa Road Hissar Haryana - 125 001 01662-234478 Sewak Sabha Hospital Sirsa Road Hissar-125001, Haryana Phone: 201662-234478 54
Dr Inderjeet Verma : F-58 Bali Nagar New Delhi-110015 25190489 Resi-cum-Clinic E-58 Bali Nagar New Delhi-110015 Phone: 25439425 12
Dr Ish Kumar Dhammi : 486 Kirtan Wali Gali Choti Bazaria Ghaziabad-201009 U.P 95120-2747288 UCMS & GTB Hospital ortho Surgeon Specialist Gd-II Delhi-110095 Phone: 22586262 Ext/519/520 14
Dr J.P Gupta : E-6 DDU Hospital Residential Complex Hari Nagar New Delhi-110064 25404075 HOD Orthopaedics DDU Hospital Hari Nagar New Delhi-110064 Phone: 25494402/08/Ext.270 55
Dr J.P Manocha 9811087322 B-4/218 Safdarjung Enclave New Delhi-110029 26108151 Batra Hospital Tughlakabad Instl.Area MB Road New Delhi-110062  Sita Ram Bhartiya Instt. Mehrauli Institutional Area New Delhi 26561845 27
Dr J.S. Arora 98100 73471 DD-31 Nehru Enclave Kalkaji New Delhi-110019 26412068 Moolchand Hospital Lajpat Nagar-III New Delhi-110024  C-136 G.K. I New Delhi-110048 26920217 42
Dr J.S Luthra : Pkt G-8A GTB Enclave Dilshad Garden Delhi Phone: Phone: 1
Dr J Bajaj : A-1 Meera Bagh Paschim Vihar Delhi-110087  Working abroad Phone: Phone: 11
Dr J Danial : NA NA NA NA NA St.Stephens Hospital Dept of Orthopaedics New Delhi Phone: 2
Dr Jagjit Singh 9811563234 GL-18 Jail Road Hari Nagar New Delhi-110064 25132625 GTB Hospital Senior Resident Orthopaedics Delhi Phone: 22586262 83
Dr Jashan Vishwanath : 9/20, Nehru Enclave East Kalkaji Extension New Delhi - 110019  Deptt. Of Orthopaedic Surgery National University Hospital Singapore Phone: 0 Site Modified and Maintained by: +91-9818180683 Hits:  Privacy  1
Dr Jaspal Singh Ranyal 9811140438 G-44 Pushkar Enclave Paschim Vihar New Delhi-110063 25286501 Res Cum Clinic G44 Pushkar Enclave Paschim Vihar New Delhi-110063 Phone: 25286501 8
Dr Jatin Talwar 9811666788 C-36 Sector 19 NOIDA-201301 95120-2548463 GTB Hospital Deptt of Orthopaedics Delhi-110095 Phone: 22586262 3
Dr Jayant Arora : F1-U-84 Vishakha Enclave Pitampura Delhi-110088 27341479 Aruna Asaf Ali Civil Hospital 5 Rajpur Road Delhi-110054 Phone: 43
Dr Jayant Gupta 9811333577 D-14 (Back Side) C.C.Colony Opp. Rana Pratab Bagh Delhi-110007 27432926 Hindu Rao Hospital Delhi-110007 Phone: 23919476 Ext.353 56
Dr Jayanti Prasad Nawani 9837039579 58A Haridwar Road Dehradun 0135-2674523 Resi.-Cum-Clinic Doon Nursing Home 61/1, Haridwar Road Dehradun Phone: 0135-2720754 12
Dr Jitender Monga 9811104236 43 Shanti Vihar Delhi-110092 22371880 WOrking abroad Phone: Phone: 60
Dr Jitender P. Singh : 2585 3rd Floor Hudson Lane Kingsway Camp New Delhi-110009 27412525 Dr RML Hospital New Delhi-110001 Phone: 23365525 Ext.4560 84
Dr Jitendra Maheshwari 9811668866 Knee & Shoulder Clinic F-7 East of Kailash New Delhi-110065 26286868 Res-cum-Clinic Knee & Shoulder Clinic F-7 East of Kailash New Delhi-110065 Phone: 26286868 8
Dr Jitendra Singh : 56/5 First Floor Ashok Nagar New Delhi-110018 25149759 Dr B.S.A. Hospital Rohini-110085 Phone: Phone: 27058105 85
Dr Joginder Kumar Khurana 9811143209 C-358 Defence Colony New Delhi-110024 24640088 Vasant Lok Hospital Vasant Vihar New Delhi Phone: 26144661 41
Dr Jugal Kishore Manchanda 9810295335 16/1 2nd Floor Ashok Nagar Behind Tilak Nagar Police Station New Delhi-110018 25408736 16/15 Ashok Nagar New Delhi-110018 Phone: Phone: 23
Dr Jyotirmoy Sikdar 9811177880 19/3 Maude Road Delhi Cantt Delhi-110010 25693273 G.M. Modi Hospital Med Supdt Saket New Delhi-110017  Apollo Clinic Janakpuri New Delhi 26852112, 26568110 63
Dr K. B Raj 9810024764 A-98 Ashok Vihar III Delhi-110052 27252985 120 A Deep Enclave Ashok Vihar Phase III Delhi-110052 Phone: 27463399 4
Dr K.C. Gupta 98101 53879 11-B Fruit Garden Sector 5, NIT 5 Faridabad Haryana -121001 95129-8805878/79 Veero Devi Mem Ortho & Tr Cen 11-B Fruit Garden Sect 5, NIT 5 Faridabad-121001 Phone: 95129-2415495 57
Dr K. D. Khare : Tehsil Fatehpur Barabanki U.P. Phone: Phone: 34
Dr K. K. Goel 20059172, 98101 53193 UU-11, 1st floor Vishakha Enclave Pitampura Delhi-110034 27347886 Apollo Millennium Hospital B-1/1 Pusa Road New Delhi-110060  Goel Orthopaedic & Mat Centre Phone: 27346792 28
Dr K. L Kalra 98110 71243 336 Behera Enclave Paschim Vihar Outer Ring Road New Delhi-110087 25270729 Orthopaedic & Spine CLinic A-2/158, Prateek Apptt Paschim Vihar New Delhi-110063  Sir Ganga Ram Hospital Phone: 25271212 3
Dr K.P. Sharma 9811212275 A-5B/243 SFS Flats Paschim Vihar New Delhi-110063 25256280 M.G.S. Hospital Punjabi Bagh New Delhi-110026  Kalra Hospital Kirti Nagar Delhi-110015 25161002/04 37
Dr K. P Mishra 9811081347 GD-86 Vishakha Enclave Pitampura Delhi-110034 27317210 Res.Cum.Clinic Dr Mishra Nursing Home GD86 Vishakha Enclav Pitampura, Delhi-110034 Phone: 27317210 44
Dr K.S Rao 98492 14463 202 Haritasa Residency 2-2-112/2 New Nallakunta Hyderabad-500044 27645545 Safdarjung Hospital Formerly Director CIO New Delhi-110029 Phone: 9
Dr Kailash Chandra Mishra : III-H-139, Nehru Nagar Ghaziabad-201 009 95120 2717332 S D N Hospital Sr. Ortho Surgeon Shahdara Delhi-110032 Phone: 22581036 45
Dr Kailash Nath Jain 98101 34850 178 Vaishali Pitampura Delhi-110088 27314883 Dr Jain's Clinic 25/142 G. T Road Shakti Nagar Delhi-110007 Phone: 27411699 8
Dr Kali Charan 9810686741 A-479 Durga gali Budha Marg Mandawali Delhi-110092 22439211 Aruna Asaf Ali Govt Hosp Rajpur Road Delhi-110054 Phone: 23983618 12
Dr Kalidutta Das 9810033094 Flat No.3094 Sector A Pkt B/C Vasant Kung New Delhi-110070 26123108 Indian Spinal Injuries Centre Sector C Vasant Kunj New Delhi-110020 Phone: 26896642 4
Dr Kamal Bachani 9810111425 A-83 Shivalik Malaviya Nagar Delhi-110017 26685303 G.M. Modi Hospital Saket Delhi-110017  Majeedia Hospital Hamdard Nagar New Delhi 26685292 3
Dr Kamal Dureja 9811078320 1992 Outram Line Kingsway Camp Delhi-110009 27450951 Resi.-cum-Clinic Pulse Medical Centre 1992 Outram Line Kingsway camp, Delhi-110009 Phone: 27659977 25
Dr Kamal K Rattan Fax 26803789 Kamal Kunjfarm Villege Jonapur Dist Mehrauli New Delhi-110047 26802840 Resi-cum-Clinic Kamal Kunj Farm Vill.Jonapur,Mehruli New Delhi-110047 Phone: 26802840 11
Dr Kamal Khurana C-4/6 Sector 15 Rohini Delhi-110085 27852727 Dr Baba Saheb Ambedkar Hosp Rohini Sector 6 Delhi-110058 Phone: 42
Dr Kamal Parwal 9811112714 C-4E/359 Janakpuri New Delhi-110058 25592995 Res Cum Clinic C4E /359 Janakpuri New Delhi-110058 Phone: 25592995 5
Dr Kamran Farooque 9811229136 Sr.Resi. Hostel Room No.228, AIIMS Ansari Nagar New Delhi-110029 26265722 AIIMS Deptt of Orthopaedics Ansari Nagar New Delhi-110029 Phone: 2
Dr Kapil Tyagi : 1251 Laxmi Bai Nagar New Delhi-110023 26887010 LHMC Deptt. of Orthopaedic New Delhi-110001 Phone: 23363728 18
Dr Karttikaye Verma 9810008107 C-2C/2/218 Janak Puri New Delhi-110058 25551833 UCMS & GTB Hospital Delhi Phone: 225866262 13
Dr Kenneth Khastgir 98113 2049 C/C-3A/436 Janakpuri New Delhi-110058 25593825 C/C-3A/436 Janakpuri New Delhi-110058 Phone: 25593825 36
Dr Kewal Makker 9837185331 Krishan Makker Nursing Home 2 Prakashpuram Bajoria Rd Saharanpur-247001 0132 2724479, Resi-Cum-Clinic Makker Nursing Home 2 Prakashpuram Bajoria Rd, Shaharanpur-1 Phone: 16
Dr Kintoo Doomra 98101 88582 D-23 Kalkaji New Delhi-110019 26222277 Majeedia Hospital Hamdard Nagar New Delhi Phone: 26433619 23
Dr Kiran Kumar Ghai 98102 10710 J-D-1A SFS Flats Pitampura Delhi-110034 27317561 11 Central Market Ashok Vihar-I Delhi-110052 Phone: 27112535 20
Dr Kishore Pratap Sanyal 9810044749 U-26/11, Ground Floor Town House DLF Phase-3 Gurgaon-122002 95124-6356061 Delhi Medical Centre Near St.Micheal Church Cly. mod Old Rly Rd Gurgaon-122002  Sanyal Ortho Hospital A-229A Sushant Lok-1 Gurgaon-122002 95124-2307071/4753 15
Dr Krishna Kumar Manjul 9810262077 J-22 ARD Complex Sector 13 RK Puram New Delhi-110066 26115802 Aruna Asaf Ali Hospital Consultant Ortho Rajpura Road Delhi-110054 Phone: 23831524 26
Dr Krishna Prasad Rewani 98681 70775 A-14 Jagatpuri Mandoli Road Shahdara Delhi-110093 22592711 Swami Dayanand Hospital Shahdara Delhi-110095 Phone: 22281036 Ext.289 17
Dr Krishna Sharma : Plot No.237 Scheme No.8 Alwar-301001, Rajasthan 0144-2346033 Res-Cum-Clinic Plot No.237, Scheme No.8 Alwar Rajasthan-301001 Phone: 0144-2346033 38
Dr Krishnan Kumar 9810866265 279 A J&K Pocket Dilshad Garden New Delhi-110095 22112981 RML Hospital Dept of Orthopaedic New Delhi-110001 Phone: 23365525/5232 56
Dr Kuber Dutt Jain 98101 10745 21-22 Pocket B-3 Sector 11 Rohini Delhi-110085 27933815 Jaipur Golden Hospital Sector 3, Rohini Delhi-110085  Samay Clinic 46 Pkt G-18, Sec 15 Rohini Delhi-110085 27980758/60 Jaipur 9
Dr Kulbhushan Attri 9810129643 H-2 Masjid Moth G.K.- II New Delhi-110048 26221903 Apollo Hospital Dept. of Orthopaedics Sarita Vihar New Delhi-110044 Phone: 26925858 1
Dr Kulbhushan Gupta 9810285524 CA-5 Tagore Garden Delhi-110027 25154949 Resi.-Cum-Clinic Goodwill Medical Centre CA-5 Tagore Garden New Delhi-110027 Phone: 25420345 58
Dr Kuldip Ray 9811036465 35/6 East Patel Nager New Delhi-110090 25853548 Sharad Medical Centre 9A/38 WEA China Market Karol Bagh New Delhi-110005 Phone: 25727293 14
Dr Kumar V.A. Senthil : B-17/205 Pharma Apts. I.P. Extn. Patparganj New Delhi-110092 Phone: Phone: 25
Dr LK Sood : A-27 Multistory Flats Doctors Society Vasundhara Enclave Delhi-110096 22622556 LHMC College & Asso Hospital Director Prof. & Head Dept of Orthopaedics New Delhi-110001 Phone: 23363728/320 104
Dr Lakhan Chandra Pandey 9810909605 12 Tigris Road Delhi Cantt. 110010 25691873 Army Hospital R & R Centre Dhaula Kuan Delhi Cantt Delhi-110010 Phone: 25668067 2
Dr Lalit Maimi 98110525056 22 Samachar Appartment Mayur vihar Phase I Delhi-110091 22710605 Lok Nayak Hospital Asstt. Prof Dept of Ortho New Delhi-110002 Phone: 23232400 11
Dr Lavinderrr Tomar 9810131676 246-B, Pkt-1 Mayur Vihar Phase-1 Delhi-110091 22791387 Tomar Foundation Mayur Vihar Phase-1 Delhi-110091 Phone: 22791386 9
Dr Lawrence Kisku : room No.35 NRB, Lady Hardinge Med College Hospital New Delhi-110003  L H M C Hospital Orthopaedics Department New Delhi Phone: 44
Dr Lekh Raj Sharma : Plot No.122-15/2 Behind Bhardwaj Market Sant Nagar, Burari New Delhi-110009  Prof. & Head of Orthopaedics Krishna Institute of Medical College Phone: Phone: 02166-242343 39
Dr Lokesh Bansal 98105 58848 84-A Pocket B Dilshad Garden Delhi-110095 22133833 Suman Ortho & X-ray Clinic 271 Pocket F Dilshad Garden Delhi-110095 Phone: 22130448 17
Dr Lokesh Sharma : D-269 Ramprastha Colony Ghaziabad-201001, UP 95120-2619469/6354 Safdarjung Hospital Deptt.of Rehabilitation P.G. 2nd year New Delhi-110029 Phone: 40
Dr Loveneesh Krishna 9810097804 G-10 Sector 56 Noida-201301 U.P 95120 2587454 Safdarjang Hospital CIO New Delhi-110029 Phone: 26165060 Ext.299 51
Dr. M.G. Abott D-960, New Friends Colony. New Delhi-110065 Phone: 26834178, 23272780/3438
Dr M. K Magazine 9811213047 29 Ferozshah Road New Delhi-110001 Dr Mayorpoly Therapy 20 Babar Lane, N.Delhi-110002 23712700 Maan Hospital 1/37 Roop Nagar Delhi-110007  2/40 Roop Nagar Near Utsav Banquet Delhi-110007 23977992 3
Dr M.L. Bansal 9811226566 217/G-23, Sec - 7 Rohini Delhi-110085 27044887 Jaipur Golden Hospital Delhi  Noble Fracture Clinic 217/G-23 Sector-7, Rohini Delhi-110085 27980758 18
Dr M.L Dhar : K-2 South Extn. Part-II New Delhi-110049 26251259 Res.-cum-Clinic K-2 South Extn. Part-II New Delhi-110049 Phone: 26251861 16
Dr M. L Monga 9810386515 E-209 New Rajinder Nagar New Delhi-110060 25772575 R.B. Seth Jessa Ram Hospital Karol Bagh New Delhi-110005 Phone: 25745264 61
Dr M. L Parnami 9811155849 AE-190 Shalimar Bagh Delhi-110088 27481122/24 Parnami Orthopaedic Hospital AE-100 Shalimar Bagh,Near Prabudayal Pub Schol Delhi-110088 Phone: 27481122/24 3
Dr M. N Sehar 9810267954 A2/275 Zaidi Apartment ITI Road Jam Nagar New Delhi-110025 26916837 Apollo Hospital Sr. Consultant & Orth.Sur Sarita Vihar New Delhi-110044 Phone: 26925858 22
Dr Madan Lal Gupta : E-458 Mayur Vihar-II Delhi-110091 22771320 PMG Polio & Ortho Institute 4 Naveen Park Opp Mother Dairy Sahibabad Phone: 95120-2637322 59
Dr Mahesh Suman 9811072338 C-1/A/36-A Janakpuri New Delhi-110058 25540250 Mata Chanan Devi Hospital C-1 Janakpuri New Delhi-110058  Seth R.B. Jessa Ram Hospital Phone: 25610008-9 112
Dr Maninder Shah Singh 98103 07850 EA-262 SFS Flats Maya Enclave New Delhi-110064 25120241 Shushruta Trauma Centre Sr. Resident Delhi Phone: 86
Dr Manish Agarwal 9810162849 A2/B, 38A M.I.G. Flats Paschim Vihar New Delhi-110063 25285314 Anand Clinic B.G-5/76A Paschim Vihar New Delhi-110063 Phone: 25270526 13
Dr Manish Bansal : R.No.18 Doctor Hostel No.1 Safdarjung Hospital New Delhi-110029 Phone: Phone: 19
Dr Manish Chadha : C-A/15 Tagore Garden New Delhi-110027 25934736 UCMS & GTB Hospital Dept of Orthopaedics Delhi Phone: 22586262 2
Dr Manish Dhawan 9811209959 Flat No.1046 Sector B, Pkt-I, Vasant Kun New Delhi-110070 26892372 Sir Ganga Ram Hospital Rajinder Nagar New Delhi-110060 Phone: 25857669 18
Dr Manish Garg 9810244040 Sai Suman IIIA-48 Nehru Nagar Ghaziabad-201001 95120-4720296 DDU Hospital Dept of Ortho New Delhi-110063 Phone: 7
Dr Manish Garg : B-6/103 Safdarjung Enclave New Delhi-110029 26100304 PIOBBP Koirala Inst. of Health Sciences Dharan Nepal Phone: 6
Dr Manish Gupta : 11 Jeevan Bima Apartments 2, CBD Shahdara Delhi-110032 22304782 Working abroad Phone: Phone: 60
Dr Manish Kapoor 98114 15080 M-391 Guru Har Krishan Nagar Paschim Vihar New Delhi-110087 25253060 St.Stephens Hospital Delhi-110052 Phone: 23966021/27 16
Dr Manish Sharma 9811537971 B-2/65 Safdarjung Enclave New Delhi 26169950 Lady Hardinge Medical College New Delhi-110001 Phone: 23363728 41
Dr Manish Verma : Room No.5 Doctors Hostel-RML Hosp New Delhi 23365525 Ext-545 RML Hospital Deptt of Orthoopaedics New Delhi-110001 Phone: 23365525/225 14
Dr Manmohan Kumar Agarwal 9811113267 C-139 Nirman Vihar Delhi-110092 22228973 E-4/14 Krishna Nagar Delhi-110051 Phone: 22094008 14
Dr Manoj Agarwal 9811152126 D-12 Kalkaji New Delhi-110019 26477700 South Point Hospital G-48 Masjid Moth G. K-II New Delhi-110048 Phone: 26487916 15
Dr Manoj Agarwal 9811558995 A-28 Lok Vihar Pitampura Delhi-110034 27195642 Soraj Hospital Madhuban Chowk, Rohi Delhi-110085  Bone & Joint Clinic WZ-519 Sri Ngr, Gali No.1 Ranibagh Rd Shakurpu Delhi-110034 27557201-07 16
Dr Manoj Garg 9811147183 Resi-& Clinic 103 F-26, Sec 7 Rohini Delhi-110085 27046568 Maharaja Agarsain Hospital Punjabi Bagh New Delhi  Bhagwan Mahaveer Hospital Secto 14 Rohini New Delhi-110085 25106645/46/47 8
Dr Manoj Goel 98101 16369 Flat No.1-B M.I.G., B-Block Vivek Vihar-II Delhi-110095 22382489 H-31 New Gobind Pura Som Bazar Road Chander Nagar Delhi-110051 Phone: 22446357 29
Dr Manoj Hirani 9811337504 117 Janakpuri Avas Vikas Colony Bareilly-243122 0581-2530931 GTB Hospital Deptt of Orthpaedic Dilshad Garden Delhi-110095 Phone: 22130222 1
Dr Manoj Khatri : 108 Rajdhani Kunj 94-I.P. Extension Delhi-110092  Working abroad Phone: Phone: 37
Dr Manoj Kumar : E-5 G.T.B, Hospital Campus Shahdra Delhi-110095 22570655 UCMS & GTB Hospitals Prof. Deptt of Ortho Shahdara Delhi-110095 Phone: 22586262 Ext.528 57
Dr Manoj Malik 98101 19256 D-63 Kalkaji New Delhi-110019 26446629 Batra Hospital & Med Res Cent 1 Tughlakabad Instl.Area 1 MB Road New Delhi-110062 Phone: 26852112/5 19
Dr Manoj Munjal 98108 30877 H.No.900 Sect.7 Ext Gurgaon-122001 Haryana 95124-2308055 Life Care Med Centre Pataudi Chowk Madanpur Road Gurgaon-122001 Phone: 95124-2315254 65
Dr Manoj Sharma 9810091720 65-D-10, Sec-7 Rohini Delhi-110085 27042444/666 Jaipur Golden Hospital Sector III, Rohini Delhi-110085  24/153 Shakti Nagar Opp Petrol Pump Delhi-110007 27980758/62/69 42
Dr Manoj Sharma 9811210256 530 Sector 29 NOIDA 95120-2450509 Indraprastha Apollo Hospital Sr.Cons.Ortho & Spine Sur Sarita Vihar New Delhi-110044  Millenium Apollo Clinic Pusa Road New Delhi-110005 26925858 43
Dr Manoj Vats 9810357189 B-1/4 Paschim Vihar New Delhi-110063 25255521 Resi-cum-clinic Flex Medical Centre B-1/4 Paschim Vihar New Delhi-110063 Phone: 25288801/02 9
Dr Manojkumar Ray : 803 Vasant Kunj Sector-A Pocket-C New Delhi-110070  Modi Hospital G.M,Sr.Orthopedic Surgeon Press Enclave Road Saket, New Delhi Phone: 26852112/2116 15
Dr Mathew Varghese : 179-C Pocket 1 Mayur Vihar Delhi-110091 22751315 St.Stephens Hospital Tis Hazari Delhi-110054 Phone: 23983581 5
Dr Meganath Pawar : 7/5 AIIMS Campus New Delhi 26531945 AIIMS Sr. Res. Ortho Dept Ansari Nagar New Delhi-110029 Phone: 26864541 10
Dr Mohan Mantri : 5-A/2 Vigyan Nagar Kota 2432656 Akansha Orthopaedic Centre 5-A/2 Vigyan Nagar Kota Phone: 2421369 29
Dr Mohan Singh Ahuja 9811141248 16/1 East Patel Nagar New Delhi-110008 25740211 Ahuja Nursing Home J-1/161 Rajouri Garden New Delhi-110027 Phone: 25194746 33
Dr Mohd Farooque 98110 99708 Ex.Prof & HOD, AIIMS G-12, Sector 8 Jasola Vihar New Delhi-110025 26565745 Formerly HOD AIIMS Ansari Nagar New Delhi-110029  Batra Hospital 1 Tughlakabad Instt Area Majeedia Hospital New Delhi-110062 3
Dr Mohit Jindal 98102 20091 J-2/1 Krishna Nagar New Delhi-110051 22527172 Lok Nayak Hospital Dept of Orthopaedics New Delhi-110002 Phone: 23232400 22
Dr Monu Singh 98681 77452 249 C MIG Flats Rajouri Garden New Delhi-110027 25449942 Seth R.B. Jessa Ram Hospital New Delhi  GM Modi Hospital New Delhi 87
Dr Mukesh Agarwal 9811097512 U-86 C Mampur Road Narela Delhi-110040 27285280 Dr Mukesh Orthopaedic & Tr Cen U-86-C Lampur Road, Narela Delhi-110040 Phone: 27285280 17
Dr Mukesh Chugh : 26-B/6 Desh Bandhu Gupta Rd., Near Anand Parvat Bus Stop Karol Bagh New Delhi-110005 25727250 India Gandhi ESI Hospital Jhilmil Colony Delhi-110095 Phone: 22151329 26
Dr Mukesh Kalra : A-1/16 Miyanwali Nagar Peera Garhi New Delhi-110087 25285950 M A M C Associate Prof Dept of Orthopaedics New Delhi-110002 Phone: 23232400 4
Dr Mukesh Paruthi : 2067 Sect-D, Pkt.2 Vasant Kunj New Delhi-110070 26893247 Safdarjung hospital CIO New Delhi-110029 Phone: 26168336 Ext.299 4
Dr N.C Gupta 98100 12688 Saroj Nursing Home 4/19 Roop Nagar Delhi-110007 23911630 Saroj Nursing Home 4/19 Roop Nagar Delhi-110007  Sunder Lal Jain Hospital Ashok Vihar-III Delhi-110052 23923691 (Clinic) 61
Dr N. D. Khurana : 28 ESI Hospital Colony Basaidarapur Outer Ring Road New Delhi-110015 25101032 ESI Hospital Medical Superintendent Sector 15, Rohini New Delhi -110085 Phone: 27861033 43
Dr N. V Kamat 9810446260 121 B/GH-10 Paschim Vihar New Delhi-110087 25267939 Dr Baba Saheb Ambedkar Hosp Rohini Delhi-110085 Phone: 27055585 7
Dr NC Gaur 98100 30519 1326 Sector 16 Faridabad 121002 Haryana 95129-286881 Holy Family Hospital New Delhi  Escort Hospital Phone: 26312417 - Holy Fly 15
Dr Narender Kumar : 26 CDDA Flats, DB Gupta Road Motia Khan New Delhi Phone: Phone: 58
Dr Narender Kumar Magu 9810172405 22/8 FM Medical Enclave PGIMS Rohttak-124001, Haryana 951262-244967 PHIMS Asstt.Prof Ortho Rohtak-124001 Phone: 951262-242269 4
Dr Narendra Kumar Malik : 59 Ras Vihar Apptt 1.P. Extension Delhi-110092 22732425 R.K.Orthopaedics Hospital Pandav Nagar Delhi-110092  26 South Ganesh Nagar Delhi-110092 22416485/6 20
Dr Narendra Mohan Singh 09837370577 21 Suaj Ganj Railway Road Hapur-245101 95122-2304090 Resi cum clinic 21 Suraj Ganj Railway Road Hapur-245101 Phone: 95122-2304090 88
Dr Naresh Agarwal 9811078312 Flat No.137 Pocket B5 Sector 8 Rohini Delhi-110085 27949196 Resi.-cum-clinic Flat No.137, Pocket B5 Sector 8, Rohini Delhi-110085 Phone: 27949196 18
Dr Naresh Chand 9810137605 SH-285 Shastri Nagar Ghaziabad U.P.-201002 95120-2712748 Narendra Mohan Hospital Mohan Nagar Ghaziabad U.P Phone: 95120-2733439 5
Dr Naresh Chander Arora : 64/2 Manik Shah Marg Delhi-110010 25690055 Classified specialist (Orthopaedics) Base Hospital Delhi Cantt-110010 Phone: 25666210 44
Dr Naresh Chandra 9810317322 CH-1DD, C-Block Hari Nagar Clock Tower New Delhi-110064 25126171 G.G.S Hospital Raghubir Nagar New Delhi-110027 Phone: 25114548 10
Dr Naresh Varshney 9811048832 C-63/A Janta Garden Patparganj Pandav Nagar Delhi-110091 22753908 E.S.I. Hospital Noida-201301 Phone: 7
Dr Narinder Kumar Kohli 98101 20197 10 SFS Appartments Hauz Khaz New Delhi-110016 26866330 Mahinder Hospital C-5 Green Part Extn New Delhi-110016 Phone: 26512801/802 46
Dr Narinderjit Singh Chadha : Opp Power House Delhi Road Rohtak 124001 01262-232238 Res.-cum-Clinic Chadha Nursing Home Opp Power House Rohtak-124001 Phone: 01262-232608 3
Dr Naruder Kumar Marut : Sr CIO Safdarjung Hospital Delhi 26877678 Phone: Phone: 31
Dr Naval Bhatia : A-1/157 Safdarjung Enclave New Delhi-110029 26162020 G.M.M.C. & Safdarjung Hospital Consultant CIO Phone: Phone: 2615060 35
Dr Naveen Kothari : 201 S.R. Hostel Hindu Rao Hospital Delhi-110007 Phone: Phone: 48
Dr Naveen Talwar : 15-A/22 East Patel Nagar New Delhi-110008 25883692 Sir Ganga Ram Hospital Private OPD Room No.2 Delhi  Delhi Osteoporosis Foundation & Orthopaedic Clinic 4 Jor Bagh New Delhi 25762672/74 4
Dr Navin Dhari Sinha 9810448679 126 Krishi Appartment Vikaspuri New Delhi-110018 25503935 Sinha Maternity & Med Centre H2/9 Vikas Puri New Delhi-110018 Phone: 25510654 99
Dr Navneet Goel 9811033407 92 State Bank Colony GT Karnal Road Delhi-110009  Unit II LNJP Hospital New Delhi-110002 Phone: 30
Dr Navneet Rustagi : D-116 Raj Nagar-II Palam Colony New Delhi-110045  Guru Gobind Singh Hospital Deptt. of Orthopaedic Raghubir Nagar New Delhi-110027 Phone: 25114548 Ext. 313 19
Dr Neelabh 9810117204 49/30A 2nd Floor East Patel Nagar New Delhi-110008 25737200 Intermed 38/16 East Patel Nagar New Delhi-110008 Phone: 14
Dr Neeraj Bindal 9810065756 F-139 Manasarovar Garden New Delhi-110015 25458712 All Orthopaedic Trauma Centre F-139 Manasrovar Garden New Delhi-110015 Phone: 25418018 42
Dr Neetan Sachdeva 9811347212 78 Rajdhani Enclave Pitampura Delhi-110034 27184244 Sant Parmanand Hospital Civil Line Delhi-110054 Phone: 23981260 5
Dr Niraj Agarwal : 1/335 RHB Colony Bhiwadi Rajasthan Bhiwadi-301019 951493-221843 Gopinath Hospital (Prop.Delhi Ortho Centre and Nursing Home Pvt Ltd. 1/335 Bhiwadi-301019 Phone: 951493-223543 19
Dr Nirankar Singh 9811178531 2/85 Roop Nagar Delhi-110007 23913415 Aruna Asaf Ali Govt. Hospital Head,Ortho & Rehabil. 5 Rajpur Road Delhi-110054 Phone: 23965532 89
Dr Nischal Chugh 98113 30605 III-F/294A, Nehru Nagar Rakesh Marg Ghaziabad U.O 201001 95120-2723163 Hindu Rao Hospital Department of Orthopaedic Delhi-110007 Phone: 1
Dr Nitin Jain 98103 07741 B-7/3 Atam Vallabh Society Plot No.14, Sector 13 Rohini, Delhi-110085 27868718 Orthonova Hospital C-5/29A S.D.A. Market Opp. IIT Gate New Delhi-110016 Phone: 26602430 10
Dr Nitiraj Oberoi 9810125498 238 Vasant Enclave Palam Marg New Delhi-110057 26147601 Batra Hospital New Delhi-110062 Phone: 26083747 3
Dr Nitiraj Singh Oberoi 238 Vasant Enclave, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi - 110057 Tel: 26165450 26147601 Mobile: 9810125498
Dr Nitish Gogi 9811186614 Last avialable Address 53 DK-1 Officers Enclave Dhaula Kuan New Delhi-110010 25693174 Phone: Phone: 33
Dr P.A. Prasad : A-29, Kallol Apptt S-35 Patparganj, IP Extn Delhi-110092 Phone: Phone: 13
Dr P.C. Sharma 9837291399 512 FCI Colony Sri Nagar Hapur-245101 U.P 95122-2305051 Railway Road Hapur-245101, U.P Phone: 95122-2313238 44
Dr P. K. Bansal 9810052349 Ortho Mat 27/49 Old Rajinder Nagar New Delhi-110060 25820103 Residence-cum-clinic Ortho Mat 27/49,Old Rajnder Ng New Delhi-110060 Phone: 25820103 20
Dr P. K. Dave Director"s Bunglow AIIMS Campus Ansari Nagar New Delhi-110029 26866933, 26858635 Director AIIMS Ansari Nagar New Delhi-110029 Phone: 26594800, 26857639 8
Dr P.K Dhar 9810038879 3-32 IP Appt Plt No.114 I.P. Extension Patparganj Delhi-110092 22521292 Pushpanjali Medical Centre A-14 Pushpanjai Vikas Marg Delhi-110092 Phone: 22372754 17
Dr P. M Singh 9810267731 G-A-9 G-Block Jail Road New Delhi-110058 25503676 Residence cum clinica G-A-9, G Block Jail Road New Delhi-110058 Phone: 25503676 90
Dr P.P. Kapoor 9810086236 M-391 Guru Har Krishan Nagar Paschim Vihar New Delhi-110087 25251729 Mata Chan Devi Hospital C-1 Janakpuri New Delhi-110058 Phone: 25554702 17
Dr P. S Maini : 430 Tower II Mount Kailah New Delhi-110065 26422798 Ortho Deptt Rajinder Nagar New Delhi-110060 Phone: 12
Dr P Narang : F1/12 Vasant Vihar New Delhi-110070 Phone: Phone: 8
Dr Pal Singh Gillinder : 7047 Sector Pocket 10 Vasant Kunj New Delhi-110070 Phone: Phone: 23
Dr Palash Gupta 9810143845 70 Lok Nayak Apartment Sector-9 Rohini Delhi-110085 27563850 Plot No.235-237, Pocket-D 14, Sector 7, Rohini Opp Lok Nayak Apt Delhi-110085 Phone: 62
Dr Pallav Bhatnagar 98680 45485 A-106 New Friends Colony New Delhi-110065 20063089 Millennium Hospital B-1/1 Pusa Road New Delhi-110060 Phone: 25827660/669 38
Dr Pankaj Anand 9810018905 4/25 Racquet Court Road Civil Line Delhi-110054 23940590 Tirath Ram Shah Hospital 2 Battery Lane Rajpur Road Delhi-110054  Pentamed Hospital Phone: 23972425 36
Dr Pankaj Bajaj 9810219981 A-363 (Ground Floor) Defence Colony New Delhi-110024 24699392 Dr R M L Hospital New Delhi-110001 Phone: 23365525 ext.4457 12
Dr Pankaj Bhatia 9810217237 390 Sect 7B Faridabad Haryana-121006 95129-5243152 390 Sec-7B Faridabad Haryana-121006 Phone: 36
Dr Pankaj Jain 9810284606 H-272 R K Apartment Plot 29 IP Extension Patparganj Delhi-110092 22516481 Lok Nayak Hospital Dept of Orthopaedics New Delhi-110002 Phone: 23232400 Ext 4263 11
Dr Pankaj Kaw : Last available addres 21/34 Old Rajinder Nagar New Delhi-110060 25821215 Working abroad Phone: Phone: 26
Dr Parag Joshi : KK Road Muktsar-152026 Punjab 01633-263683 Joshi Orthopaedics Centre K K Road Muktsar-152026 Punjab Phone: 01633-262583 1
Dr Parri Raja Selvaraj 9842281641 1, Paari Nagar Bypass Road Sangam Coimbatore-641045 0422-2315767 Phone: Phone: 24
Dr Pawan Goel : Phone: Phone: Phone: 31
Dr Peeyush Jain 98101 21514 Flat No.7 Satya Kutumb Type IV Satya Marg NDMC Flats, Chanakya Puri New Delhi-110021 24101515 Charak Palika Hospital Moti Bagh-1 New Delhi-110021 Phone: 26117879 12
Dr Prabjit Singh Gill 98100 22336 43 C MIG Flats Sheikh Sarai Phase I New Delhi-110017 26011241 Orthonova Hospital 5/29 Safdarjung Dev Area New Delhi Phone: 26602428/30/31/32/34 22
Dr Pradeep Bageja M9811118618 A-5C/9B Janakpuri New Delhi-110058 25524794 Sir Ganga Ram Hospital New Rajender Nagar New Delhi-110060 Phone: 25735207/212 5
Dr Pradeep Sharma : C1/495 Vasant Kunj New Delhi-110070 26895684 Holy Family Hospital Okhla New Delhi-110015  Orthonova Phone: 26845900 45
Dr Pradip Kumar Bhatia 9812055777 Bhatia Ortho Centre Kunj Pura Road Near Randhir Theatre Karnal-132001 0184-2262601 Bhatia Ortho Centre Kunj Pura Road Karnal -132001 Phone: 0184-2262601 37
Dr Prafulla Kumar Nayak : 63/8 Maneksha Marg Delhi Cantt Delhi-110010 25695593 Dept of Orthopaedic Delhi Cantt Delhi-110010 Phone: 25666210 13
Dr Prakash Chander 9810158812 F-220 D Sainik Farm Khanpur New Delhi-110062 26850439 Formerly HOD AIIMS, Deptt.of Ortho Ansari Nagar New Delhi-110029 Phone: 26593340 7
Dr Prakash Khanchandani 9811256732 Block C D Flats 37 A Hari Nagar New Delhi-110064 25136322 Orthonova Hospital C-5/29 SDA Opposite IIT Gate Phone: Phone: 26851737 29
Dr Prakash Kotwal : 412 Asiad Village New Delhi-110049 26493533 AIIMS Prof. of Orthpaedics Ansari Nagar New Delhi-110029 Phone: 26593220 50
Dr Prakash Lal Arora 9810074246 50 Sweet Home Society Sector 14 Rohini Delhi-85 27557759 Prakash Fracture Clinic 26 Punjabi Colony Narela Delhi-110040 Phone: 27784282 45
Dr Pramod K Kohli 9811017697 90/55 Malviya Nagar New Delhi-110017 26672837 Geetanjali Hospital Geetanjali Enclave New Delhi-110017 Phone: 26564076 47
Dr Pramod Kumar Goswami 98101 44931 53 Ram Vihar Opp. Yamuna Sports Complex Delhi-110092 22144011 Goswami Medical Centre & Nursing Home 53 Ram Vihar Delhi-110092 Phone: 22374012 36
Dr Pranshu Sharma 9810291178 Flat No.25, B-3 Block Sunrise Appartment Sector 13, Rohini Delhi-110085 27861675 Saral M.R.I. E-1073 Saraswati Vihar Pitampura Delhi-110034 Phone: 27024465 46
Dr Prashant Bajpai 98101 22393 RP-30 Maurya Enclave Pitampura Dellhi-110088 27221354 16 Rajasthali DDA Market Main Road, Pitampur Delhi-110088  Jaipur Golden Hospital Rohini Delhi-110085 27980935 14
Dr Prateek Gupta 98108 52876 Pocket B-4 Flat No.3008 Vasant Kunj New Delhi-110070 26133503 Sir Ganga Ram Hospital Rajendra Nagar New Delhi  Indian Spinal Injury Centre Sector C, Vasant Kunj New Delhi-110070 25735205, 25851463 63
Dr Pravesh Kumar Agarwal 9810019652 A-3/105 Printer Apartment Plot No.18 Sect 13 Rohini Delhi-110085 27554502 Guru Teg Bahadur Hospital Shahdra Delhi-110095 Phone: 20
Dr Prem Chand : 558, Sector-5 Gurgaon-122001 Haryana 95124-2250804 Seema Memorial Charitable Hosp Main Palam Road Bijwasan Delhi-110071 Phone: 25061222 6
Dr Prem Pal Singh 9811380477 D-19/519 Ambedkar Colony SSN Marg Chattapurpahari New Delhi-110030 26302002 DDU Hospital Dept of Orthpaedic Hari Nagar New Delhi-110064 Phone: 25494402/08 91
Dr Prem Raj 9810770056 G-72 Jagatpuri Delhi-110051 22055434 DDU Hospital Dept of Ortho New Delhi-110064 Phone: 25494405/09 5
Dr Puneet Gupta : 7 Narendra Vihar Near INA Hall,Ballupur Rd Dehradun, U.P. Phone: Phone: 64
Dr Puneet KR Gupta : 402 Dr s Hostel Hindu Rao Hospital Delhi-110007 Phone: Phone: 65
Dr Puneet Mittal : K-1498/16 Faridabad Haryana Phone: Phone: 53
Dr Puneet Monga : Pkt B-3/85 B Lawrence Road Delhi-110035 27106048 Safdarjung Hospital CIO New Delhi Phone: 27112903 62
Dr Punit Kumar Jain 98104 63790 BJ-68 (West) Shalimar Bagh Delhi-110088 27470208 Delhi Hospital & Mat. Home Civil Lines Urban Estate Jind-126102 Phone: 01681-249006 13
Dr Pushkar Chawla 9810318300 E-240 Tagore Garden Extn New Delhi-110027 25464365 Swami Dayanand Hospital Shahdara Delhi Phone: 22581031 18
Dr Pushpinder Bajaj 9811056525 B-5/130 Safdarjung Enclave New Delhi-110029 26101904, 26104113 Moold Chand Hospital Lajpat Nagar-III New Delhi-110024 Phone: 13
Dr R. C. Gupta 98106 36462 49/7 Bunglow Road Kamla Nagar Delhi-110007 27667959 Hindu Rao Hospital Dept of Orthopaedics Delhi-110007 Phone: 23919476 Ext.356 66
Dr R. K. Gupta 98110 41232 69-70 Gali No.5 Old Arjun Nagar Behind P.N.B. Delhi-110051 22410727 Resi.cum-clinic 69-70 Gali No.5,Old Arjun Nagar, Behind P.N.B Delhi-110051 Phone: 22419727 67
Dr R.K. Sharma : 6 A Oversea Apptts. Vasundhara Enclave Mayur Vihar III Delhi-110096 Phone: Phone: 47
Dr R. K Choudhary : BA/52-B Janakpuri New Delhi-110058 25925758 GGSG Hospital Raghubir Nagar New Delhi-110027 Phone: 25114548 24
Dr R. K Mahajan 9810034040 164 Viyan Vihar Delhi-110092 22152604 Ganga Ram Hospital Rajinder Nagar New Delhi-110060  Kolmet Hospital 7-B Pusa Road New Delhi-110005 22752604 5
Dr R.L. Babbar M-98681 05203 C-21 Mother"s Apartment Plot No.6 Sect.- 5 Dwaraka New Delhi-110045 25074666 Ambedkar Hospital Dept of Orthopaedics Rohini Delhi-110085 Phone: 2
Dr R. P. Mittal : 5-LF Babar Place Bengali Market New Delhi-110001 23311097 Charak & Palika Hospital HOD Ortho, Moti Bagh-1 New Delhi-110021 Phone: 26117879 Ext.254 54
Dr R. R Mohanty : 19 Delhi Govt Officers Flat Greater Kailash Part I New Delhi-110048  Working abroad Phone: Phone: 59
Dr R.S. Oberoi 9810329950 A-10 Vikas Puri Main Najafgarh Road New Delhi-110018 25501704 Res.-Cum-Clinic Bir Nursing Home A-10 Vikaspuri New Delhi-110018 Phone: 25501704  1
Dr R Bhalla 9811033985 205 Rajouri Apartment Opp Govt.of India Press Mayapuri New Delhi-110064 25134360/5027 Sir Ganga Ram Hospital Sr.Consultant Rajindra Nagar New Delhi-110060 Phone: 25756582 30
Dr R Srivastav : 11 B DDA Flats Masjid Moth New Delhi-110048 Phone: Phone: 106
Dr Radhey Shyam Vashishta 9810060931 B-168 Shivalik Malviya Nagar New Delhi-110017 26691172 Vashishta Clinics & Hospital B-35 Shivalik Malviya Nagar New Delhi-110017 Phone: 26691177 8
Dr Raj Bahadur : 1103 Sect-32B Chandigarh Punjab-160047 2614555 Govt. Medical College Professor & Head Dept.of Orthopaedics Chandigarh-160047 Phone: 2665253 Ext.2311 7
Dr Raj Kapoor 98101 10649 J K Hospital B-1/4A Janakpuri New Delhi-110058 25500445 J K Hospital B-1/4A Janakpuri New Delhi-110058 Phone: 18
Dr Raj Kumar : Resi-cum Clinic MIG-33, Pocket A-3, Sec-8 Rohini New Delhi-110085 27946378 Jaipur Golden Hospital Rohini New Delhi-110085  Kumar Fracture Clinic MIg 33 Pkt-A3 Sector 8, Rohini New Delhi-110085 27163325 59
Dr Raj Kumar Maurya : RZ-68/345 Mohan Nagar Pankha Road New Delhi-110046 25049466 Phone: Phone: 37
Dr Rajat Gupta 98101 62593 29A SFS (Pkt A) Mount Kailash East of Kailash New Delhi-110065 26463178 ESI Hospital Orthopaedic Specialist Sector 24 NOIDA - 201301 Phone: 95120-2411338 68
Dr Rajeev Agarwal : KJ-26 Kavi Nagar Ghaziabad UP - 201002 95120-2701457 Ghaziabad Orthopaedic Clinic J/69 Patel Nagar Ghaziabad-201001 Phone: 95120-2711442 21
Dr Rajeev Anand 98101 53720 KF-113 Kavi Nagar Ghaziabad-201002 95120-2724711 Anand Nursing Home KF-113 Kavi Nagar Ghaziabad-201002  Apollo Hospital Visiting Consultant Phone: 95120-2710967 37
Dr Rajeev Bansal 98110 87226 KM-131 Kavi Nagar Ghaziabad U.P. - 201002 95120-2759953 Working abroad Phone: Phone: 21
Dr Rajeev Mahajan 9811141490 A-5 Swarn Singh Road Adarsh Nagar New Delhi-110033 27677777 Resi.-cum-clinic Mahajan Hospital A-5 Swarn Singh Road Adarsh Nagar, Delhi-110033 Phone: 27679181 6
Dr Rajender Prasad Gupta : Gupta Nursing Home New Colony Road Palwal-121102 Haryana 95129-252351 Res-cum-Clinic Gupta Nursing Home New Colony Road Palwal-121102, Haryana Phone: 1275-252351 69
Dr Rajendra Beniwal 9811013747 WZ-410 C-8 Hari Nagar Clock tower New Delhi--110064  Sushruta Trauma Centre LN Hospital Phone: Phone: 29
Dr Rajendra Kalra 98101 18562 C-325 Yojna Vihar Delhi-22168377 22168377 Jyoti Nursing Home East Jyoti Nagar Loni Road, Shahdara Delhi-110093 Phone: 22580150 5
Dr Rajendra Kumar 98102 49020 A51/5, Phase-1 D L F City Gurgaon Haryana - 120002 95124-2352157 St. Stephen's Hospital Consultant Dept of Orthopaedics Tis Hazari, Delhi-110054 Phone: 23983573/74 60
Dr Rajendra Kumar Arya : 1184 Sector 7 R.K. Puram New Delhi-110022 26181790 Dr RML Hospital Baba Kharak Singh Marg New Delhi-110001 Phone: 23404560 51
Dr Rajendra Kumar Dusaj : 65 Punjabi Bagh Apt DDA SFS Flats Rohtak Road New Delhi-110063 25192868 D-49 Gurjranwala apartment J Block, Vikaspuri New Delhi-110018 Phone: 25595520 1
Dr Rajendra Sharma : 487 Sector III R.K. Puram New Delhi-110022 26181213 Safdarjung Hospital Rehabilitation Deptt New Delhi-110029 Phone: 26164887 48
Dr Rajesh Bedi 98110 22767 A-97 Madhuban Vikas Marg Delhi-110092 22420657 St.Stephen's hospital Dept of Orthopaedics Tis Hazari Delhi-110054 Phone: 23966024/25 28
Dr Rajesh Chandra : 1090 Sec-A Pocket B Vasant Kunj New Delhi-110070 26890390 VMMC & Safdarjang Hospital CIO New Delhi-110029 Phone: 26192467 11
Dr Rajesh Chawla 98106 91222 19/8 Tilak Nagar New Delhi-110018 25924963 Working abroad Phone: Phone: 19
Dr Rajesh Jain : Block B-13/S-1 Super MIG Flats Dilshad Garden Delhi-110095 22112023 Delhi Hospital & Maternity Home, Civil Lines, Urban Estate Jind-126102 Phone: 01681-126102 14
Dr Rajesh Kumar Arora 98100 49793 D-4 Nightingale Apartments Vikaspuri New Delhi-110018 25554617 Ortho Gynae Clinic WZ-7A Punjabi Market Vishnu Garden New Delhi-110018 Phone: 46
Dr Rajesh Kumar Bawari 9810276351 A-52 Hilnsh CGHS Society, Plot 1 Sec-10, Phase 1, Dwaraka New Delhi-110045 25071716 Apollo Hospital Deptt of Orthopaedics Jr.Consultant New Delhi-110044 Phone: 26925858 27
Dr Rajesh Kumar Chopra : C-2 Type IV Safdarjung Hospital Staff Qtr West Kidwai Nagar New Delhi-110023 24105556 Safdarjung Hospital Assoc Prof. CIO New Delhi-110029 Phone: 26192467, 26165060 23
Dr Rajesh Kumar Kanojia 9810447172 21/14 Shakti Nagar Back Side, 1st Floor Delhi-110007 27212885 L H M C & Associated Hospital New Delhi-110001 Phone: 23363609/262 10
Dr Rajesh Lalchandani 9811232499 182 IInd Floor Sec-3 Near Delhi Public School Dwarka New Delhi-110045  E S I Hospital Basaidarapur New Delhi Phone: 4
Dr Rajesh Maheshwari 98101117158 G-1219 Chittaranjan Park New Delhi-110019 26277612 G-1219 Chittaranjan Park New Delhi-110019 Phone: 26277612 9
Dr Rajesh Malhotra 9810383447 H-25 Rajouri Garden Janta Market New Delhi-110027 25109729 AIIMS Assoc Prof Dept of Orthopaedics New Delhi-110029 Phone: 26561123 17
Dr Rajesh Rohtagi : D-116 Raj Nagar II Palam Colony New Delhi-110045 Phone: Phone: 18
Dr Rajesh Sethi 9811207022 C4F/60 Janakpuri New Delhi-11058 25553018 Phone: Working abroad Phone: 28
Dr Rajesh Tomar 9837053325 3 Church Road Ram Nagar Colony Agra -282 002 0562-2522444 3 Church Road Ram Nagar Colony Agra-282002  Krishna Hospital Bypass Khandari Road Mau Road Agra-282005 0562-2530043 10
Dr Rajinder Kumar Sachdeva 9811073613 C-302, Surajmal Vihar Delhi-110002 22162135 Usha Memorial Ortho Centre D-8 Krishan Nagar Delhi-110051 Phone: 22094892 6
Dr Rajiv Jain 98101 44912 406 Kanchan Junga Apartments Kaushambi Ghaziabad-201010 95120-2771220 Shanti Mukund Hospital Vikas Marg Extension Delhi-110092 Phone: 22371928/35 15
Dr Rajiv Maheshwari 9811156714 A-194 Prashant Vihar Delhi-110085 27561985 Maheshwari Clinic C1/14 Prashant Vihar Rohini Delhi-110085 Phone: 27568199 10
Dr Rajkumar Kapoor 9810056077 Block-C, 4C Pkt 14 Flat No.223 Janakpuri New Delhi-110058 35503078 M C D Hospital C-1 Janakpuri New Delhi-110058  Kapoor Ortho Clinic C-4C Pkt 14, Flat 215 Janakpuri New Delhi-110058 25554487 19
Dr Rajneesh Mittal : Dept of Orthopaedic R. M. L. Hospital New Delhi Phone: Phone: 55
Dr Rajnish Gupta 9811110840 H-5 Hauz Khas New Delhi-110016 26962286 VIMHANS Nehru Nagar New Delhi Phone: 26310510 70
Dr Rajnish Mehra : 30 Vasant Enclave New Delhi-110057 Phone: Phone: 38
Dr Raju Kalra 9811114773 C-7 2nd Floor Bhagwati Villa Raja Garden New Delhi-110015 25915112 MGS Hospital Punjabi Bagh New Delhi-110026  Bali Nursing Home Karol Bagh New Delhi-110055 25166101 to 04 6
Dr Raju Vaishya 9810123331 Healing Touch Clinic B-87 Defence Colony New Delhi-110024 26835678 Indraprastha Apollo Hospital Deptt of Ortho Sarita Vihar New Delhi-110044 Phone: 26925858 3
Dr Rajya Vardhana 9811209706 KE/53 Kavi Nagar Ghaziabad-201002 95120-24755734 Jeevan Anmol Hospital Mayur Vihar Phase-1 Delhi-110091 Phone: 22555993 4
Dr Rakesh Chandra Arya 98110 78650 A/A-15 Shalimar Bagh Delhi-110088 27481750 Flex Medical Centre Arthroscopy & Knee Surgon Paschim Vihar New Delhi  Jaipur Golden Hospital Delhi 25288801 52
Dr Rakesh Gupta : Surya Clinic 1/1558 Aashima Kanpur Road Lucknow 224425 Raman Hospital D. M. Colony Road Bulandsahar-203001 U.P. Phone: 71
Dr Rakesh K Gupta : A-56 Main Road Budh Vihar Delhi-110041 27910637 Jahangeer Puri Delhi Phone: 72
Dr Rakesh K Kanojia 98110 39085 H-3/97 Rohini Delhi-110085 Phone: Phone: 11
Dr Rakesh Kumar Sharma 9810086844 A-92 Sector - 34 Noida-201307  Rishabh Medical Centre 12 Saini Enclave Karkardooma Delhi-110092 Phone: 22370908 50
Dr Rakesh Kumar Sharma : H.No.10, Sector 30 Rail Vihar Noida-202301, UP 95120-2454753 ACMO Ortho Specialist BT PS/NTPC,Badarpur New Delhi Phone: 26946641 49
Dr Rakesh Marwah : 523/524 Double Storey New Rajinder Nagar New Delhi 25753116 CIO Unit-1 Orthopaedics Ansari Nagar New Delhi-110029 Phone: 26165062/60 32
Dr Rakesh Mishra WZ-407, C-1 Janak Park, Hari Nagar, New Delhi-110064 Tel: 5492181, 98114-27555 Email:
Dr Rakesh Sapra 9811266549 158 Ambika Apartments Sector 14 Rohini Delhi-110085 27568470 RU-7 Pitampura Delhi-110034 Phone: 27342154 17
Dr Rama Kant Gupta 98100 79933 E-174 Kamla Nagar Delhi-110007 27662233 Hindu Rao Hospital Sr. Ortho Consultant Dept of Orthopaedics Delhi-110007 Phone: 23919476 Ext. 218 73
Dr Raman Kumar Gautam 98910 01665 D-11/202 Kaka Nagar New Delhi-110003 24350224 Moolchand Kairati Ram Hospital Deptt of Orthopaedics New Delhi-110024 Phone: 26835306 18
Dr Ramanand Mishra 98380 30337 Mishra Hospital Beside Hotel San Plaza Khova Gali Golghar Gorakhpur-273001 (UP) 2332344 Mishra Hospital Beside Hotel San Plaza Khova Gali, Golghar Gorakhpur-273001 Phone: 2333214 47
Dr Ramani Narasimhan 9811016102 513 C Triveni Appts (SFS) Sheikh Sarai Phase I New Delhi-110017 26011060 Indraprastha Apolla Hospitals Paediatric Ortho Surgeon Sarita Vihar New Delhi-110044 Phone: 26925801 10
Dr Ramesh Kumar : B-320 Pragati Vihar Lodi Road New Delhi-110003 24392135 LHMC & Associated Dr RML Hospital Prof New Delhi-110001 Phone: 23363728 Ext.262 61
Dr Ranjan Wadhwa : C-51 Type IV South Moti Bagh Nanakpura New Delhi-110021 26112177 Safdarjung Hospital Deptt of Rehabilitation New Delhi-110029 Phone: 26164887 2
Dr Ravi Gupta 98100 13518 E-518 G.K. Part II New Delhi-110048 26217074 Saral CT-MRI-GAMA Camera Centre E-1073 Saraswati Vhr Pitampura, Delhi-110034 Phone: 27013020 75
Dr Ravi Gupta 9810042942 70-A Kamla Nagar Delhi-110007 23937606/607 Orthopaedic Centre 128 E Kamla Nagar Delhi-110007 Phone: 23937606 74
Dr Ravi Mittal 98101 70006 2C DDA Flats (MIG) Rajouri Garden New Delhi-110027 25468753 AIIMS Dept. of Orthopaedic New Delhi-110029 Phone: 26561123 56
Dr Ravi Mohan Bagga 9810121154 22-A Ayodhya Enclave Sector-13 Rohini Delhi-110085 27562519 Jaipur Golden Hospital Sector-3 Rohini Delhi-110085 Phone: 27980935/36 6
Dr Ravi Prakash Futela 98370 52251 Maharaja Agrasen Hospital Udham Singh Nagar Rudrapur U. P 263153 05944-240247 Maharaja Agrasen Hospital Udham Singh Nagar Rudrapur U.P 263153 Phone: 05944-243780 1
Dr Ravi Sauhta 9810512377 316 Sec.10-A Gurgaon-122001 Haryana 95124-2373340 Orthomat 101-D, Supermart II DLF Phase IV Gurgaon-122001 Phone: 95124-2373340 21
Dr Ravi Shankar Gaur 9810886375 H.No. Kg-1/263 Vikaspuri New Delhi-110019 25572840 Sanjeevani Hospital Opposite Telephone Exch. Bahadurgarh-124507  951276-311336 316666 Phone: 16
Dr Ravinder Kant Manocha 9810718655 WZ-153/1 Gali No.6, First Floor Virender Nagar New Delhi-110058 25572525 Northern Railway Central Hosp Basant Lane Connaught Place New Delhi-110001 Phone: 23744150 28
Dr Ravindra Gupta : 465 Pocket C Mayur Vihar Delhi-110091 Phone: Phone: 76
Dr Rishiraj Shokeen 9818095152 382 Mangolpurkalan Near Sec-2 Delhi-110085 27925279 Hindu Rao Hospital Deptt. of Orth Senior Resident Phone: Phone: 23963355 60
Dr Ritabh Kumar : 70 Munirka Vihar Opp. JNU Staff Qtrs New Delhi-110067 261168164 Phone: Working Abroad Phone: 62
Dr Rohtash Grover 98110 91670 F-15 Green Park Main New Delhi-110016 26518820 Fracture Clinic E-34 Green Park New Delhi-110016 Phone: 26565000 42
Dr Rushama Tandan 981039345 242/A-4 Railway Officers Flats Panchkuin Road New Delhi-110001 23364587 Northern Railway Central Hosp Basant Lane New Delhi-110055 Phone: 23744150 5
Dr S. C Jain : 49/12 Bunglow Road Kamla Nagar Delhi-110007 27667285 Hindu Rao Hospital Dept of Orthopaedics Malka Ganj Delhi-110007 Phone: 23919578 Ext 218 16
Dr S. C Verma : 20 Flat - 3 Charakpalika, NDMC Hospital Campus, Moti Bagh New Delhi-110021 26875097 Hindu Rao Hospital H.O.D Delhi-110007 Phone: 23919613 15
Dr S.K. Arora : Base Hospital Bareilley Rd, Kicha Dist US Nagar, Uttaranchal  Base Hospital Bareilley Road Kicha Distt, US Ngr Uttaranchal Phone: 47
Dr S. K Kharayat : Base Hospital Pithoragarh-262501 Phone: Phone: 30
Dr S.P. Mandal 9810070378 Type VI, No.12 MAMC Campus Delhi-110002 23235155 Sir Ganga Ram Hospital Rajinder Nagar New Delhi-110060  G-1219 Chittaranjan Park New Delhi-110019 25762672/73/74 25
Dr S.S. Sanyal 9810125048 B-380 Chittaranjan Park New Delhi-110019 26485567,26433519 Rama Krishna Ortho & Trauma Centre, E-796 C.R. Park New Delhi-110019  I.P Apollo Orthonova Opp IIT Gate Safdurjung Dev. Area Delhi 26279058 16
Dr S.S Yadav : Q-11 Tara Appartment Kalkaji New Delhi-110019 26436010 Ex-Director, PGIMER Rohtak Phone: SS Yadav Ram Bhagwan Charitabl Institute of Cancer Mirpur-951274 24865 6
Dr S. Singh Yadav : C-134 Greater Kailash Part 1 New Delhi-110048 26467213 Res-Cum-Clinic S-134 G.K. Part-I New Delhi-110048 Phone: 26467213 5
Dr S.U. Khan : Ansari Road Muzaffarnagar-251001 0131-2442980 Residence-cum-clinic Ansari Road Muzaffarnagar-251 001 Phone: 0131-244989 28
Dr S Garg : Asstt.Prof, Dept of Ortho Medical College Bhopal Phone: Phone: 9
Dr S K S Marya 9811082434 644 Sec.A Pkt C Vasant Kunj New Delhi-110070 26893251 1193-A Sector B-1 Vasant Kunj New Delhi-110070 Phone: 26135959 34
Dr S Sabharwal : 106 Pankajham Om Centre Preet Vihar Delhi-110092 Phone: Phone: 2
Dr S Srivastava : H-28 D Saket New Delhi-110017 26550895 Phone: Phone: 108
Dr Sameer Anand 9810493425 C-499 Sushant Lok-1 Gurgaon-122001 8941676 Indian Spinal Injuries Centre Sector C Vasant Kunj New Delhi-110070 Phone: 26898145 38
Dr Sameer Mehta 98105 15739 35 C Pocket A Phase-3 MIG Flats, Ashok Vihar Delhi-110052 27430024 Lady Harding Medical College New Delhi-110001 Phone: 23363728/262 39
Dr Samir Grover 98111 10326 49 Ashoka Avenue Sainik Farm Khanpur New Delhi-110024 26523381 Sama Nursing Home 8 Siri Fort Road New Delhi-110062  Batra Hospital Phone: 43
Dr Sandeep Chauhan 98103 04120 Maitri Bhavan Silokhra Vijay Vihar Gurgaon-122001 95124-2380528 Deen Dayal Upadhyay Hospital Dept of Orthopaedics New Delhi-110064 Phone: 25496320 16
Dr Sandeep Gupta 98110 79103 B-49 Friends Colony (West) New Delhi-110065 26915195 Res.-Cum Clinic Friends Cl.& laser Centre B-49 Friends Colony New Delhi-110065  Jeewan Hospital Gate I, Jeewan Nagar Maharani Bagh New Delhi 26830303 77
Dr Sandeep Singh 9810488123 E-70 Ansari Nagar East AIIMS New Delhi-110029 26841555 G.T.B. Hospital Dept of Orthpaedics Delhi-110095 Phone: 22586262 Ext 529 92
Dr Sanjay Garg 98100 66587 F-64 Sect 41 NOIDA-201301 95120-2501222 Chikitsa Poly Clinic A-3 Sector 29 Noida -201303  Noida Medicare Centre 16-C/30 Noida 201301 95120-2450011 10
Dr Sanjay Goel 98100 39297 R-14/44 Raj Nagar Ghaziabad U.P-201002 95120-2720064 R.K. Orthopaedic Hospital 8 Pandav Nagar Patparganj Road Delhi-110092  KC-115 Kavi Nagar Ghaziabad U.P-201002 22416485/86 22209293 32
Dr Sanjay Gupta : B-14/241 Himgiri Appt Sector 34 Noida U.P. 201301  Res. Cum. Clinic B14/241 Himgiri Appt Sector 34 Noida-201301 Phone: 95120 2508308 78
Dr Sanjay Kumar 9810461974 172 Doctors Hostel-II West Kidwai Nagar New Delhi-110023 26888666 Safdarjung Hospital CIO Central Inst of Orth New Delhi-110029 Phone: 26165061 63
Dr Sanjay Kumar : A-439 Bunhar Colony (Weavers Colony) Ashok Vihar Delhi-110054  Hindu Rao Hospital Phone: Phone: 64
Dr Sanjay Kumar Arya 98103 04220 Health & Maternity Centre IPP-VIII (MID) Flat No.1-A, Block No.5 Jwalapuri, New Delhi-110087 25266491 Sanjay Gandhi Mem Hospital Dept. of Orthopaedics New Delhi Phone: 53
Dr Sanjay Kumar Gupta : 19A/UA, H.No. 5927-28 Jawahar Nagar Delhi-110007 23968306 Tirath Ram Shah Hosp 2 Battery Lane, Rajpur Rd Delhi-110054  Sunder Lal Jain Hospital Ashok Vihar III Delhi-110052 23972425; 23972487 79
Dr Sanjay Kumar Mirdha 9811596327 B-480 Kendriya Vihar Sector 51 Noida-201307 95120 2481258 ESI Hospital Ortho Specialist Sector 24 Noida-201301 Phone: 42
Dr Sanjay Madan 9810078453 T-19 Rajouri Garden New Delhi-110027 25104885 Jessa Ram Hospital Karol Bagh New Delhi  Bone and Trauma Clini 53/2 Ashok Nagar New Delhi-110015 25745264 2
Dr Sanjay Nijhara 9811078393 43 Mandakakini N R I Complex G K IV New Delhi-110019 26470865 Toshi Ortho Centre E-34 Greater Kailash-1 New Delhi-110048 Phone: 26470865 16
Dr Sanjay Sarup 9810336332 34-B Pocket - A SFS DDA Flats Mayur Vihar Delhi-110096 22624085 Max Health Centre New Delhi  Indian Spinal Inuries Centre Sec-C, Vasant Kunj New Delhi-110070 26499870 19
Dr Sanjay Wadhwa : C-320 Sarita Vihar New Delhi-110044 26944525 AIIMS, Additional Professor Dept of Phy.Med & Rehab. Ansari Nagar New Delhi-110029 Phone: 26594916/17 3
Dr Sanjeev Divyadarshi 9811516706 2-1 Doctor"s Hostel St.Stephens Hospital Tiz Hazari Delhi-110054 23993451 St.Stepehns Hospital Deptt of Orthopaedics Tiz Hazari Delhi-110054 Phone: 23966021 Ext 532/618 21
Dr Sanjeev Kumar 9810226025 WZ-58 Rajnagar-Part II Old Mehrauli Road Palam, New Delhi-110045 25361530 SSK Hospital & LHMC Dept of Orthopaedics New Delhi-110001 Phone: 65
Dr Sanjeev Kumar Sharma 9811153476 292/9B Forest Lane Sainik Farm New Delhi-110048 26564999 Indraprastha Apollo Hospital Sarita Vihar New Delhi  C-139 Greater Kailash-I New Delhi-110048 26925801 52
Dr Sanjeev Kumar Singhal 9811146768 148 Akash Kunj Sector 9 Rohini Delhi-110085 27860778 Saroj Hospital Madhuban Chowk Rohini Delhi-110085 Phone: 98
Dr Sanjeev Sharma : H.No.11, Block D-12 Sector 8, Rohini Delhi-11085 Phone: Phone: 51
Dr Sanjeev Verma 9810025638 441 Sainik Vihar Rani Bagh Delhi-110034 27020601 Sanjeevan Fracture Clinic 103 Agarwal Chamber Sainik Vihar New Delhi  Max Centre Pitampura Delhi-110034 16
Dr Sanjeev Vohra : 51-10-G, Arjun Nagar, Near Kheria Road Agra Phone: Phone: 18
Dr Sanjiv Nand 9810029606 B-9, 6250 Vasant Kunj New Delhi-110070 26133877 Indraprastha Apollo Hospital Sarita Vihar New Delhi-110044 Phone: 26925858 7
Dr Sanjiv Rustogi 9811142610 Paschim Hospital B-17 New Multani Nagar New Delhi-110063 25258454/55 Res-Cum-Clinic Paschimi Hospital B-17 New Multani Ngr New Delhi-110063 Phone: 25258454/55 1
Dr Sarat Prasad 9810966027 365 Mandakini ENclave Alaknanda New Delhi-110019 26220778 Res.-cum-Clinic Radha Klinik.365 Mandakni Enclave, Alaknanda New Delhi-110019 Phone: 26220778 14
Dr Sardar Singh : 529 Sec 9 Pocket 2 Dwarka Papankala New Delhi 25087478 Phone: Phone: 93
Dr Satish Choudhry 98130 31655 Dr Choudhry Hospital Near Old Octroi Jatal Road Panipat - 132103 01742-2651655 Dr Choudhry Hospital Jatal Road Panipat - 132103 Phone: 2653731 25
Dr Satish Kumar : 658 Laxmi Bai Nagar New Delhi-110023 26528822 Sushruta Trauma Centre Metcalf House Road Delhi Phone: 66
Dr Satisk K Sharma : 9058 Sector C Pocket 9, Vasant Kunj New Delhi-110095 Phone: Phone: 53
Dr Saurabh Gupta : 411 Sector A Pocket C Vasant Kunj New Delhi-110070 26124189 Phone: Phone: 80
Dr Shabih Siddiqui : B-23, Swasthya Vihar Delhi-110092 22542946 Orthopaedic Surgeon Leicester Royal Infirmary Leicester Lei 1WQ Phone: 00-44-116-2739165 62
Dr Shailendra Khare 9810177245 B-V/245 Sec-VIII Rohini Delhi-110085 27941644 D D U Hospital Hari Nagar Delhi-110064  25494402-08/Ext 272
Dr. Shankar Acharya 38 Engineers Enclave Pitampura, Delhi-110034 Phone: 27014984, 25735206/4 3
Dr Sharad Kumar Agarwal : A-1/110 Ekta Garden 9 IP Extn, Patpargang Delhi-110092 22725623 Shanti Mukand Hospital Vikas Marg Extn Delhi-110092 Phone: 22378022-27 22
Dr Shashank Kanchan 9810289694 65 Inder Enclave Rohtak Road Miyanwali Nagar Delhi-110087 25288098 Jiyalal Hospital Rohtak Road Near Peeragarhi Chok Delhi-110087  Satyam Hospital Sector-16 Rohini Delhi-110085 25275374 9
Dr Shashank Mishra C-140 Preet Vihar Delhi-110092 22512050 Surya Hospital Krishna Nagar Delhi-110051  Knee and Shoulder Clinic F-7 East of Kailash New Delhi 22513592 48
Dr Shashank Yeshwant Kothari 98103 55703 C-II/62 Moti Bagh-I New Delhi-110021 26887313 Safdarjang Hospital Consultant Rehabilitation New Delhi-110029 Phone: 2616 4887 49
Dr Shekhar Agarwal 9810032736 6-B/7 Raj Narain Road Civil Line Delhi-110054 23917984 Sant Paramanand Hospital 18 Alipur Road Civil Lines Delhi-110054 Phone: 23981260-66 23
Dr Shekhar Chander 9811112413 J7/80C Rajouri Garden New Delhi-110027 25431635 Apollo Hospital Sr. Consultant Phone: Apollo Clinic F-4 East of Kailash Vasant Lok Hospital Vasant Vihar 8
Dr Shekhar Srivastav 9868171008 193-C, Pocket E, GTB Enclave Shahdara Delhi-110093 22139788 Swami Dayanand Hospital Shahdara Delhi-110095 Phone: 22581031 Ext.289 107
Dr Shishir Lakhey : III-95 Ayur Vigyan Nagar New Delhi  A I I M S Dept of Orthopaedics New Delhi Phone: 2
Dr Shishir Rastogi : 430 Hawa Singh Block Asiad Village New Delhi-110049 26492501 AIIMS Prof. Deptt of Ortho New Delhi-110029 Phone: 26593561 10
Dr Shiv Kishore Sharma 9810280248 G-30 IIT Campus Hauzkhas New Delhi-110016 26856537 Holy Angels Hospital Basant Lok Vasant Vihar New Delhi-110070  Sunderlal Memorial Hospital Devli Road, Khanpur Delhi-110062 26142842/2832 54
Dr Shobha Arora : D-26 GTB Hospital UCMS Campus Delhi-110095 22583669 Guru Teg Bahadur Hospital Delhi-110095 Phone: 48
Dr Shobit Gupta 98370 18283 50 New Adarsh Nagar Balkeshwar Agra U.P. 282004 0562 2543929 Methodist Hospital Jaisinghpura Mathura (U.P)  Agarwal Nursing Home Barhpura, Sadar Bazar Mathura (U.P) 2530043 81
Dr Shrawan Kumar Jaipuriyar : Base Hospital Delhi Cantt Delhi-110010 25666266 Base Hospital Dept of Orthopaedic Delhi Cantt Delhi-110010 Phone: 25666266 19
Dr Shrikant Kaushik 9811153901 C-2/94 Janakpuri New Delhi-110058 25553697 Kaushik Ortho Maternity Hospital C-2/94 Janakpuri New Delhi-110058 Phone: 25553697 25
Dr Shrish Dutt Mishra 9810488331 282 Rajdhani Enclave Pitampura Delhi-110034 24105445 Mahindra Hospital Consultant Ortho Green Park New Delhi-110016  V. Interntional Hospital 26116211 49
Dr Siddalinga Swamy Mathad : Type IV, D1 Safdarjung Hospital Staff Quarter, West Kidwai Nagar New Delhi-110023 24677865 V.M.M.C. & Safdarjung Hospital CIO New Delhi-11029 Phone: 26165060 Ext.391 35
Dr Sita Ram Giri 9811445250 15 Vandana Bhawan Holy Family Hospital New Delhi 26323314 Phone: Phone: 24
Dr Sitha Gupta : B-16 Gulmohar Park New Delhi-110029 26564823 Res.Cum.Clinic B-16 Gulmohar Park New Delhi-110029  Mata Gurjari Hospital Pahari Gurdwara G.K. I New Delhi 26564823 82
Dr Skand Sinha 9810221568 180 Type III Ayur Vigyan Nagar New Delhi-110049 26251945 G.T.B. Hospital Deptt of Orthopaedic Shahdara Delhi-110032 Phone: 22586262 100
Dr Subhash Baveja 9810002120 1154 Sect A Pocket B Vasant Kunj New Delhi-110070 26898009 Holy Angels Hospital Vasant Lok Vasant Vihar New Delhi-110067 Phone: 26141229 26
Dr Subhash Dua 98121 37833 L-108 New Colony Palwal Hayana-121102 951275-2533418 Asha Orthocare 8 Abhinandan Lane New Colony Palwal-121102 Phone: 951275-2530246 24
Dr Subhash Manchanda 9810757581 3C/110 NIT 3 Faridabad-121001 95129-2412008 B.K. Hospital Sr. Medical Officer Faridabad-121001 Phone: 24
Dr Subhash Shalya 9810124433 A-74 Sarita Vihar New Delhi-110058 26972566 Indraprastha Apollo Hospital Sarita Vihar New Delhi-110044 Phone: 26925858 Ext.1281 29
Dr Sudershan Kumar Agarwal 9810012276 10-B K.G. Marg New Delhi-110001 23322497 10-B K.G Marg New Delhi-110001 Phone: 23329336 24
Dr Sudhir Kapoor : C-610 Saraswati Vihar Pitampura New Delhi-110034 27020304, 27021786 Lok Nayak Hospital & MAMC Prof, Dept of Orthopaedic New Delhi-110002 Phone: 23232400, 23233400 20
Dr Sudhir Kumar : E-16 GTB Hospital UCMS Residential Comp New Delhi-110095 22596083 GTB Hospital & UCMS HOD Shahdra Delhi-110095 Phone: 22586262 Ext 529 67
Dr Sudhir Seth 9811056541 304 A Aravali Apartment Alaknanda New Delhi-110019 26212929 Orthocure Hospital L-1/8-A DDA Kalkaji New Delhi-110019  Max Health Care Orthonova Phone: 26022323,26020323 26
Dr Sumant Sinha 9810480474 125C Sunder Apartment GH-10 Paschim Vihar New Delhi-110087 2523180 DDU Hospital Hari Nagar New Delhi-110064 Phone: 25494402/408 Ext.292 101
Dr Sumit Batra 9810683967 Adarsh Kunj Aptt Sec-13, B-39 Plot No.42, Rohini Delhi-110085 27868426 Phone: Phone: 25
Dr Suneel Kumar 9810083945 352 Ambika Apptt Sect 14 Rohini Delhi-110085 27564106 Jaipur Golden Hospital 2, Inst. Area Sector 3 Rohini Delhi-110085  Maxim Specialists Clinic 2KD, Market Pitampura Delhi-110088 27315089 68
Dr Sunil Garg : 172 Surya Niketan Delhi-110092 Phone: Phone: 11
Dr Sunil Katoch 9811408970 3091 Sector A Pocket B & C Vasant Kunj New Delhi-110070 26893539 Indian Spinal Injuries Centre Consultant Sector C Vasant Kunj New Delhi-110070 Phone: 26896642 23
Dr Sunil Kumar Agarwal 98105 38271 G-210 Preet Vihar Delhi-110092 22436262 Life Line Hospital A-13 Priyadarshini Vihar Near Radhu Palace Delhi-110092 Phone: 22522261 25
Dr Sunil Marwah 98101 53207 F-1/9 DLF Phase I Qutab Enclave Gurgaon - 122001 95124-2351560/61 Private Hospital D L F Phase II Qutab Enclave Gurgaon - 122001 Phone: 95124-2351162 33
Dr Sunil Tuli 9810129562 E-17 Panchshila Park New Delhi-110017  15 DDA Flats Panchshila Park New Delhi-110017  Orthonova Hospital Phone: 26684596 14
Dr Suraj Prakash 9811014566 L-5 Green Park New Delhi-110016 26850177 Sukda Nursing Home R Block G. K. 1 New Delhi-110048 Phone: 26416440/65 12
Dr Surender Tuli : 6 Park Avenue Maharani Bagh New Delhi-110065 26838289 VIMHANS Nehru Nagar New Delhi-110065 Phone: 26310510 15
Dr Surendra Kame C-9/9044 Vasant Kunj New Delhi-110070 26894199 Indian Spinal Injuries Centre Sector C Vasant Kunj New Delhi-110070 Phone: 26898143 8
Dr Surendra Singh Rawat 9810234386 5-A, B-6 Parvatiya Vihar Vasundhara Enclave Delhi-110090 22622890 B-1, 3A Janta Flat Mayur Vihar Phase III Delhi-110096 Phone: 22612385 13
Dr Surendra Singh Rawat 9810372235 1/1666-B/1 Gobindpuri Extension, Kalkaji New Delhi-110019 26022679 Res.cum-clinic R.K.Orthopaedic Hospital Plot No.8,Pandav Ngr Patparganj, Delhi Phone: 22416485 12
Dr Suresh Arora 9811011399 Arora Ortho Centre 5E/21-A,B.P. Near BK Chowk NIT, Faridabad Haryana-121001 95129-2415499 Arora Ortho Centre 5E/21 A.B.P.,Near BK Chok NIT Faridabad Haryana-121001 Phone: 95129-2415499 49
Dr Suresh Bansal 9811076333 16 Shakti Vihar Pitampura Delhi-110034 27562855 R. B. Jessa Ram Hospital Karol Bagh New Delhi-110005 Phone: 25716781 23
Dr Suresh Bansal 9811076333 Banta Clinic E-5 Prashant Vihar Delhi-110085 27562855 R.B. Jessa Ram Hospital Karol Bagh New Delhi-110005 Phone: 25716781 22
Dr Suresh K Dargan : 265 A Pkt J & K Dilshad Garden Delhi-110095 22590940 Bone & Fracture Clinic 93 A, Pkt L Dilshad Garden Delhi-110095 Phone: 3
Dr Suresh Kumar Bhola 9812153148 Opp Sect 17 Railway Road KLurukshetra Haryana 01744-220841/42 Res.-Cum-Clinic Bhola Hospital, Opp.Sec17 Railway Road, Kurukshetra, Haryana Phone: 01744-220841/42 40
Dr Suresh Srinivasan : 7400, Sector D Pocket -7 Vasant Kunj New Delhi-110070 26133126 St.Stephens Hospital Tiz Hazari Delhi-29366021/027 Phone: 105
Dr Surya Bhan : C-2/24 AIIMS Complex Ansari Nagar New Delhi-110029 26868310 AIIMS HOD, Dept.of Orthopaedics Ansari Nagar New Delhi-110029 Phone: 26593220 31
Dr Sushant Kumar Malik : B-1A/28C Janakpuri New Delhi-110058 Phone: Phone: 21
Dr Susheel Agarwal : 39A Shalimar Bag Delhi-110052 Phone: Phone: 26
Dr Susheel Garg : Mukhiya Market Derawal Nagar Delhi Phone: Phone: 12
Dr Sushil Garg : 4/2703 Lane No.5 Bihari Colony, Shahdara Delhi-110032 Phone: Phone: 13
Dr Sushil Kumar 9810949282 46 Nav Kranti Apartment 75 I.P. Extension Patparganj Delhi-110092 22469575 Deepak Memorial Hospital D-5 Vikas Marg Institutional Area Delhi-110092 Phone: 223774069/70 69
Dr Sushil Sharma 9810113828 429 Pocket -E Mayur Vihar Phase II Delhi-110091 22777996 R.K. Hospital 8 Pandav Nagar New Delhi-110092  Fracture Phsyiotherapy Clinic G-10 Vardhman Plaza LSC Mayur Vihar-II Delhi 22416485/86 55
Dr Svinder Pal Singh Gujral 98101 98403 BB/67 Janakpuri New Delhi 25501547 Balapritam Accident Centre 5-B/16 Tilak Nagar New Delhi-110018 Phone: 25104224 45
Dr T.R Upadhayay 9810215048 129 Dhruv Appartment I.P. Extension Patpar Ganj Delhi-110092 22721781 Raj Medical Centre C-3/51A Yamuna Nagar New Delhi-110053 1
Dr Tarun Taneja 9810304530 106 New Rajdhani Enclave Vikas Marg New Delhi-110092  Working abroad Phone: Phone: 7
Dr Tejinder Narang 9810390183 Singh H.No.33 Rd No.56 Punjabi Bagh West New Delhi-110026 25193506 23 North West Avenue (Club Road) Punjabi Bagh (West) New Delhi-110026 Phone: 25419305 9
Dr U.K. Sadhoo 9810024656 D-44 Pamposh Enclave Greater Kailash-I New Delhi-110048 26432430 Batra Hospital New Delhi-110062  Moolchand Hospital New Delhi 26083747 7
Dr Uday Singh Yadav 9810047921 Room No.1, Doctors Hostel R M L Hospital New Delhi-110001 23404545 Dr RML Hospital Deptt of Orthopaedics New Delhi-110001 Phone: 23404232/26/10/02 7
Dr Umed Singh : 128 A GH-10 Sunder Apartment Paschim Vihar New Delhi-110087 25283249 D.D.U. Hospital Hari Nagar New Delhi-110064 Phone: 25494402/08 94
Dr Umesh Kansal 98101 55806 F-2/107 Charmwood Surajkund Road Faridabad-121001 95129-5252214 R K Orthopaedic Hospital 8 Pandav Nagar Patpar Ganj Road Delhi-110092 Phone: 22416485 12
Dr Upinder Pal Singh : B-163 Nirman Vihar Delhi-110092 26593350 A.I.I.M.S HOD Deptt of Physical Med and Rehabilitation New Delhi-110029 Phone: 26593232 95
Dr V.B Bhasin : R-716 New Rajinder Nagar New Delhi-110060 25742933 Si Ganga Ram Hospital Rajender Nagar New Delhi-110060 Phone: 34
Dr V.K. Garg 98104 31460 G-19 A Kalkaji New Delhi-110019 26422934 Majeedia Hospital Hamdard Nagar New Delhi-110064 Phone: 26082477 14
Dr V.K. Goyal : C-134 Surya Nagar Ghaziabad Phone: U.P. 201011 Sushruta Trauma Centre Phone: Phone: 23983011/15 41
Dr V. K. Gupta 98111 79440 Lecturer"s flat No.3 L H M C Campus Bangla Sahib Road New Delhi-110001 23344970 Kalawati Saran Children's Hosp Sr. Spl. HOD Deptt. of P. M. Rehabilitation New Delhi-110001 Phone: 23344160 Ext-117.120 84
Dr V.K Gautam : A-102 Pandara Road New Delhi-110003 23384382 M.A.M.C Professor Deptt of Orthopaedic New Delhi-110002 Phone: 23235386 19
Dr V. K Gupta : 172, Surya Niketan New Delhi-110092 Phone: Phone: 83
Dr VA Senthil Kumr : B-17/205 Pharma Apartments IP Extension, Patparganj New Delhi-110092 Phone: Phone: 1
Dr Varun Kapoor 9810003507 B-234 Greater Kailash New Delhi-110048 26420659 Vimhans Hospital Nehru Nagar New Delhi Phone: 26310510/20 21
Dr Ved Gupta : Ved Home Near Darpan Cinema Barsat Road Panipat-132103, Haryana 01742-2636206 General Hosppital Ortho Surgeon Panipat-132103, Haryana Phone: 01742-2644102 85
Dr Ved Kumar Kharbanda 9811004341 A-30 Meera Bagh Paschim vihar New Delhi-110087 25267703 Pusa Road Clinic 11/1-B Pusa Road New Delhi-110005 Phone: 25851988 31
Dr Ved Prakash Agarwal : Ganpatrai Maternity & Gen Hospital Ghanta Ghar Bhiwani-127021 01664-246824 Resi-cum-clinic Ganpatrai Mat. & Gen Hosp Ghanta Ghar Bhiwani-127021 Phone: 01664-246824 27
Dr Ved Prakash Pathania 9815106229 K-254 Kangra Niketan Vikaspuri New Delhi-110018 25595936 Commando Hospital Dy.Commandant,CH-5 Hosp. Complex CH. (WC) Chandi Mandir 134107 Phone: 2867503 7
Dr Ved Virat : A-5 Chittranjan Park New Delhi-110019 26412268 Res-cum-Clinic A-5 Chittaranjan Pak New Delhi-110019 Phone: 26412268 17
Dr Vibhor Loiwal 9810066378 120 New Gandhi Nagar Ghaziabad-201 002 95120 2722063 Sarvodaya Hospital KJ-7 Kavinagar Ghaziabad Phone: 95120 2701694 6
Dr Vidur Kumar Jain 9810074190 A-2-14 Janakpuri New Delhi-110058 25506171 Jainak Hospital D-4 Dasrathpuri Dabri Palam Road New Delhi-110045  Jainak Med Centre C-1/127 Janakpuri New Delhi-110058 25390031,25391205 17
Dr Vijay Badhwar : M-192, Vikas Puri Delhi-110018 25505031 B-25 Main Najafgarh Road Uttam Nagar New Delhi-110059 Phone: 25647223 4
Dr Vijay Kochhar 9810272060 C-51 FFED IGNOU Road NEB Sarai New Delhi-110068 26968321 Dr RML Hospital Ex-Additional Director General Health Ser & New Delhi-110001 Phone: 45
Dr Vijay Kumar Premi 98111 2745 225 B Pocket E GTB Enclave Nand Nagar New Delhi-110093 22133118 Mahalaxmi Hospital 100 Feet Road, Durga Puri Opp MTNL Office Delhi-110093 Phone: 22599416 16
Dr Vijay Kumar Sindhu : Room No.57 Hostel 9 AIIMS Ansari Nagar New Delhi-110029 26568705 AIIMS, Sr. Resident Deptt. of PM & R Ansari Nagar New Delhi-110029 Phone: 26593232 64
Dr Vijay Lekhi : C-9/23 Yamuna Vihar Delhi-110053  C-9/12 Yamuna Vihar Delhi-110053 Phone: 22911342 5
Dr Vijay Sharma 9810278385 475 Sector-9 Faridabad-121006 95128-25286013 AIIMS Sr. Resident Orthopaedic Deptt. New Delhi-110029 Phone: 26861698 56
Dr Vijay Singh Chauhan 9810046962 C-1, Sector-12 Noida-201301 95120-2520599 C.M.D. Prakash Hospital P Ltd D-12, D-12A, D-12B Sector 33 Noida-201301 Phone: 95120-2505264 17
Dr Vijaya Raghav : Room No.97 Hostel - 8 AIIMS Campus New Delhi-110029 Phone: Phone: 2
Dr Vijendra Singh Yadav 98370919821 D.M. Colony Road Buulandshahr-UP 232339 Res-cum-Clinic Subham Hospital D.M. Colony Road Bulandshahr Phone: 232339 8
Dr Vikas Gupta 981-292110 M.P.-30 Maurya Enclave Pitampura Delhi-110088 27254690 St.Stephens Hospital Tiz Hazari Delhi-110052  23966021/27 23983574 Phone: 87
Dr Vikas Gupta 98100 87859 I-139 Ashok Vihar Phase I Delhi-110052 27234279 AIIMS Deptt of Orthopaedics Ansari Road New Delhi  26864851 Ext 3341 Phone: 86
Dr Vikram Jain 98100 50539 106 Hostel No.2 West Kidwai Nagar Opp Safdarjung Hospital New Delhi-11023 26887432 Lady Hardinge Med College Dept of Orthopaedics New Delhi-110001 Phone: 18
Dr Vikram Sharma : B-149 Himgiri Apartment Sector 34 Noida, U.P 951202508747 Medical College Asstt. Prof Deptt. of Orthopedic Varodara Phone: 26192467 57
Dr Vikram Singh Dogra 9811018003 A-30 Swastihiya Vihar Vikas Marg Delhi-110092 22541342 Shanti Mukund Hospital Vikas Marg Delhi-110092 Phone: 22371928/29/30/31/32 22
Dr Vimal Kumar Nautiyal 9837128150 20 Balbir Road Dehradun 0135-2679415 Param Hospital Phone: Phone: 0135-2673022 11
Dr Vinay Gupta 98110 66229 E-1/17 Sector 7 Rohini Delhi-110085 27046046 Parmarth Mission Hospital Shakti Nagar Delhi-11007  Saroj Hospital Madhuban Chowk Rohini Delhi-110085 27244300,27213798 88
Dr Vinay K.R. Gupta : A-24 Ashok Vihar III Delhi-110054 Phone: Phone: 89
Dr Vinay Kumar 9811676760 174 SFS Flats Mukerji Nagar Delhi-110009 27654890 Greens Surgicals 5400/7 New Chandrawal Jawahar Nagar Delhi-110007 Phone: 23985230 70
Dr Vineesh Mathur 9810164093 1048 Sec-17 Gurgaon Haryana-122001 95124-2342191 Kalyani Hospital Opp Govt. College Mehrauli road Gurgaon - 122001 Phone: 95124-2303101/2/3 36
Dr Vineet Kumar Arora 98103 48532 BA-52/B Janakpuri New Delhi-110058 25506835 DDU Hospital Sr. Resident.Rehabiltaton Hari Nagar Delhi Phone: 2547407/17 50
Dr Vinod Datta 9811253257 1/62 Sunder Vihar Delhi-110087 25260228 Res-cum clinic 1/62 Sunder Vihar Delhi-110087  25260228 25260398 Phone: 7
Dr Vinod K Sharma 9810213216 D-II/113 West Kidwai Nagar New Delhi-110023 26112200 V.M.M.C. & Safdarjung Hospital Prof., CIO New Delhi-110029 Phone: 26192467 58
Dr Vinod Kumar : 1419 Housing Board colony Sector 31-32 A, Jharsa Rd Gurgaon 122001, Haryana 915242380657 Lok Nayak Hospital and MAMC Assoc Professor Deptt of Orthopaedic New Delhi-110002 Phone: 23232400 ext 4263 71
Dr Vinod Sabharwal 9810125425 C-9 Mothers Appartment Plot-6 Sector 5 Dwarka-1 New Delh-110045 25082282 Dr N.C.Joshi Memorial Hospital Joshi Road Karol Bagh New Delhi-110005 Phone: 23622498 3
Dr Vinod Sukhija 9811088531 C-4 Sector 19 Noida-201301 95120-2540646 Indraprastha Apollo Hospital Sarita ihar New Delhi-110044 Phone: 26925858 111
Dr Vipin Tyagi 9810126079 R-1/1A Rajkunj Raj Nagar Ghaziabad-201002 95120-2750276 Resi-Cum-Clinic R-1/1A Rajkunj Raj Nagar Ghaziabad-201002 Phone: 95120-2750276 1
Dr Vipul Khera 9810431705 J-119 Reserve Bank Colony Paschim Vihar New Delhi-110063 25259630 Khera Clinic & Hospital Near Punjab National Bank Nangloi New Delhi-110041 Phone: 25472630 38
Dr Virender Kumar Nijhawan 9811079767 93 SFS Punjabi Bagh Apartments Rohtak Road New Delhi-110005 25411797 Sir Ganga Ram Hospital New Delhi-110060  Specialists Clinic 23 Rajouri Garden New Delhi-110027 25762672/73/74 1
Dr Virender Kumar Sahni 9811282072 LD-171 Sardar Patel Aptt Pitampura Delhi-110085 27567001 Maharaja Agarsain Hospital Punjabi Bagh New Delhi-110026 Phone: 25106645/57 10
Dr Virendra Nath Gaur 98100 38855 130 Patparganj Village Delhi-110091 22754631,22795207 R.K. orthopaedic Hospital 8 Pandav Nagar New Delhi-110092 Phone: 22416485/86 17
Dr Virinder Singh Gogia : G-16/11 (SF) Malviya Nagar New Delhi-110017 26687872 284 Urban Estate II Jallandhar 144022  Sri Guru Ramdas Inst of Med & Sciences & Research Hosp Asst.Prof & HOD Amritsar-143001 0183-535039/41 Ex235 34
Dr Vishal Agarwal : S-3 Greater Kailash-2 New Delhi-110048 Phone: Phone: 28
Dr Vishal Sehgal 9810306337 B-10, 7218 Vasant Kunj New Delhi-110070 26121717 DDU Hospital Hari Nagar New Delhi-110064 Phone: 25494402/08 Ext.270 23
Dr Vishnu Dutt Attreya 98970 01584 Resi.cum-Clinic Attrey Hospital. P. Ltd., Sadar Bazar, Muzafar Ngr U.P. - 251001 0131-2401584 Attrey Hospital Pvt. Ltd., Sadar Bazar Muzafar Nagar U.P 251 001 Phone: 0131-2401584 54
Dr Vivek Agarwal 9811048434 13 Chitra Vihar 1st Floor Delhi-110092 22432050 Sanjeevan Medical Centre 24 Ansari Road Daryaganj New Delhi-110002 Phone: 23257143/44 29
Dr Vivek Mishra : 13 Vandana Bhawan Holy Family Hospital New Delhi Phone: Phone: 50
Dr Vivek Mittal 9811082458 15 Jain mandir Road Near Shivaji Stadium Connaught Place New Delhi-110001 23743522 Sant Parmanand Hospital Delhi Inst of Trau & Orth 18 Sham Nath Marg New Delhi-110054 Phone: 23994401/4409 57
Dr Vivek Sharma 9811146858 101 Pushpanjali Vikas Marg Ext Delhi-110092 22376350 Deepak Memorial Hospital 5 Institutional Area Vikas Marg Extension Delhi-110092 Phone: 22378384/7229 59
Dr Vivek Trikha 9811778366 L-381 Sarita Vihar New Delhi-110044 26951052 AIIMS Dept of Orthopaedic Ansari Nagar New Delhi-110029 Phone: 26864541 11
Dr Vivkanand Gupta : Vivekanand Hospital Balkeshwar Agra U.P 282004 Phone: Phone: 1
Dr Waroon Sony 9811550394 C-3/3041 Vasant Kunj New Delhi-110070 26890256 Sant Parmanand Hospital Consultant Ortho Surgeon, Civil Lines Delhi-110054 Phone: 23981260 102
Dr Y.K Majeennybdjar : DGAFMS (B-Block) Minsitry of Defence New Delhi-11001 Phone: Phone: 13
Dr Y K Majeen Mindkar : Last available addres Surgery Officer of DGAMS (M Block), Min.of Defence New Delhi Phone: Phone: 41
Dr Yash Gulati 98110 31024 B-1/43 Azad Aptt Sri Aurobindo Marg Hauz Khas New Delhi-110016 26854261 C-7/113 SDA New Delhi-1100016  Apollo Hospital Mathura Road New Delhi 26965100 46
Dr Yash Nigam 9811022927 B-88 Gulmohar Park New Delhi-110016 26868673 Res-cum-Clinic B-88 Gulmohar Park New Delhi-110016 Phone: 26868673 15
Dr Yatinder Kharbanda 9810129488 Nil Block, 7/A Malaviya Nagar New Delhi-110017 26683759 Indraprastha Apollo Hospital Consultant Ortho Sarita Vihar New Delhi-110044 Phone: 26925801 32
Dr Yogesh Kumar : 3809/5 Kanhaiya Nagar Tri Nagar New Delhi-110035 27182017 Dr R M L Hospital New Delhi-110001 Phone: Phone: 23365525 Ext 4246 72


Dr Sanjiv Sabharwal B-1/4 Yamuna Vihar, Delhi 110053 Tel : 22915798, 22915570 Email :
Dr Ajay Agarwal 22153971, 22140956
Dr A.K.Chakravarti Tel: 6961561
Dr Alok Juneja 7/84, Ramesh Nagar, New Delhi-110015 Phone: 5439231, 5797163, 98100-85010
Dr Anil K.Gupta Tel: 7023880
Dr Anil Kumar Kalra GH-1/77, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi-110063 Tel: 5570798, 5268944
Dr Anita Khalil 2 Ring Road, Lajpat Nagar IV, New Delhi 110024 Tel :23236455 E-mail :
Dr Arun Kumar Saraf  C1A/52A, Janakpuri, New Delhi-110058 Tel: 5618501, 5505502
Dr Avinash Kulkarni A-4/25, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi-110063 Tel: 25264093, 25269340  Email :
Dr B.B.Chaddha 121, Guru Harkishan Nagar, New Delhi-110087 Tel: 25263018, 25260504
Dr B.R.Gupta B-5/7, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi-110063 Tel: 5572487, 5268969
Dr Dinesh Agarwal 22723569, 22727457
Dr D.C.Dhingra B-3, New Multan Nagar, New Delhi-110056 Tel: 25263070
Dr Deepa Aggarwal 26190664, 24611123
Dr G.P. Mathur  
31-A Pkt F Mayur Vihar-II Delhi-110091 
Tel: 22779026 

Ex Professor & Head, Dept of Paediatrics Medical Colleges at Aligarh, Gorakhpur, Kanpur

Dr Harish C. Arora C-8/02 Sector 7, Rohini, New Delhi-110085 Tel: 27055134, 9811053846 Email :
Dr H.K.Alwadhi Tel:
Dr Indira Narayanan E-215, East of Kailash, New Delhi-110065 Tel: 6221669, 6215064
Dr J Aggarwal 22547728, 22542443
Dr Jaswant Batra A-6/13, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi-110063 Tel: 25267318, 25261836
Dr Kanwaljeet Kaur Ahluwalia A-2B/93C, Ekta Apts, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi-110063 Tel: 5255934, 98113-66479
Dr KK Aggarwal 22153317, 22594092
Dr K.K.Jain 1909, Chandni Chowk, Delhi-110006 Tel: 2960473
Dr Komal Ahuja 27241244, 27220931
Dr Manu Aggarwal 26134966, 26897485
Dr MK Ahuja 27249272, 27213803
Dr M.M.A.Faridi Tel: 2286262 Extn 406
Dr MM Anand 25785395, 25785701
Dr M.M.Gupta Tel: 7776710
Dr Mridu Jain A-220, Meera Bagh, New Delhi-110087 Tel: 25251212, 25267090
Dr Mukesh Aggarwal 436, Bhera Enclave, New Delhi-110087 Tel: 25260683, 25283721
Dr. Neemisha Jain 14 Siri Fort Road, New Delhi -49 Tel: 6263289
Dr Sanjeev Ahuja 27241244, 27220931
Dr Sanjeev Aggarwal 27931552, 27933756
Dr Sanjeev Sehgal 22546706, 22210851
Dr (Mrs) Sarla Mathur  
31-A Pkt F Mayur Vihar-II Delhi-110091 
Tel: 22779026 

Ex Professor & Head, Dept of Paediatrics GSVM Medical College Kanpur

Dr Sunil Saksena Raj F-1, Manish Chambers, Saini Enclave, Delhi-110092 Tel: 2165277
Dr S.K.Banga RR-3, Mianwali Nagar, New Delhi-110087 Tel: 5261316
Dr Subhash Agarwal 23911695, 23982537
Dr Svasti Rohatgi C-1/56, S.D.A., New Delhi-110016 Tel: 6855243, 6517269
Dr Umesh Bihari Lall Tel: 6431951
Dr Urmil Ajmani 25932228, 25413228
Dr Vineet Sehgal 19 North Avenue, -i Bagh, New Delhi-110026 Tel : 25451307, 25104074, 98110-16142
Dr Virendra Katoch BG-1/58 Paschim Vihar, New Delhi-110063 Tel : 25255093
Dr VK Aggarwal 26251635, 26255740
Dr V.K.Dhingra Tel:
Dr Vyom Agggarwal 27126565, 27122515

 Dr Rakesh Bhargav S-291, G.K.-I, New Delhi-110048 Tel: 6447493, 6412203
 Dr Anup Mohta 31, Jangpura Road, New Delhi-110014 Tel: 4615768, 4621348
 Dr Shanti Talwar Tel:
 Plasmaphoresis Tel:
 Dr R.Srivastava Tel:

Dr Anup Dhir D-34, Kalkaji, New Delhi-110019 Tel: +91-124-6352227 Email:
Dr Ashok Tandon Tel:
70-2B Lake View Apartments
Paschim Vihar , Delhi
Tel: 9810098805
9, Balwant Rai Mehta Lane
Kasturba Gandhi Marg
New Delhi-110001
Tel: 011-23385177/ 23389834
Dr K.L.Takkar C-II/2, Ansari Nagar (West), A.I.I.M.S. Tel: 6515100, 6594505, 6837525, 98110-50677
C-19, Pamposh Enclave
New Delhi-110019
Tel :
Dr Lokesh Kumar D-121/122 Sarita Vihar, New Delhi-110044 Tel: 6950979, 6942408, 98100-68498 Email:
1515 Outram Lines
G.T.B Nagar, Delhi,
Tel: 011-27650946
E-125, First Floor
Lajpat Nagar-1
New Delhi-110024
Tel: 011-26835010/ 26839658
9-Nilgiri Apartments
New Delhi-110019
Tel: 011-26462550/ 26466275
Dr Manoj Bansal Tel: 2204068, 2431854
Dr Manoj Johar Tel: 6431989
Dr N.K.Aron Tel: 2213012, 2244491
E-34, Greater Kailash -I
New Delhi-110048
Tel: 9810120387
B-18 Swasthya Vihar
Vikas Marg
New Delhi-110092
Tel: 011-2241842/ 2216733, 2242692
Dr Richie Gupta Tel: 3926943
Dr R Sandhir  10, Lalita Park, Laxmi Nagar, Vikas Marg, New Delhi-110092 Tel : 22441114, 22532363 Email : Website :
Dr S.S.Saha J-1886 Chittranjan Park, New Delhi-110019 Tel: 6415203, 6475993
Dr Vijay Kakkar Tel: 5529071
Dr Shishir Agrawal  A-3/44 Paschim Vihar, New Delhi-110063 Tel: 25288834 Mobile: 98100-84130
J-1886 Cittranjan Park
New Delhi-110019
C-31/Z-1-Block- C
Dilshad Garden
Tel: 9810033525
11/A6, Old Rajinder Nagar
New Delhi-110060
Tel: 25785802/ 25869418
C-43, 1st Floor
Panposh Enclave
New Delhi-110048
Tel: 011-26571708/ 9810044280

16/3, Old Friends Colony
New Delhi -110065
Tel: 51328170, 51328190, 9811016454
G-16 Mansarover Garden
New Delhi
Tel: 011-254 23171/9810063593
Dr Vasundhara Oberoi 
MBBS, MS, MCH (Plastic Surgery) 
Cosmetic Surgeon 
C-201, Sheikh Sarai Phase -I, New Delhi-1110 017  
238, Vasant Enclave Palam Marg New Delhi-110 057 Tel : 55480800, 9810009427 
Sir Ganga Ram Hospital 

Nose job, Liposuction, Abdominoplasty, Face Lift, Breast Surgery, Scars Implants, Hair Transplant, Eyelid surgery

C-2A-236 A
New Delhi-110058
Tel: 011-25529071/ 9811079483
L-21, Green Park
New Delhi-110016
Dr Aneesh Baweja B-1/55, Janakpuri, New Delhi-110058 Tel: 5591833, 98100-49755
Dr Arun Lata Agarwal 23239457
Dr Ashwani Kumar Tel:
 Dr G.R.Golechha Tel:
 Dr Harish Matai A-2B/71A DDA Flats, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi-110063 Tel: 25260325, 25281110 Email :
 Dr I.C.Sethi Tel:
Dr Jyoti Chadha 87, Road No. 42, West-i Bagh, New Delhi-110026 Tel : +91-11-25932556    9810394176
Dr Mukesh Batra 134 Bhera Enclave, New Delhi-110087 Tel: 5258526, 5276647, 98100-13811
Dr Pradeep Aggarwal 22726868
Dr Rani Dandekar Bhatia Tel:
Dr Rajesh Nagpal Gupta Palace, A-2/42 Rajouri Garden, New Delhi-110027 Tel : 25441234, 25463759
 Dr Sandeep Vohra Tel:
 Dr Rakesh Jangid Tel:
Dr Ravinder K.Tuli Tel:
Dr Sandeep Vohra 25766567, 25785567
Dr Sanjay Agrawal 23239457, 23233001
Dr Sunil Mittal 35, Defnce Enclave, Vikas Marg, Delhi-110092 Tel: 22514726, 22514727

Dr Ashish Anand 27021029, 9811015915
Dr Ashwani Sharma 22377252, 22377262
Dr Avinash B. Chopra Tel: 4611711, 4621131
Dr B.D. Handa Tel: 5755579, 5784888
Dr B.S.Katyal 
M.B.B.S., D.M.R.D. 
A-156, Vikaspuri, New Delhi-110018 
Tel: 5507200 
Dr C.S. Pant Tel: 6858788, 6855656
Dr Lavleena Ajmera 22374502, 9810076408
Dr M.L.Ratan Tel: 5624212
Dr Neeru Aggarwal 26478377
Dr PK Anand 27442285, 27218605
Dr Raghav Aggarwal 26194959
Dr Rakesh Mittal Tel: 7166579, 7271166
Dr Rama Anand A-203 Meera Bagh, New Delhi-110087 Tel: 25267232, 25267232
Dr Ranjan Sachdeva Tel: 7014326, 7013174
Dr Ravi Kapoor A-12 Vikaspuri, New Delhi-110016 Tel: 25559966, 25524565
Dr Ravin Sharma A-1/109 Sector 8, Rohini, New Delhi-110085 Tel: 27942809, 27945572
Dr Rekha Sharma 22377252, 22377262
Dr R.M. Singhal Tel: 7188753, 7188121
Dr Sanjeev Aggarwal 27295792, 27934886
Dr Sapna Agarwal 27445180
Dr Subhash B Aggarwal 27565537, 27165497
Dr Sunit Aggarwal 22379141, 22095751

 Dr R.C.Arora Tel:

 Dr Pradeep Kumar  Tel:
Dr S.K. Tiwari  Tel: 2225307

Dr Varsha Sardana 25436366, 25436870

Dr Adarsh Sachdeva Tel:
Dr Ajay Agarwal 22461691, 9810041950
Dr A.K.Mittal 30, Shanti Vihar, Delhi-110092 Tel: 2150469, 2161789
Dr Ashok K.Gupta QP-43, Pitampura, New Delhi-110034 Tel: 7428554
Dr Dinesh Suman C-1A/36-A, Janakpuri, New Delhi-110058 Tel: 5614743
Dr Gurinder S.Kochhar A-23, Green Park, New Delhi-110016 Tel: 26190088, 26197915
Dr Mayank Gupta  10, Lalita Park, Laxmi Nagar, Vikas Marg, New Delhi-110092 Tel : 22441114, 22532363 Email : Website :
Dr P Gulati 26016035, 26103780
Dr S.K.Pal E-2, Kalkaji, New Delhi-110019 Tel: 6473675, 6473676
Dr S.K.Rawat Tel:
Dr Rajinder Yadav C-11, Shakti Apts, Rohini, New Delhi-110085 Tel: 7010587 

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Family Physicians/Unidentified
Dr  L. C. Narula  Rohtak 213006 241536  Rohtak
 Dr  (Mrs.) & Dr  K.C. Mudgil  Rohtak 213525 213059
 Dr  (Mrs.) & Dr  D.K. Puri  Rohtak 213132 272014
 Dr  (Mrs.) & Dr  O.P. Sabharwal  Rohtak 213065 212087
 Dr  Baljeet Hooda  Rohtak 294294 293691             255209
 Dr  Devendre Sangwan  Rohtak 213454, 311191 294666
 Dr  N.S. Chadha  Rohtak 212238 213608
 Dr  Nirmal Gulati  Rohtak  213336
 Dr  (Mrs.) & Dr  J.L. Chhabra  Rohtak 213836 292816
 Dr  Ajay Batra  Rohtak  210174              Mo.-9812007633
 Dr  Kuldeep Ahlawat  Rohtak 251359
 Dr  (Mrs.) & Dr  Ashwani Dalal  Rohtak 244607 212876
 Dr  Manveer Sangwan  Rohtak 213229
 Dr  Narender Singh 221, Medical Mor  Rohtak 212828
 Dr  (Mrs.) & Dr  Akshay Shukla  Rohtak 213509
  Dr  S.S. Dalal  Sonepat Road,   Rohtak 242371 253978 242371
 Dr  (Mrs.) & Dr  A. S. Rathee  Sonepat Road,   Rohtak 293376 293679 293376
 Dr  (Mrs.) & Dr  S.K. Gulati  Sonepat Road,   Rohtak 252665 242097 243955
 Dr  (Mrs.) &Dr  Ishwar Singh (eye)  Sonepat Road,   Rohtak 242555 241885
 Dr  (Mrs.) &Dr  Ramesh Batra  Sonepat Road,   Rohtak 243031 243031
 Dr  (Mrs.) &Dr  Ishwar Singh (ortho)  Sonepat Road,   Rohtak 244605 243124
Dr  (Mrs) Hawa Kaur  Sonepat Road,   Rohtak 242376 242376
Dr  D.S.hankhar Sonepat Road,   Rohtak 242715 242087
Dr  (Mrs.) & Dr  Amarjeet Rathi 131, Vikas Nagar Sonepat Road,   Rohtak 242715 241315
 Dr  S.S. Mudgil 12, Vikas Nagar Sonepat Road,   Rohtak 273279 242930 252161
 Dr  (Mrs.) & Dr  R.K. Dhawan Sonepat Road,   Rohtak 243025 243432
Dr  (Mrs.) & Dr  Sunil Malik Sonepat Road,   Rohtak 256602
Dr  (Mrs.) & Dr  S.S.Dahiya Sonepat Road,   Rohtak 242787 211888
Dr  Kuldeep Khokhar Sonepat Road,   Rohtak 276104 292992
Dr  P.S. Mann  Police Lines,   Rohtak 241058 2513559, 242425 241058
 Dr  (Mrs.) & Dr  Ashok Mittal  Police Lines,   Rohtak 243049 243848
Dr  (Mrs.) Kapil Gupta  Police Lines,   Rohtak 243681 242131
 Dr  R.L. Garg  Police Lines,   Rohtak 243950             243980
 Dr  (Mrs.) Jharna Chanda  Police Lines,   Rohtak 245062 243550
Dr  (Mrs.) Santosh Rattan  Police Lines,   Rohtak 243877 243877
Dr  (Mrs.) & Dr  Nikhal Gupta  Police Lines,   Rohtak 252496 244105
Dr  (Mrs.) & Dr  Ravinder Hooda  Police Lines,   Rohtak 297511 255102
Dr  S.L. Verma   DLF Colony,   Rohtak 254318 246107
Dr  Anil Kumar Sanghi  DLF Colony,   Rohtak 253748 246709
Dr  Ravi Mohan   DLF Colony,   Rohtak 210427 211421  251111
 Dr  R.K. Keshwani  DLF Colony,   Rohtak 251112 211635 210741
 Dr  Ranbir Hooda   DLF Colony,   Rohtak 240027 243777
 Dr  (Mrs.) Bharti Dhussa  DLF Colony,   Rohtak 244156 240853 240245
 Dr  (Mrs.) & Dr  P.K. Marwah  DLF Colony,   Rohtak 250962 241362 241564
 Dr  Balkishan Goel  DLF Colony,   Rohtak 244156 248462
 Dr  (Mrs.) & Dr  Surinder Nagpal  DLF Colony,   Rohtak 242910 245370 242910
 Dr  (Mrs.) Satya Julka  DLF Colony,   Rohtak 240000 210000
 Dr  (Mrs.) & Dr  Arun Narula  DLF Colony,   Rohtak 244313, 14 241538
 Dr  (Mrs.) & Dr  Sushil Jain  DLF Colony,   Rohtak 240823 252823
 Dr  B.S. Chauhan  DLF Colony,   Rohtak 252967 253878
Dr  Ved Mehla  DLF Colony,   Rohtak 251959 272698
Dr  (Mrs.) & Dr  Subhash Seth  DLF Colony,   Rohtak 240304 244160
Dr  P. S. Dhatt  DLF Colony,   Rohtak 247328 242328
Dr  R. L. Jain  DLF Colony,   Rohtak 271328 272432
 Dr  (Mrs.) & Dr  Satish Sharma 39/9J  DLF Colony,   Rohtak 245333 213222
 Dr  Sunil Munjal  DLF Colony,   Rohtak 251987 273288
 Dr  (Mrs.) & Dr  Ramesh Chitkara  DLF Colony,   Rohtak 255553 255077  255033
 Dr  (Mrs.) & Dr  Sanjay Saxena  DLF Colony,   Rohtak 255622 213242 210651
 Dr  (Mrs.) Pushpa Nagpal  DLF Colony,   Rohtak 250520 242444
Dr  (Mrs.) & Rajinder Mariya  DLF Colony,   Rohtak 254171 245159 246956
Dr  (Mrs.) & Dr  Surinder Sukhija  DLF Colony,   Rohtak 271000 248630
Dr  (Mrs.) & Dr  Naveen Malhotra  DLF Colony,   Rohtak 258387 247368
 Dr  (Mrs.) & Dr  Shalender Goel   DLF Colony,   Rohtak 267656 265744 240628
Dr  V.K. Govila  Civil Hospital,   Rohtak 247657 243865
Dr  (Mrs.) & Dr  R.K. Chaudhary  Civil Hospital,   Rohtak 247657 254587 245896
 Dr  G. N. Aggarwal  Civil Hospital,   Rohtak 247657 212628
 Dr  R.P. Caloniya  Civil Hospital,   Rohtak 247657 249225
Dr  Hari Om Manchanda  Civil Hospital,   Rohtak 247657 272969
Dr  (Mrs.) Indu Lalit  Civil Hospital,   Rohtak 212454 240642
Dr  (Mrs.) & Dr  T.K. Pasricha  Civil Hospital,   Rohtak 247657 243865
Dr  M.K. Bishnoi  Civil Hospital,   Rohtak 243534 242230
Dr  (Mrs.) & Dr  S.K. Moda  Jhajjar Road,   Rohtak 247723 245123
 Dr  Ashok Gupta   Jhajjar Road,   Rohtak 214422 240894 241422
Dr  S. N. Gupta  Jhajjar Road,   Rohtak 268504 240660
Dr  K.N. Garg  Jhajjar Road,   Rohtak 268335 269335
Dr  Ramesh Bansal  Jhajjar Road,   Rohtak 252362 248548
Dr  K.R. Goryan  Jhajjar Road,   Rohtak 249671 249670
Dr  (Mrs.) & Dr  Ashutosh Gupta  Jhajjar Road,   Rohtak 237707 237987
Dr  R.K. Pruthi  Jhajjar Road,   Rohtak 251600 210196
Dr  (Mrs.) & Dr  Ramesh Jain  Jhajjar Road,   Rohtak 267000 271248
Dr  (Mrs.) & Dr  Sandeep Jain  Jhajjar Road,   Rohtak 230555 243436
Dr  (Mrs.) & Dr  C.V. Singh  Jhajjar Road,   Rohtak 248870 248944 248580
Dr  (Mrs.) & Dr  Manoj Bhardwaj 20/9J  Medical Campus,   Rohtak 213484
Dr  Ranbir Singh Dahiya 19/8FM  Medical Campus,   Rohtak 213231
Dr  (Mrs.) & Dr  Ashish Devgun 45/9J  Medical Campus,   Rohtak 213712
Dr  S.S. Lohchab 24/9J  Medical Campus,   Rohtak 212600
Dr  Ajit singh Rathee 9/9J  Medical Campus,   Rohtak 252384
Dr  (Mrs.) & Dr  N.K. Sharma 8/6J  Medical Campus,   Rohtak 212475
Dr  (Mrs.) & Dr  Suresh Singhal 21/9J  Medical Campus,   Rohtak 213643
Dr  (Mrs.) & Dr  B.K.Arora  Medical Campus,   Rohtak 268915 243915
Dr  (Mrs.) & Dr  Dinesh Khosla   Medical Campus,   Rohtak 237473 272172 246686
Dr  (Mrs.) & Dr  R. S. Bamal  Medical Campus,   Rohtak 235375 277329
Dr  (Mrs.) & Dr  Devender Gaur 3/6J  Medical Campus,   Rohtak 237896 212550 212240, 237896
Dr  Subhash Jain  Medical Campus,   Rohtak 235678 235678
 Dr  Jagdish Alabadhi  Medical Campus,   Rohtak 237480 236992
Dr  N.K. Verma   Rohtak 248323 248630
Dr  C.L. Nayyar   Rohtak 251041
Dr  (Mrs.) & Dr  R.B.S. Jakhar (Beri), Rohtak 951251-220082 293658
Dr  (Mrs.) & Dr  Markandey Ahuja, Rohtak 292399 292752
 Dr  Mahavie malik, Rohtak 276301
 Dr  Tomar V.P. Opp. P.N.B. Sampla, Rohtak 263890
General Surgery
Dr Rajnish gupta RG Hospital, New Sohna Road, Palwal (Faridabad) Tel : 01275-244081 Email :

Oncologists (Surgical)
Dr Anand Rai Bansal Lecturer in Surgery38/95, Medical Enclave, Rohtak 124001
Dr Satish Kumar Dalal (12) Lecturer in Surgery11 J/41 Medical EnclaveRohtak 124001
Dr Mahavir singh Girwan Reader in Surgery4/9 J, Medical EnclaveRohtak 12401
Dr Pradeep Garg Associate Professor of Surgery46/9J, Medical EnclaveRohatak 124001
Dr R. L. Jain 2539, Sector 1, Rohtak 124001 Tel :(01262) 71328(01262) 72432
Dr Rajendra Karwasra  PGIMS Rohtak , - 124001 Tel :(01262) 42552, Fax: (01262) 41755, 44491(01262) 43331, Hm Fax: (01262) 42269
Dr Robin Kaushik  House No. 132, Sector 6Panchkula, -134109Email :
Dr Vinod Malik Supritendent boys Hostel andLecturer in SurgeryMedical EnclaveRohatak 124001()
Dr Sanjay Kumar Marwah Lecturer in SurgeryHouse 32452, Sector I, Huda, Rohtak 124001
Dr J. P. Sharma Lal Maternity & Gen. Hospital, Railway Workshop Road Yamunanagar, -135001
Dr Raj Kumar Sharma Ram Nursing RoadMahabir ChowkNarnaul,   123001
Dr Shyam Singla Associate Professor in SurgeryMedical College HospitalRohtak 124001
Dr (Col.) P. K. Patnaik Senior AdviserSurgery & GI SurgeryCommand HospitalWestern Command Chandimandir-134107 Tel: 0172-867540 (O)Email : patnaikpk @

Dr Bijendra Lal Bhardwaj, B3502 Bhardwaj Eye Hospital Bus Stand Chowk, Palwal-121 102
Dr Arya Adarsh Vir, House No. 399 Sector-17, Faridabad-121002
Dr A.K. Gupta, 397, Sector 7-B, Faridabad-121 006
Dr Mahesh Ahuja, 1468, Sector-16, Faridabad-121 002
Dr Arora Amit, A7371 House No. 576 Sector 15 A, Faridabad-121 007
Dr Bharti Gupta, Eye Care Centre 5-E/30, BK Chowk NIT., Faridabad-121007 Tel : 0124-2417819, 2283528, 2225188
Dr Narender Bhaskar, B5145 647 , Sector - 5, Faridabad-
Dr Bhargava Kulbhushan, B5119 168 , Sector 7 A Y M C A Road, Faridabad
Dr Shailender Kumar Choudhary, C9365 House No.307 Sector - 37, Faridabad  121 003
Dr Shailender Kumar Choudhary, C9365 House No.307 Sector - 37, Faridabad  121 003
Dr Narendar Kumar Garg, G5545 4, Doctors' Flats, Nit-3, Faridabad-121 001
Dr Rashmi Gupta, G7703 Escorts Hospital & Research Centre Neelam Bata Road, Faridabad-121 001
Dr Rajan Gupta, G8635 Jain Samadhi Tohana, Faridabad-126 120
Dr Rajan Gupta, G8635 Jain Samadhi Tohana, Faridabad-126 120
Dr Mrinal Chandra Jha 22, Block-III, Eros Garden Charmwood Village, Faridabad-121009
Dr Aditya Kumar Singh, Rajiv Memorial Eye Infirmary 14/5, Jacob Pura, Gurgaon-122001
Dr (Mrs) Sandeepa Ahuja, A6667327, Sector-21, Gurgaon- 122 016
Dr Abrol Sangeeta, A6334 828, Sector 15-II, Gurgaon-
Dr (Mrs) Saman Adil, A5673 109-b, Hamilton Court Phase - IV, Dlf, Gurgaon
 Dr (air Marshal) M.s. Boparai, B0132 915, Defence Colony Sector - 17, Gurgaon-122 001
Dr Hitendra Triloknath Ahooja, A8198 560/1, Dayanand Colony, Gurgaon  122 001
Dr Sonia Bhalla, B6832 Y-033, Regency Park - II Dlf City, Phase - IV, Gurgaon-122 002
Dr Anu Bahri, B6819, Sector-3 H.b. Colony G.f., Ballabhgarh
Dr Bakshi Ravindra Kumar, B5688 H.n. 410, Sector - 4 Urban Estate, Gurgaon-122001
Dr Dhingra Kaushal, 1613 Sector - 4 Urban Estate, Gurgaon-122 001 Email:
Dr (Mrs) Padma Gupta, G5043 House No.1263 Sector - 4 Urban Estate, Gurgaon-122001
Dr Mahesh Kumar Gupta, G6457 House No. 868 Sector 23-a, Gurgaon- 122 017
Dr Dheeraj Gupta, G6912, Sector - 14, Gurgaon-122 001
Dr Rupal Gupta, G8806, Sector - 14, Gurgaon-122 001
Dr Goyal Mukesh, G3698 Goyal Netra Chikitsalaya Mahabir Chowk Mohindergarh Road, Narnaul-123 001
Dr Ahuja Markanday, A5626 Eye Hospital Asthal Bohar, Rohtak-124001
Dr Sumir K. Bhateja, B4220 Bhateja Ophthalmic Centre 5, Red Cross Bhawan, civil Rd., Rohtak-124001
Dr Sarb Pal Singh Bhatia, B6660 2451, Sector - I H.u.d.a., Rohtak  124 001
Dr Joginder Pal Chugh, C4295 115-l, model Town, Rohtak-124001
Dr Chhhillar Vir Vikram Singh, C7290 2053, Huda Sector - I, Rohtak  124 001
Dr Chawla Urmil, C6868 House No.261 Subhash Nagar, Rohtak-124 001
Dr Chhhillar Vir Vikram Singh, C7290 2053, Huda Sector - I, Rohtak  124 001
Dr Chawla Urmil, C6868 House No.261 Subhash Nagar, Rohtak-124 001
Dr Ishwar Singh, I3244 926, Vijay Park Sonepat Road, Rohtak- 124 001
Dr Dhull Chand Singh, D2958 1/9-j, Medical Enclave, Rohtak- 124 001
Dr Meetu Gupta, G9245 1316/19, Kirpal Cottage Sant Nagar, Rohtak- 124 001
Dr G.D. Agnihotri, Agnihotri Eye Hospital, Hissar-125001
Dr S.B. Jain, J3648 Jain Eye Hospital Model Town, Hisar-125001
Dr Adarsh Kumar Sharma, Jindal Hospital Model Town, Hisar-125001
Dr Ashok Garg, Garg Eye Hospital 235, Model Town Near Dabra Chowk, Hissar-125 005
Dr Jaswant Rai Bansal, B6009 Sewak Sabha Hospital Sirsa Road, Hisar  125001
Dr Batra Rajesh, B4739 Poonam Eye Hospital Near Bus Stand Fatehabad, Hissar-125050
Dr Vipan Goyal, G7659 Sh. Kali Devi Eye & General Hospital, Hansi  125 033
Dr Praveen Kumar Arora, Near Railway Crossing, Hisar Road, Sirsa-125055 Tel : Hospital-01666221900, 01666221901.Res.01666228334.Mobile 09896028334 Email :
Dr Chaudhary OP, C1233 Chief Surgeon Dr Chaudhary Eye Hospital Opposite Surkhab Tourist Comp., Sirsa-125055
Dr T.N. Gupta, G0327 Sirsa Eye Clinic Outside Band Gate Nai Mandi Road, Sirsa-125055
Dr Subhash C. Aggarwal, Saligram Eye Hospital Palika Bazar, Jind- 126102
Dr Babulal Sharma, B3067 Nirmal Eye Hospital, Jind-126102
Dr Batra Rajesh, B3571 Batra Eye Hospitaln Model Town Narvana, Jind  126116
Dr Davinder Kumar Bindlish, B7806 Rohtak Road, Near Gopal Vidya Mandir, , Jind -
Dr Ashok Garg, 170/x, Arya Up Nagar Narwana, Jind-126 116
Dr Chaudhary Anil, C6956 302/8, Krishna Colony, Bhiwani-127 021
Dr Dhir Pawan, Shop No.2 & 3 Dhir Eye Hospital, circular Rd. Opp.adarsh Nagar, nr.bus Stand, Bhiwani-127021
Dr Ramesh Dhankhar, Suman Hospital Meham Road, Bhiwani-127 021
Dr Gupta Ramesh Chander, G3082 Medical Superintendent K.l. Jalan Govt. Eye Hospital, Bhiwani-127 021
Dr Jitender Kumar, Village & P.O.-rupgarh Distt.- Bhiwani, Bhiwani-127021
Dr Suresh Arya, A6788 Arya Eye Hospital Subhash Chowk, Sonepat- 131 001
Dr Sewa Ram Goel, G3946 Kaladeep Nursing & Mat. Home Gohana, Sonepat
Dr Vineet Jain, J9745 Sector - 15, Sonepat-131 001
Dr Thakur Bharat Kumar, Thakur Eye And Maternity Hospital, Kunjpura Road Near Post Office, Karnal-132001
Dr Bhatnagar G. K., B2479 Bhatnagar Eye Centre Hospital Road, Karnal  132 001
Dr Sanjeev Arora, A7873 House No. 650 Sector - 7, Karnal-132001
Dr Nanak Chand Gupta, G2969 1943, Sec 13, U.E., Karnal-132 001
Dr Gupta Nagesh, G6417 Nagesh Eye Hospital Railway Road, Karnal- 132 001
Dr Gupta Salil, Adj. Dav School For Boys, Karnal-132 001
Dr Manoj Gupta, 1968/13, Urban Estates, Karnal-
Dr Divya Jindal, 220, Old Housing Board Opp. Sector 13, Karnal- 132 001
Dr Vasudev Bansal, B5776 P.O. Box No. 11, Kaithal-132027
Dr Mehar Chand Garg, G6318 Garg Eye Hospital, Kaithal-132 027
Dr (Mrs) Charu Gupta, G6545, State Bank Road Opp. Bus Stand, Kaithal-136 027
Dr Aggarwal Ashok, Aggarwal Eye Hospital Side Lane Hotel Regency GT Road, Panipat-132103
Dr Aman Kumar, Aman Hosp., bishan Saroop Colo. Opp. Bus Stand Bishan Saroop Colony, Panipat-
Dr Brij Kishore Gupta, B2640 Gupta Eye Hospital 332-r, Model Town, Panipat-132 103
Dr Brij Kishore Gupta, B2640 Gupta Eye Hospital 332-r, Model Town, Panipat-132 103
Dr R.K. Bajaj, B5586 Bajaj Eye Centre 206, New Sukhdev Nagar, Panipat  132103
Dr Chaudhry Bhupesh, C4723 64, Sukhdev Nagar, Panipat-
Dr Chaudhry Bhupesh, C4723 64, Sukhdev Nagar, Panipat-
Dr Gupta Anil, G4259 718, Phase - I Sector 11-12, Huda, Panipat- 132 103
Dr Gupta Gian Chand, G2041 Insar Chowk Karnal Distt., Panipat- 132103
Dr Satish Kumar Gupta, G6254 716, Huda Sector 11-12 Part-ii, Panipat
Dr Hari Ram Gutain, G6454 Denior Medical Officer C.H.C., Radaur- 132 133
Dr P.K.singh Ahluwalia, A5118 K.G. Nursing Home 1206 , Sector 7, Panchkula-134108
Dr Amba Vijay Kumar, A4805 House No. 981, Sector - 4, Panchkula
Dr (col) Chaudhry Sudhir Kumar, C2707 Sector - 12, Panchkula  134 112
Dr Devinder Kumar Arora, D2837 House No.1602, Sector 15, Panchkula
Dr Gupta Amod Kumar, 270 Sector-4 Mansa Devi Complex, Panchkula- 134 108
Dr Ashok Gupta  Drshti Eye Hospital Sco 2, Sector - 11, Panchkula
Dr Bakshi Kumar Gupta, G5914 House No.30 Sector - 7, Panchkula-
Dr Arun Kumar Jain, J3907 House No.195 Sector 12-a, Panchkula- 134 109
Dr Arora S.K., Gagan Memorial Hospital Ladwa Road, Shahabad(m), Kurukshetra  132135
Dr Anil Kumar, Kumar Nursing Home Ambala Road Pehowa, Kurukshetra- 132128
Dr Bharat Bhushan, B3753 Bandlas Nursing Home Ambala Road, Pehowa- 132128
Dr Bansal Ram Narain, B6515 Bansal Clinic & Eye Hospital Red Road, Kurukshetra-132 118
Dr Subhash Chauhan, C3072 P.d. Memorial, Chauhan Eye & Met. Hosp., # 126, Sector 5, Urban Estate, Opp. Dist. Jail, Kurukshetra 136 118
Dr Vinod Dhir, D4855 Saraswathi Mashaal Eye & General Hospital Kurukshetra Road, Pehowa-
Dr Vijay Kumar Gupta, G5657 Ankur Nursing Home, Kurukshetra-
Dr RP Goel, G6309 1167, Sector-7 Urban State, Kurukshetra-
Dr Sohan Lal Bansal, B3170 Eye Surgeon................... Puran Vihar, Near Dimple ..... Cinema, Jagdhri-135001
Dr Hansraj Deepak, H1695, I Cross Road-ee Muhalla, Ambala Cantt-133001
Dr (lt.col) Gautam Datt, G3812 Classified Specialist (ophth) Military Hospital, Ambala Cantt-133 001
Dr Vinay Gupta, G8026 Dev Eye Hospital Jagadhri Road, Ambala Cantt  133 001
Dr Arya Om Prakash, A6531house No.2, Doctors Colony Opp.- Iti, Ambala City-134 003
Dr Nalini Cooner, 1674/XI Mahavir Nagar, Ambala City-134 002
Dr Nalini Cooner, 1674/XI Mahavir Nagar, Ambala City-134 002
Dr Raj Kumar Gupta, G3889 Ambala Eye Hospital 792, Sector - 7 Urban Estate, Ambala City-134 002
Dr Kaushal Ranbir Kumar, K2113 406, Sector - 8 Urban Estate, Ambala City-
Dr Bansal Dental And Eye Clinic Opp. Dd Aggarwal School New Sabji Mandi, Jagadhri, Yamunanagar-135 003
Dr Dinesh Goyal, G6459 House No.1655-b Guru Teg Bahadur Nagar Workshop Road, Yamuna Nagar-
Dr Raj Kumar Dua, D2843 412, Sarojini Colony, Yamuna Nagar- 135001
Dr Nidhi Gupta, G5788 Hari Bhawan Civil Lines, Jagadhri-
Dr S.b. Gupta, G3081 Main Road, Yamuna Nagar-135001

Paediatric Surgery
Dr Kapil Vidyarthi H/340-B, Palam Vihar, Gurgaon-122001
Plastic Surgery
102/66 Silver Oaks
DLF Qutub Enclave-I
Tel: 9152-26352227/ 9811011008

191, Urban Estate-II
Hisar, Haryana-125005
Dr. V.D. Singh
#100, Sector-8
Panchkula-134109, Haryana
Tel: 725532/ 572746

Dr Rashmi Saluja SCO 183/8-C 543447
 Dr A. N. Ghosh Upgrade to Sponsored Listing | Report Error

Dr AN Ghosh 1812, 1st Floor, Sector -33 D, Chandigarh- 160036 Tel : 2612552, 9814055090
Dr Anil Pahwa SCF 16 Sector 19-D Chandigarh Tel : 2780308
Dr Bhim Sain Singla 231 Sector 9 Panchkula, Chandigarh-134109 Tel : 2560646
Dr G P Malik 808 Sector 22 A, Chandigarh-160022 Tel : 2700456
Dr Gurvinder Singh SCO 822 Sector 22A, Chandigarh-160022 Tel : 2715284
Dr Harinder Kaur Bali 122/A Sector 24A, Chandigarh-160023 : 2721206
Dr Harjinder Singh PGI Campus, Sector 12, Chandigarh-160012 Tel : 2745295
Dr J M Goyal 8 Sector 18A, Chandigarh-160018 Tel : 2775565
Dr J P Singh 3031 Sector 19D, Chandigarh-160019 Tel : 2780087
Dr Madan Mohan Lal SCO 180 Sector 37 C, Chandigarh-160036 Tel : 2691345
Dr Mohinder Partap Arora 2153 Sector 15C, Chandigarh-160015 Tel : 2780558
Dr Pawan Kumar Aggarwal 14 Sector 7C, Chandigarh-160019 Tel : 2770282
Dr Shashi Jindal SCO 47-49, Sector -34, Chandigarh- 160036 Tel : 2612552, 2604977, 9814029941
Dr Sunalini Suri 232 Sector 35, Chandigarh-160022 Tel : 2610302


Dr Amarjit Singh Narula 3601 Sector 35-D, Chandigarh-160022 Tel : 2605268
Dr Gurvinder Pal 1156 Sector 32-B, Chandigarh-160047 Tel : 2666283
Dr H S Gill 1707 Sector 22, Chandigarh-160022 Tel : 2701927
Dr K C Singla 1043 Sector 36C, Chandigarh-160036 Tel : 2600442
Dr Monika Mittal SCO 250, Near Canara Bank, Sector -44 C, Chandigarh Tel : 2621598, 9814811437
Dr Parmjit Singh Walia SCF-17, Phase-3B2, Mohali, Chandigarh- 160064 Tel : 2221456, 09417015261
Dr R.K. Talwar 1104, Sector -34 C, Chandigarh Tel : 2664422, 2602284
Dr Rama Pandhi 1151, Sector -36 C, Chandigarh Tel : 2600905, 5080508

E.N.T. Specialists

Dr S C Pandhi 1151 Sector 36 C, Chandigarh-160036 Tel : 2600905, 5080508
Dr Birendar Singh Mangat 172 Sector 36A, Chandigarh-160036 Tel : 2660589
Dr Chandresh Mohindru 2359 Sector 22C, Chandigarh-160022 Tel : 2705597
Dr D K Chandak 1623 Sector 35, Chandigarh-160022 Tel : 2601623
Dr Ganesh Dutt Rattan SCO-170 Ist Floor Sector 37c Chandigarh-160036 Tel : 2694554
Dr K C Singla 1043 Sector 36C, Chandigarh-160036 Tel : 2600442
Dr Sukhdev Singh 3049 Sector 19D, Chandigarh-160019 : 2774848
Dr Suman Kumar 61 Sector 15, Chandigarh-160015 Tel : 2577111
Dr Y N Mehra 757 Sector 8 B, Chandigarh-160018 Tel : 2548278

 Dr Birinder Nagi Opp. Panjab University, Sector -12, Chandigarh- 160012 Tel : 22728851

General Surgeon
Dr B.L.Talwar 1282/8-B 45487, 44955

Dr Anita Pahwa Booth No 116, Sector 7, Chandigarh-160019 Tel : 2771012
Dr Bimal Kumari Jain 2649, Sector 40, Chandigarh-160036 Tel : 2695445
Dr Bipin Kumar Gupta 1205, Sector 11 Panchkula Chandigarh-134109 Tel : 2565945
Dr Daljeet Kaur Gakhar 1600, Sector 34D, Chandigarh-160022 Tel : 2663625
Dr Hirander Kaur Rana 689 Phase-2 Mohali, Chandigarh-160055 Tel : 2671376
Dr Indu Gupta 78, Sector 24A, Chandigarh-160023 Tel : 2715856
Dr Indu Prabhakar 119, Sector 16A, Chandigarh-160015 Tel : 2770119
Dr Jai Preet Nagra 217, Sector 9C, Chandigarh-160017 Tel : 2743207
Dr K D Thukral 150, Sector 8 Panchkula Chandigarh-134109 Tel : 2571305
Dr Madhu Gopal SCF-16 Phase-7 Mohali, Chandigarh-160055 Tel : 2672469
Dr Minu Sabharwal SCO 40-41 Sector 9d Chandigarh-160017 Tel : 2741451
Dr Mohinderjeet Kaur Brar 1012, Sector -42 B, Chandigarh- 160042 Tel : 2611663, 2625855, 9814013604
Dr Mrs Umesh N. Jindal 3050 Dakshin Marg, Sector -20 D, Chandigarh Tel : 5086774, 2727773/ 74
Dr Mrs Urmil Kaushal 124, Sector 11 Panchkula Chandigarh-134109 Tel : 2560516
Dr Mrs Vandana Singh Raghuvans SCO 365, Sector -44 D, Chandigarh - 160047 Tel : 2613622, 9872880634
Dr Preeti Mehra  Sector 34 A Chandigarh-160047 Tel : 2700754
Dr R.S. Reen 1012, Sector -42 B, Chandigarh Tel : 2611663, 2625855, 9814013604
Dr Rachna Abrol SCO 833-834 (FF), Sector -22 A, Chandigarh
Dr Sarala Opp. Panjab University, Sector -12, Chandigarh- 160012 Tel : 2747585
Dr Shiela Arora 267, Sector 33A, Chandigarh-160036 Tel : 2606679
Dr Sukhdev Kaur Grewal 1006, Sector 36, Chandigarh-160036 Tel : 2607481
Dr Sukhjeet Kaur 1147, Sector 15, Chandigarh-160015 2780319
Dr Suman Jain 267, Sector 15 Panchkula Chandigarh-134109 Tel : 2565168

Dr SK Bansal Prakriti Brain Neuro Research  Center,  Sector-8C, Madhya Marg Tel : 0172- 2542457 Email :

Dr Manjari Bhargava 718/8-B Tel : 545147, 49502

Dr Pushpa Bhargava 718/8-B 545147, 49502
Dr Umesh N.Jindal SCO 52-54/17-C 703222

Oncology (Surgical)
Dr G. R. Verma (47) 98, Sector-24-AChandigarh 160023 Tel :(0172)710785 (0172)705078Email :
Dr Ashok Kumar Attri H.No. 1155, Sec. 32-BChandigarh-Tel. 0172-2603233 (R), 0172-2665253-59, Ext.2513 (W)Fax- 2609360, Mobile: 98156-91306Email:
Dr S. M. Bose  Department of Surgery, PGI, Chandigarh 160012 Tel :(0172) 747585, 747632 Fax: 744401, 745078, 744550 0172-715194Email :
Lt. Col. M. Ganguly  Surgical OncologistCommand HospitalWestern CommandChandimandirChandigarhPIN-134107E.Mail : manomoyg @
Dr Rajesh Gupta H. NO. 5739, Sector 38 (W) Chandigarh 160036 Tel :(0172) 747585 EXT. 410, 384(0172) 625488, 625340Fax: (0172) 744401, 745078 Email :
Dr N. M. Gupta Prof. of Surgery514, Sector 36-BChandigarh,, 160036Tel :(0172) 747585 Ext. 410(0172) 715071, Fax: (0172) 744401, 745078
Dr Lileswar Kamal Dept. of Surgery, PGIMER, Chandigarh- 160 012Tel. 0172-2747584, Fax-0172-2744401 (R)0172-2747585-95 Ext.6640 (W)Mobile: 9815084847Email:
Dr Alok Majumdar  D-55, Sector-12, Old Doctorís Hostel PGIChandigarh 160012
Dr Gurpreet Singh 52, Sector 16ChandigarhPunjab
Dr AK Dhir, D3906 1055, Sector - 15, Chandigarh 160015
Dr Amit Gupta, G7896 House No.233 Sector - 16 A, Chandigarh 160 016
Dr Areet, A64871245, Sector 43-b, Chandigarh 160 035
Dr Ashok Sharma, Deptt. Of Ophthalmology Of Medical & Research, Chandigarh
Dr Bhajan Singh, B1437 House No.1103 Sector 11-c, Chandigarh 160011
Dr Brar Gagandeep Singh, B6474, Sector 32-d, Chandigarh 160 047
Dr Dalvir Singh 2683, Sector 70 Mohali, Chandigarh-160059 Tel : 2221091
Dr Deol Sukhvinder Singh, D8704 House No.3074 Sector - 37 D, Chandigarh 160 036
Dr Dhindsa GS D1388 House No. 2160 Sector 21 C, Chandigarh
Dr Gill MS G4125 Sector 10-d, Chandigarh
Dr Archana Nandeshwar, A6456 House No.6, Sector-23, Chandigarh-
Dr Grover Rohit, G4417 Grover Eye & E.n.t. Hospital 140, Sector 35a, Chandigarh 160036
Dr Gurjeet Singh 219, Sector 33A, Chandigarh-160047 Tel : 2614000
Dr Gurmeet Singh Mangat, G5134 H.n. 401 Sector 35-a, Chandigarh
Dr Jagat Ram Dept of OphthalmologyPGI Chandigarh 160012
Dr Jagdish Lal Chaudhary, C1244, Sector - 16, Chandigarh 160 016
Dr Jai Singh Civil Hospital Phase-6 Mohali, Chandigarh-160055 Tel : 2650606
Dr Jaspal Singh Gill, G5783 House No.243 Sector - 21, Chandigarh
Dr Jaspreet Sukhija, J9047 Sector 34-d, Chandigarh 160 022
Dr Mangat R. Dogra, 5 Sector 19-A, Chandigarh 160 019 Email:
Dr Neeraj Sood SCO 166, First Floor, Sector -37 C, Chandigarh - 160036 Tel : 5078320, 2690958, 9814102186
Dr Ritu Agarwala, A6471349, Sector 15-a, Chandigarh 160 015
Dr S.P.S. Grewal, G2345 49, Sector 11-a, Chandigarh 160011
Dr Sandeep Jain, Jain Eye Centre Sco 50-51, First Floor Sector - 17 A, Chandigarh 160 017
Dr Shashi Mehta Deodhar, D2932 House No.1224 Sector 42-b, Chandigarh 160 036
Dr Sudesh Kumar Arya, 1155-a Sector - 32 B, Chandigarh 160 047 Email:
Dr Sujata Grover, G6153 339, Sector-35 A, Chandigarh 160 022
Dr T. S. Sandhu SCO 372, Sector -32 D, Chandigarh Tel : 5096222, 5096221
Dr Virdi Davinder Singh 608, Sector 33B, Chandigarh-160047 Tel : 2611000
Dr Vishali Gupta, G9387 5739, Sector - 38 West, Chandigarh 160 036

Dr H C Gupta 645 Sector 16-D, Chandigarh-160015 Tel : 2782587
Dr Harish Chander Gupta 645 Sector 16D, Chandigarh-160015 Tel : 2771353
Dr Krishan Kumar Bansal 936 Sector 10 Panchkula, Chandigarh-134109 Tel : 2582912
Dr Mandeep Singh Dhillon 1090/2 Sector 39, Chandigarh-160036 Tel : 2694774
Dr Mohinder Kaushal S.C.O 66, Tribune Road, Sector -20 C, Chandigarh - 160020 Tel : 5017796, 5017797
Dr Pardaman Singh 160 Sector 19 A, Chandigarh-160019 Tel : 2775853
Dr Ravjit Singh 5804 Modern Housing Cmplx Phase-3 Manimajra, Chandigarh-160101 Tel : 2730202
Dr Salil Saha : SCF 6 Phase 2 Sas Nagar Mohali-160055 Tel : 2266833
Dr Vikas Mehra 3251 Sector 21 D, Chandigarh-160022 Tel : 2703779
Dr Vinod Kumar 11, Sector -11 A, Chandigarh - 160011 Tel : 9815072551, 9888444044

Dr Anish Mahajan  SCO 31/7-C Tel : 541254, 541257
Dr Gurminder Kaur Sidhu 658 Phase-3b1 Mohali, Chandigarh-160055 Tel : 4623658, 2273728; 91-9872003658
Dr Ajay Pal Singh Sh No 5 Phase-3-B-1 Mohali, Chandigarh-160055 Tel : 2672425
Dr Anil Malhotra SCO 183 Sector 37-C Chandigarh-160034 Tel : 2691978
Dr Biren Suri 232, Sector 35, Chandigarh-160022 Tel : 2604169
Dr Daljit Singh 155, Sector 18A, Chandigarh-160018 Tel : 2778161
Dr Deepak Bansal Opp. Panjab University, Sector -12, Chandigarh- 160012 Tel : 2541200, 2747585
Dr Devi Dayal Sector 12, Chandigarh-160012 Tel : 2745964
Dr Gurmeet Singh Seali Seali Clinic Burail, Chandigarh-160047 Tel : 2614578
Dr Mahesh Kumar Hiranandani 1204, Sector 18, Chandigarh-160018 Tel : 2772506
Dr Monica Bhatia 1278, Sector 15B, Chandigarh-160015 Tel : 2770735
Dr R P Bansal SCO 20 Ist Flr Sector 34 C Chandigarh-160022 Tel : 2610060
Dr Rajiv Sehgal 3376, Sector 32, Chandigarh-160047 Tel : 2606688
Dr Shailesh Mehta SCO69, First Floor, Sector -40 C, Chandigarh- 160036 Tel : 5014445, 9814832604
Dr Shiela Arora 267, Sector 33A, Chandigarh-160036 Tel : 2606679
Dr Shyam Sunder Banka 3121, Sector 20, Chandigarh-160020 Tel : 2708725

Dr H.K.Kaul 338/15-A 770994, 43249
Dr I.Gujral SCO 139-41/17-C 702940, 701085
Dr Indrani Khandelwal SCO 108-109/8-C 772052
Dr Jagtar Singh SCO 139-41/17-C 702940, 701085
Dr Pushpa Talwar 1282/8-C 45487

Plastic Surgeon
Dr C.Balakrishnan 753/8-B 544560, 41438
Dr V.D.Singh  SCO 41/Sector 9 547535
Dr Rajesh Kaushash 1006, Sector 21B, Chandigarh-160022 Tel: 09814197833 E-Mail:
DR. RAMESH SHARMA 92, Sector 24-A Chandigarh-160023 Tel: 172-2726869/ 172-2756792
LT.COL.TEJINDER SINGH BHATTI 1652, Sector-33D Chandigarh-47 Tel: 2602774 E-mail:
DR. VIPUL NANDA 600, Sector-16 Chandigarh-160015 Tel: 770400/ 546600 E-Mail:
Dr Dwarka Parshad 99 Sector 15A, Chandigarh-160015 Tel : 2772024
Dr N N Wig SCO 52-54 Sector 17c Chandigarh-160017 Tel : 2567242
Dr Parmod Kumar SCO-808 Manimajara Sector 22-A Chandigarh-160022 Tel : 2731657
Dr Savita Malhotra Opp. Panjab University, Sector -12, Chandigarh - 160012 Tel : 2747585

Dr Baljit Kaur SCF 14/16-D 743239

Dr Col V.K.Kapoor 5776, Manimajra-III 608660

Dr. Deepika Kalia Smt. Paarvati Devi Hospital, A-Block, Ranjit Avenue, Amritsar-143001 Tel : 5096601, 5096607
Oncology (Surgical)
Dr Sunil Kumar Singh Dept. of Surgery, Christian Med. College & HospitalLudhiana, -141008Tel :(0161)665956, 669924-27 Ext. 4250(0161) 665979
Dr Amreek Singh  14-F, Shaheed Bhagat Singh NagarPakhowal RoadLudhiana, Punjab 141002
Dr Ravi Kant Arora B-1/1041Civil Lines, Dandi Swami ChowkLudhiana- 141001 (0161) 449-005 Hm Fax: (0161) 477-433
Dr D. N. Bhardwaj (5)  TC Medical College Campus Patiala , -
Dr Satish Jain 661-B, Aggar NagarLudhianaPunjab 141009Tel :(0161) 670182, 672101, 672104, 674800(0161) 459411Mobile: 9814002017 Fax: (0161) 672100
Dr Tarang Patel  Shrey Hospital & Research CentreStadium CentrePunjabi Hall Lane, Navrangpura Ahmedabad Gujarat 380009 Tel :(079) 6468620, (079) 6740140Mobile: 9825022074, Fax: (079) 6565921Email :
Dr R. K. Sharma 732, Patel Nagar, civil LinesLudhiana, -141001
Dr B. S. Sidhu 72-A, Phase V, Beauty AvenueAmritsarPunjab 143001Tel :(0183) 396600, 396606, 396607(0183) 223488 Mobile: 9814001207Email :
Dr Tejinder Singh 70-C Model Town, Phagwara Distt. Kapurthala, (Punjab)- 144401Tel.- 0161-2452040(R), 0161-2670182(W)Mobile: 98154-00488Email:
 Dr Rupinder Kumar Bhargava 6-B Lal Nagar, Model TownJalandhar- 1440003Tel.: 0181-2276337 (R), 0181-2670664(W)Mobile: 98145-20208Email: docrupinder@rediffmail
Dr Lakhvinder Singh 318, Jaswant Nagar, JalandarTel.: 0181- 2226177(R)E:Mail:
Dr Daljeet Singh  Consultant, Deptt. of Surgery, Flat No.A/5, Officers FlatHoman Daioswal Cancer treatment & Res. FoundationG.T.Road, Sherpur Chowk, Ludhiana.

Dr Harleen Bhullar, B8673 285, Police Lines, Amritsar-143 001
Dr Kewal Krishan Bhalla, B9297 10, Kairon Colony Near Nirmal Swami The Mall, Amritsar-143 001
Dr Komal Deep Bedi, B7698 House No.7, Street No.1 Behind Mayur Hotel Model Town, Amritsar-143 001
Dr Bhavna Bhatia, B6023 41, Anand Avenue, Amritsar-140 001
Dr Bhupinder Singh, B6239 62/29, Kashmir Avenue The Mall, Amritsar Punjab 143 001
Dr Anil Bhatia, B1873 Bhatia Hospital Neewan Bazarr, Jallianwalla Bagh, Amritsar-143001
Dr Dev Raj Bhatia, B0103 Neewan Bazar Jalianwala Bagh, Amritsar- 143006
Dr Poonam Ahuja, 27, Teachers Flats Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar Punjab 143 006
Dr Amrit Lal, A4758 Dalpit Eye Hospital, Amritsar-
Dr Amarjit Singh, Eye Nursing Home & Contect Lens Clinic Dhab, Khatikan, Amritsar-143001
Dr Khanna K.k., K1811 1, Circular Road, Amritsar-143001
Dr Khanna K.k., K1811 1, Circular Road, Amritsar-143001
Dr Inderjit Kaur, I8714 20, Doctors Avenue, Amritsar-143 001
Dr Ashish Gupta, Grain Market, Patti, Amritsar-143 416
Dr Gurinder Singh, 90, Street No.2 Hussain Pura (west), Amritsar- 143 001
Dr Harmit Kaur, H575457, Joshi Colony The Mall, Amritsar-143001
Dr Duggal Kiran, D5590 13/30, Amritkunj Ave. Opp. Medical College, Amritsar-143 001
Dr Inderjit Kaur, I6199 20, Doctors Avenue, Amritsar-143 001
Dr Indu R. Singh, I3399 57, Joshi Colony The Mall, Amritsar- 143 001
Dr Dhillon Baljeet Singh, 9, Phase - II Guru Nanak Avenue Majitha Road, Amritsar-143 001
Dr Chhina Surjit Singh, C6410 276, Medical Enclave Circular Road, Amritsar Punjab 143 001
Dr Bansal Pawan Kumar, B1819 47-e, Tagore Nagar Civil Lines, Ludhiana Punjab
Dr Brar Devinderjit Singh, B1851 32-d, sarabha Nagar, Ludhiana- 141001
Dr Simmi Aggarwal, A8701 81-d, Kitchlu Nagar, Ludhiana-141 001
Dr Bajwa Gurkirat Singh, B3831 220-a, Sarabha Nagar, Ludhiana-
Dr Bhatti S.m., B3856 Eye Department, C.m.c., Ludhiana-
Dr Alok, A9473 2505, Hig Flats Phase II, Dugri, Ludhiana-
Dr Hitesh Adya, A9608 B-iv, S-2/45 Rai Bhadhur Road Chawal Bazar, Ludhiana Punjab 141 008
Dr Baljit Kaur, Guru Nanak Pura Doraha Mandi, Ludhiana-
Dr Neeraj Arora, A7073 Ved Nursing Home 608/2, Gurdev Nagar, Ludhiana Punjab 141 001
Dr Anand Gurdeep Singh,, Phase - I Urban Estate, Dugri Road, Ludhiana-141 002
Dr Seema Arora, A6331 Senior Resident Dept. Of Ophthalmology C.m.c., Ludhiana-141 008
Dr Ajai Pal Singh, A655842, Staff Colony Guru Nanak Engineering College, Ludhiana-141 003
Dr Bipin Beri, B2327 533-l, model Town, , Ludhiana-
Dr Amarjit Singh, Eye & General Hospital & Boparai Optical Co. Railway Road, Doraha, Ludhiana-
Dr Kukreja Raghbir Singh, Chowk Lakkar Bazar, Kukreja Clinic, Ludhiana -
Dr Dhami G.s., D2360 82-b, Kitchlu Nagar Haibowal Road, Ludhiana-
Dr Dhir Vinod, D3998 83-l, Model Town Opp. Children Traffic Park, Ludhiana Punjab
Dr Daniel Richard, D1931 Emeritus Professor Of Ophth. Drb.l.kapur Memorial Hospital GT Road, Ludhiana-141008
Dr Manjula Anne Choudhrie, C5086 Christian Medical College, Ludhiana Punjab
Dr Chatterjee Arin, Deptt. Of Ophth. Christian Medical College & Brown Memorial Hospital, Ludhiana-141008
Dr Chaku T.k., Modern Eye Cli.& Cont Lens Cen Chauri Sarak Near Akki Bai Eye Hospital, Ludhiana-141008
Dr Sudesh Kumar Chopra, C0173 Eye Dep, prof. Of Ophthalmology Christian Medical College, Ludhiana-141001
Dr Indrajit Singh Bagga, B6467 160 'i' Block B.r.s. Nagar, Ludhiana Punjab
Dr Ashok Kumar Bhandari, B6256 45-a, Rishi Nagar, Ludhiana-141 001
Dr Gurvinder Kaur Jassal, J8616 A-1, Model Town Entension - II, Ludhiana Punjab 141 002
Dr Deepak Kumar Gupta, G6855 Ludhiana Eye Hospital # 2, Atam Nagar, Ludhiana-141 003
Dr Gupta Ashok Kumar, G5268 531 , H.i.g. (l) Jabalpur Colony, Ludhiana Punjab
Dr Dinesh Garg, G4671 4-d, Kitchlu Nagar, Ludhiana-141 001
Dr Suruchi Goswami, G6047 112-a, Model Town Extn., Ludhiana- 141 002
Dr Grewal S.s., G0293 654, Gurdev Nagar, Ludhiana-141001
Dr (Mrs) Grewal R.k., G1515 654, Gurdev Nagar, Ludhiana-141001
Dr Girn Hardev Singh, G3398 Eye & General Hospital GT Road Snehwal, Ludhiana-141120
Dr Arora Vivek, A9123 E.g. 954-a Gobind Garh, Jalandhar-144 001
Dr Shelly Aggarwal, A8847 77, Shaheed Udham Singh Nagar, Jalandhar Punjab 144 001
Dr Anand Viney, A7756 718, Guru Tegh Bahadur Nagar, Jalandhar- 144 003
Dr Naresh Kumar Gupta, G2207 Gupta Eye Clinic 23, Moolraj Road, Jalandhar Cantt-144001
Dr Surinder Kumar Gupta, G1575 Prem Eye Hospital, GT Road, Jalandhar Punjab 144001
Dr Swinder Singh Dhingra 55, Shaheed Udham Singh Nagar, Jalandhar- 144 001
Dr Hema Saroch, H9301 Rajan Memorial Hospital Gulab Devi Hospital Road, Jalandhar-144 008
Dr Chinorupu Jacob Prabhakar, Ruby Nelson Memorial Hospital Of Soa C/1, Cantonment, Jalandhar-144 005
Dr Charanjit Singh, C6406 411, Urban Estate Phase - I, Jalandhar-
Dr M.P.s. Bhatia, B6803 56, bank Enclave P.O. Model Town, Jalandhar City-144 003
Dr Baweja Maninder Singh, B7486 213, Master Tara Singh Nagar, Jalandhar City-144 001
Dr Balbir Singh Bhaura, B4104 49-r, Model Town, Jalandhar-
Dr Beri Madanlal, B1432 Banga Distt., Jalandhar-144001
Dr (Lt Col) Ashok Kumar Chauhan, 241, Ranjit Enclave, Old Phagwara Road, Jalandhar Cantt.
Dr Narinder Singh Baweja, Baweja Eye Hospital S.hari Singh Nursing Home Milap Chowk, Jalandhar-144 001
Dr Sunil Batra, B6257 108, Guru Teg Bahadur Nagar, Jalandhar City-
Dr Sandeep Pal Bansal, Pal Hospital, Partap Bagh, Jalandhar City-144001 Email:
 Dr Bassi Vinod Kumar, B1740 6, Arora Complex Jalandhar Road, Hoshiarpur,
Dr Jaswant Singh Jhind, J4448 701-c Model Town, Jalandhar-
Dr Kataria Prem Kumar, Kataria Eye Hospital, near T.v. Studio Bhagwan Mahavir Marg, Jalandhar-144001
Dr Rajneesh Kumar Gupta, G7820 144, Bhai Ditt Singh Nagar, Jalandhar City-144 001
Dr Tajinder Singh Goindi, G6777 S/140 A, Industrial Area, Jalandhar Punjab 144 004
Dr Ghai Gurvinderjit Singh, Ghai Hospital Near Dushera Ground Phillaur, Jalandhar-144 410
Dr Gurdip Singh Boparai, B7897 45, Ajit Nagar, Patiala-147 001
Dr Mansingh Bhatia, B4174 59, Hem Bagh Colony Near Jijiyan Godown, Patiala-
Dr Batish Datinder, B7575 725-a, Harinder Nagar Sirhind Road, Patiala Punjab 147 001
Dr Sanjay Bhatnagar, Bengali Eye & Ent Centre Sirhindi Bazar, Patiala Punjab 147 001
Dr Bhatnagar Ravindra Nath, B3509 36, Raghubir Marg, Patiala- 147 001
Dr Bansel D.c., B0075 Govt. Medical College, Patiala-147001
Dr B.sukhdip Singh, B3712 86, bank Colony, Patiala-147001
Dr Somesh V. Aggarwal, A7984 160, shaheed Bhagatsingh Colony Rajpura Dist. Patiala, Patiala-140 401
Dr Asdeep Singh, A5638 3, Jagdish Ashram Road, Patiala-
Dr Balbir Singh, B2830 45 / 5 , Passi Road, Patiala-147001
Dr Gursatinder Singh, 73, Naagar Enclave New Officers Colony, Patiala-147 001 Ph: 0175-3091921, 2307475
Dr Hardev Singh, Rajpura Colony, Patiala-
Dr (Mrs) Harjeet Kaur Sidhu, H3512 7, Jagdish Ashram Enclave, Patiala Punjab 147 001
Dr Harinder Singh M., H2387, Bagichi Het Ram Sheranwala Gate, Patiala-147001
Drmanju Dewan Ultrasound Centre No.7, Singh Sabha Market Upper Mall, Patiala-147 001
Dr Rajesh Chander Chopra, C7827 34/a-l, Lehal Colony, Patiala- 147 001
Dr Dharam Vir Chalia, D3510 741, Sewa Singh Thekriwala Nagar (s.s.t. Nagar) Rajpura Road, Patiala-
Dr Dhanwant Singh, D0218 Prof. & Head -ophthalmo. Deptt Principal Govt.medical College, Patiala-147001
Dr Varinder Kumar Garg, G6446 34, Gian Colony Near 22 No. Phatak, Patiala Punjab 147 001
Dr R.n. Gothwal, G5203 92, New Officers Colony Cantt Area, Patiala Punjab
Dr Gurvinder Singh Randhawa, G4163 46, Dhaliwal Colony, Patiala-
Dr Durga Datt Aggarwal, Aggarwal Eye Hospital 548 Circular Road, Abohar Punjab 152116
Dr Ashwani Gautam, Adarsh Nagar Mukerain, Hoshiarpur-
Dr Amrik Singh Basra, Basra Nursing Home, , Dasuya, Hoshiarpur -144205
Dr Arora Anurag, Vandana Nursing Home Main Road, Malout-152 107
Dr Amandeep Singh, A6902 House No.612 Phase 2, (sector 54) SAS Nagar, Mohali-160 055
Dr Rajesh Aggarwal, A653512/1, New Town, Moga-142 001
Dr SP Garg, G5654 H. No. 3936, St. Jangliani, Fazilka - 152 123
Dr Sandeep Asija, A7987 1829/2, Dashmesh Nagar Opp. New Grain Market Jalalabad (w), Ferozepur-
Dr Amarjit Kaur, Ranjitgarh, Opp.iti Nawanshahr Chandigarh Road, Nawanshahr Punjab
Dr Bansal Anurag, B5812 104, Friends Colony GT Road, Moga- 142001
Dr Bansal Pradeep, B5377 Bansal Niwas Tapa, Sangrur-
Dr Bajwa R.s., B4736 248 Urban Estate, Batala-143505
Dr Bajwa B.s., B4159 Medical Officer I/c Civil Hosp Dinanagar, Gurdaspur Punjab
Dr Tarsem Lal Bharti, B6435 Village & P.O. Sahri, Hoshiarpur- 146 111
Dr Prem Lal Bharti, B6436 Village & P.O. Sahri, Hoshiarpur- 146 111
Dr Manindra Singh Brar, B6342 192 A/10, Shant Nagar, Bhatinda- 151 001
Dr Chaddah M.r., C0139 90-b, Model Town Phagwara, Kapurthala- 144401
Dr Deepinder Bhasin Mandeep Hospital Malerkotla Road, Khanna-
Dr Bajaj Asheesh, B8179 Jaswant Theatre Malout, Muktsar-152 107
Dr Chopra Rakesh Kumar, C1874 Rakesh Eye Hospital Nawanshahr, Doaba Punjab 144514
Dr Chalana Sham Lal, C5602 Chalana Eye Hospital Sahitya Sadan Market,
Dr B.k. Chhabra, C5146 M.o. /9/c Sharda Eye Hospital, Abohar-
Dr Cheema Hospital Near Swami Ramtirath School Phase IV, Mohli, Ropar Punjab
Dr Chahabra B.s., C2575 Rani Eye Hospital GT Road, Khanna- 141 401
Dr Bal Krishen Road, Hoshiarpur-
Dr Achhar Singh Chathle, C9263 Scf 22-23 Shri Narottam Nagar Sumadhi Road, Khanna-141 401
Dr Chuni Lal, C8601 Preet Nagar Dav College Road, Hoshiarpur-
Dr Dhaliwal Upkar Singh, D3428 P.O. Box No. 14 Head Post Office, Faridkot Punjab 151 203
Dr Dhaliwal Ranjit Singh, D2785 Hira Mahal Opp. PPS Staff Colony, Nabha Punjab 147201
Dr Harkirat Singh, H6033 Village & P.O. Dhugga Kalan, Hoshiarpur Punjab
Dr Devinder Kumar Dhanda, B-5,, Lajpat Nagar Behind Sutlej Cinema Chandigarh Road, Nawanshahr-
Dr Anita Dadra, Teachers Colony, Zeera Road Opp. Military Gate, Moga Punjab
Dr Gurdeep Singh, G2373 Street No.15, House No.46 New Krishna Nagar, Hoshiarpur-146001
Dr Sushil Kumar Gupta, G1259 Eye & Maternity Hospital GT Road, Moga-142001
Dr Sandeep Dhawan, D9607 Dhawan Hospital, Kapurthala-144 601
Dr Surinder Kumar Gupta, G6223 Kothi No. 14 River View Road, Nangal Punjab 140 124
Dr Gian Singh, G6061 Jang Memorial Eye, ent Hospital, Abohar- 152 116
Dr N.r. Gupta, G5653 68, Medical Campus, Faridkot-151203
Dr Yash Paul Goel, G5394 Medical Officer Health, Nangal Township-
Dr Kamal Gupta, G7343 154, Model Town, Pathankot-145 001
Dr Gupta Pankaj Shushil, G7113 Eye & Maternity Hospital GT Road, Moga-142 001
Dr Harsimran Singh Gosal, G6900 Village & Post Office - Daon Tehsil - Mohali (SAS Nagar) Dist. Ropar, Ropar-
Dr Raman Goyal, G6521 7, JP Nagar Old Cantt. Road, Faridkot- 151 203
Dr Ghansham Garg, G6404 Namrta Eye Hospital Hospital Bazar, Bhathinda Punjab 151 005
Dr Poonam Goyal, Tankiwali Gali No.3 Dasmesh Nagar, Monga-142 001
Dr Sanjiv Goyal, G8778 Green House Street No. 1 Bhan Singh Colony, Faridkot-151 203
Dr Anand Gawri, G7830 Gawri Nursing Home Bhatinda Road, Muktsar- 152 026
Dr Manoj Gupta, G7596 House No.453 Ward No.18 Onkar Nagar, Gurdaspur Punjab 143 521
Dr Indu, I9452, Dewan Colony Guru Arjun Dev Nagar Ferozepur City, Ferozpur-152 002
Dr Khurshid Rahman, K1912 Rama General & Eye Clinic Gobindgarh Road Amloh, Fatehgarh Sahib-147 203
Dr Khurshid Rahman, K1912 Rama General & Eye Clinic Gobindgarh Road Amloh, Fatehgarh Sahib-147 203
Dr Khera Arun K., K1301 Main Bazar, Pathankot-145001
Dr Ashmita Jain, J9609 Jindal Nursing Home A-26, Guru Nanak Colony Opp. Bus Stand, Sangrur-148 001
Dr Jagdish Raj, J1864 Kothi No.844, Sector 8, , Panchkula-134109
Dr Jaswal Jatinder Singh, J2931 134, Phase 7 S.a.s. Nagar, Ropur-
Dr Joginder Singh, J2899 640, Phase - 2 Mohali, Ropar-140001
Dr Surinder Likhi Civil Lines, Ludhiana  403268 402808
Dr A.S.Chawla B-XX/535,Ghumar Mandi, Ludhiana  400468 404695
Dr Sukhmeet Singh Sethi 2103, Phase-I, Urban Estate, Dugri, Ludhiana 494550 500341
Dr Baldeep Singh 98140 20329 481, Model Town, Ludhiana  412031 409066
Dr Pradeep Handa 98140 33997 B-I/1435,Ram Nagar, Civil Lines, Ludhiana 445522 445511
Dr Joginder Singh 40, 8-S.C.F., Phase-I, Urban Estate, Dugri, Ludhiana 494200
Dr S.P.S. Dhingra Dhingra Clinic, B VIII-333, Brown Road, Ludhiana  742221 726869
Dr Puneet Juneja B-10-625, Iqbal Ganj, Ludhiana  720650 729577
Dr Swaranjeet S. Luthra 9612 127003  B-259, B.R.S. Nagar, Ludhiana  459219
Dr Rajinder Gulati 98141 20206  46-L, Model Town, Ludhiana  402020
Dr Harinder Singh 8-A, Model Town Extension, Ludhiana  450074 561548
Dr Rajiv Verma 39-Ground Floor, Sant Ishar Singh Nagar, Ludhiana  421234 534195
Dr Ashish Wadhwa 12, Urban Estate, Phase-I, Dugri, Ludhiana  499490 502310
Dr Rajinder Singh Sibia 47-J, Sarabha Nagar, Ludhiana  459047
Dr Arun Handa 98140 31086  17, Loomba Street, Civil Lines, Ludhiana  444291
Dr Daljit Singh Utaal Professor and Head, Paed. Deptt.,DMC  165-E, Kitchlu Nagar, Ludhiana  472794
Dr Manorama Verma Professor and Head, Department of Paed., CMC, Ludhiana  609783
Dr Surinder S. Bedi 500-A, Model Town Extension, Ludhiana  430845 456797
Dr R. C. Bhatia 644/1, Malerkotla House, Opposite old DMC, Ludhiana  447608 447346
Dr Jasbir S. Chugh 98140 32404  113-R, Model Town, Ludhiana  426839 431168
Dr Tarandeep S. Ghambir 17-R, Model Town, Ludhiana  462870 429123
Dr Ravi Midha  30, Ground Floor, Sant Ishar Singh Nagar, Pakhowal Road, Ludhiana  406270 426697
Dr Neeraj Thapar 98140 30075  Suman Hospital, 537, Model Town, Ludhiana  432122 431456
Dr Devendra S. Baath 132-B, Green Park, Civil Lines, Ludhiana  448261
Dr Narinder Toor 98140 19115  126, Dreamlane, Habowal, Ludhiana  471557 470419
Dr Ritu Gupta 98140 02220  12-A, Aggar Nagar Ext., Ludhiana  452220 453330
Dr V. P. Takkar 98140 32654 Takkar Children Nursing Home, 58-Club Road, Civil Lines, Ludhiana 441654 444454
Dr Tarikjot Singh Civil Hospital, Samrala, Dist. Ludhiana (01628) 62459 62479
Dr Bachittar Singh Pandher Nursing Home, G. T. Road, Doraha, Dist. Ludhiana (01628) 57099 58201
Dr Rakesh Kumar Gupta 98140 32183 Garg Nursing and Maternity Home,  Tehsil Road, Jagraon  (01624) 22900 23183
Dr Lovy Likhi, Likhi Nursing Home, Civil lines,  Ludhiana 403268 402808
Dr Harpreet Singh Sawhney ATI Chowk, Dana Mandi, Gill Road, Ludhiana 532288 464801
Dr B. K. Jain 9814003722 Islamia School Road, Near Chowk Madhopuri, Ludhiana 704500
Dr Ritesh Chhabra 520, Dr Hira Singh Road, Ghumar Mandi, Ludhiana 400423 667462
Dr N. Raizada 837, Opposite Arti Cinema, Ferozpur Road, Ludhiana 407069
Dr Vandana Gupta 2, Atam Nagar, Ludhiana Eye Hospital, Ludhiana 498066 493066
Dr Ravi Khera  98141013117 H.No. 207, Aman Nagar, Jalandhar Bye-pass Chowk, Ludhiana 749346
Dr Gurdeep Ralhan 108, Shastri Nagar, Ludhiana-141002 455491
Dr Manjit Kaur Anand 40E, BRS Nagar, Ludhiana 401159
Dr Kamal Nain Dogra 907/(5), Tagore Nagar 'A', Ludhiana 471398
Dr Yogesh Khanna 4C, Udham Singh Nagar, Ludhiana 470109 471109
Dr Rajan Gupta 9814002151 70, Rose Enclave, College Road, Ludhiana-141001 405330 411947
Dr Harmesh Bains 293-B, Raj Guru Nagar, Ludhiana 452442
Dr Vibhu Narad 131, Model House, Ludhiana-141002 404370 453916
Dr Praveen K. Sobti 1-FF, HIG Flats, Maharani Jhansi Road, Civil Lines, Ludhiana 410412
Dr Promod Kumar Jainer A-1 & 2 Kitchlu Nagar, Ludhiana-141001 471932 471930
Dr Ravinder Seth Seth Hospital, 21 Rose Enclave,  Civil Lines, Ludhiana 413160 413161
Dr Sarabjot Singh 9814046391 Lifeline polyclinic, Vivek Nagar, Rapura Rd, Ludhiana-141001 470339 479855 808183
Dr Dinesh Aggarwal Dinesh Children Hospital, SCF 2/11, Agar Nagar, Ludhiana 450514 450114
Dr Shashi Prabha Ahuja 309/17, Ram Niwas, Opp. New High School, Civil Lines, Ludhiana 441656 441120
Dr Vaneet Arora 257, Janta Enclave, Ludhiana 2819240
Dr Achla Gupta 28-B, Tagore Nagar, Civil Lines, Ludhiana 471003 472003
Dr Reshma Sehgal 73-A, Shastri Nagar, Ludhiana 463479  9814175940
Dr Manju Lall Dr Lall Nursing Home SCO 11,GNE College Market,  Gill Road, Ludhiana 506911  545669
Dr Satish Sood 151-R, Model Town, Ludhiana 431060  432426
Dr G.P. Singh  125-G, BRS Nagar, Ludhiana
Dr Deepika Khosla 9814175940 451-L, Model Town, Ludhiana 430043 407444
Dr Gurbakhshish Singh Sidhu 1717/26, Street No. 6, Mohalla Guru Teg Bahadur, Jagraon (01624) 23117
Dr Faqir Chand 9814456276 House No. 77/14, Mata Rani Mohalla KHANNA (01628) 335091
Dr Mahesh Gupta Gupta Children Hospital,  Shingar Cinema Road, Near PNB, Ludhiana 5011989 2650605
Dr Tarun Sharma 111-D, Kitchlu Nagar, Ludhiana 2470942 2552034
Dr Gurdeep Singh 9814628016 753-I Block, BRS Nagar, Ludhiana 5013874
Dr Mamta Sood Mamta Children Clinic, G.T. Road, KHANNA, District Ludhiana (01628) 221910
Dr Jugesh Chatwal Prof. & Head, Department of Pediatrics, CMC, Ludhiana CMC (Ext) 5027
Dr Sanjeev Gupta 130-B, Model Town Extension, Ludhiana 5013874
Dr Sumita Sachdev 28/7 A, Deepak Nagar,  Dugri Road, Ludhiana 2453916
Dr Puneet A. Pooni 9/25 P. A. U. Campus, Ludhiana 2403931
Dr P.D. Singla Nai Abadi, Opposite Civil Hospital, KHANNA, District Ludhiana
Dr Vinod Gagneja 399-B, BRS Nagar,  Ludhiana
Dr Arpinder Singh Deep Hospital, 481 Model Town, Ludhiana
Dr V.P.S. Singh, Department of Pediatric Surgery, Christian Medical College & Hospital, Ludhiana-141008 2606436
Dr Vikas Uppal 1790, Chander Nagar, Civil Lines, Ludhiana 2474647
Dr Surinder  Mohan Bhalla 28, S.G.T.B. Nagar, Khanna (01628) 221477 (C) 221481(R)
Dr Ashok Batta 115-116, Guru Amar Dass Market, Khanna (01628) 237310 (C) 237210(R)
Dr Gagan Modgil 18-A Rishi Nagar, Ludhiana (0161) 2305126(C) 2305126(R)
Dr Pradeep Bansiwal 87-E, Atam Nagar, Ludhiana (0161) 2772437
Dr Rajesh Arora Karanveer Hospital, Habowal Kalan, Ludhiana (0161) 3093961(C) 5537449(R)
Dr Sanjeev Goyal Medical Officer, Civil Hospital, Malerkotla (01675) 253057
Dr Varughese P.V. Reader, Department of Pediatrics, Christian Medical College, Ludhiana (0161) 2650144
Dr Ashwani Singal B-I 363 Guru Nank Pura, Civil Lines, Ludhiana (0161) 3951370
Dr Baljinder S. Dhillon  186, Tagore Nagar, Ludhiana 9815500802

Dr. S.S. Sibia Physician B/XIX-573, Civil Lines, Ludhiana-141001 Tel : 2444418, 2444818
Fax : 91-161-2444818 Mobile : 91-98140-34818 E-mail :  Website :

Plastic Surgery
Dr. Vijay Arnold Egbert Obed
No-7 Gateway Terrace
Senior Doctors Campus
Christian Medical College & Hospital
Tel: 0161-2642002
8-Shop Cum Flat
Udham Singh Nagar Market
Ludhiana- 141001

Himachal Pradesh
Oncology (Surgical)
Dr Devinder Chand Merwaha Department of Surgery, Indira Gandhi Medical CollegeShimla 171001
Dr Rajesh Kumar Aluwalia Vill- Aima, PalampurDistt- Kangra-176061
Dr M. P. Vaidya 47/7, National StreetUpper SamkhetarMandi Town 175001H.P.

Dr Baldev Kishen Goel, G1265 Prof. Of Ophthalmology I. G. Medical College, Shimla-171001
Dr Chaudhary Kulbhushan Prakash, Deptt. Of Ophthalmology I.g. Medical College, Shimla-171001
Dr (maj) Sandepan Bandopadhyay, B9032 Military Hospital Shimla Jutogh Cantt, Shimla-171 008
Dr (Mrs.) Vijay Laxmi Bansal, Deptt.of Ophthal. Indira Gandhi Medical College, Shimla-171 001
Dr Chander Kanta Gupta, V., p.o.& Teh - Suni, Shimla-171 301
Dr Rakesh Gupta, G6849 27/1, Boileau Ganj, Shimla-171 005
Dr RK Gupta, G6252 Gupta Sadan Opp. Nand Bhawan Engine Ghar, Sanjauli, Shimla-171 006
Dr CS Chauhan, C6867 Eye Surgeon Zonal Hospital, Mandi-175 001
Dr Beli Ram, B4255 Cmo, Bhota Hospital Bhota Dist.hamirpur, Hamirpur-176 041
Dr Anil Chauhan, 'amar Bhawan', Hamirpur-177001
Dr Grover Sanjay, G2761 Grover Eye & Ent Hospital Near ITI gate, , the Mall, Solan-173212

Jammu & Kashmir
Oncology (Surgical)
Dr Nisar Ahmad Post Box - 930, GPO Srinagar-190001
Dr Mohd. Azfar Deptt. of Surgery, SKIMS Saura Srinagar -190001
Dr Navin C. Raina 11, Mohinder NagarJammu (Tawi)-180001

Dr Ashai Mehmooda, Raj Bagh, Srinagar-190001
Dr Dar Mohd. Yousuf, Mandarbagh Gowkadal, Srinagar-190 001
Dr Perveiz Ahmad Handoo, H9078 Aali Kadal Maharaj Gunj, Srinagar J & K 190 002
Dr Bashir Ahmed Balroo, Khalid - Abad Bhagat - I - Barzulla Bhagat, Srinagar J & K
Dr Ghulam Rasool, G5052 Peer Bagh, Hyderpora New Airport Road, Srinagar J & K 190 014
Dr Ghulam Rasool, G5052 Peer Bagh, Hyderpora New Airport Road, Srinagar J & K 190 014
Dr Bashia Ahmad Chapu, B2550 Eye Clinic Karan-nagar, Srinagar J & K 190010
Dr Bashia Ahmad Chapu, B2550 Eye Clinic Karan-nagar, Srinagar J & K 190010
Dr Junaid S. Wani, J8725 Post Box No. 1040 GPO, Srinagar J & K 190 001
Dr Saleema Dar, Court Road, Srinagar J & K
Dr Azra Rizvi, 150, Laxmi Nagar Sarwaal, Jammu Tawi-180 005
Dr Amarjeet Singh, A7768 138, A/d Gandhi Nagar, Jammu Tawi J & K 180 001
Dr Anil Mahajan, Santosh Eye Hospital 373, Opp. Ram Pura Temple Shastri Nagar, Jammu-180 004
Dr Gupta Madan Gopal, Guran Ditta Mal Eye Clinic Kacchi Chawni Guru Nanak Marg, Jammu-180001
Dr DN Goel, G0282 Eye Clinic Rajinder Bazar, Jammu-180001
Dr Gupta Dinesh, G4443 44 Gurah Bakshi Nagar, Jammu Tawi J & K 180001
Dr Devinder Pushap Gupta, Gupta Eye Lotion Clinic City Chowk, Jammu J & K
Dr Gupta Satpal, G1668 426 Santa Bhawan Sarval Colony, Jammu Tawi J & K 180001
Dr Gandotra Vijay Kumar, G1422 Ghass Mandi Taj Hotel, Jammu J & K 180001
Dr Ramesh Chander Jain, J2054 22, Jain Nagar Talab Tillo, Jammu Tawi J & K 180 002
Dr Vishal Gupta, G8997 Rehari Colony, Jammu Tawi J & K 180 005
Dr Gajan Singh House No.103, Sector - 13 Nanak Nagar, Jammu J & K 180 004
Dr Archna Gupta, G7341 45, B/c, Gandhi Nagar, Jammu-180 004
Dr Sandeep Gupta, G9084 13-a/c, Gandhi Nagar, Jammu-180 004
Dr Dar Muhammad Ahsan, Chinar Colony Ompora, Budgam-191 111
Dr Satish Gupta, G6856 P.O. Bhaddu Tehsil Billawar, Kathua J & K 180 001
Dr ST Angchok,   Old Bus Stand Leh, Ladakh-194 101
Dr Anil Kumar Bhalla, Poonch-185 101


Medical Council of India
Health Ministry
State Governments
All these are partners in Spurious Medicare 
  • Share the booty collected from spurious institutions.
  • Any single tout has close relationship with all the four.
  • What is the difference between an MCD Inspector and an MCI Inspector? 
    Desi Wine/Woman/Wealth and Imported Wine/Woman/Wealth
    Delhi Medical Council inciting other state councils to revolt against MCI ! - Fight for share in booty.
    Medical Education Rendered A Kuteer Udyog
    Medical Profession Pithed
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