LinkJunction No answer is right or wrong! We are looking for specific skills and if you have them we want you to join our team.
Choose from
1What would you consider your best skill?A. Independent
B. Hard working
C. Motivated
2What would you say your best attribute is?A. Dependable
B. Honest
C. Diligent
D. Desire to succeed
3How much Computer experience do you have?A. Less then 6 months
B. 6 months to a year
C. 1-3 years
D. More than 3 years
4What level of education did you complete?A. High school
B. College
C. University
D. Graduate school
5If your Boss was away from work would you ________ ?A. Continue to work normally
B. Work a little…. relax a little
C. Work Harder
D. Take the day off
6If you were asked to make a decision for our company would you?A. Make a decision based on the companies objectives
B. Maximize your own benefit?
7Are you capable of working independently at home without supervision?A. Yes
B. No
8Do you own at least a Pentium computer with a printer and Internet access?A. Yes
B. Will soon (within a month) 4/4
C. No
9Do you have at least 5 hours/week to dedicate to your program?A. Yes
B. No
10Are you fluent in English?A. Yes
B. No
11Do you have an email account?A. Yes
B. No
12Will you be able to respond to orders within 48 hrs?A. Yes
B. No
13Do you have an address where documents and payments can be sent?A. Yes
B. No
14Are you willing to be polite and courteous and answer customer’s questions?A. Yes
B. No
15Do you have a basic understanding of revenues and expense and calculating Profits?A. Yes
B. No